What is Your Career Goal? (Find And Fix in 3 Steps)

Let’s begin today’s exploration by asking a question. Most people are going through their entire lives without even asking themselves, “why does your career exist in the first place? What is the purpose of a successful fulfilling career?” 

A powerful brain exercise is going to help you turbocharge the career goal in your life. I’m going to share some secrets with you today. Some concepts that you may find a little challenging but hopefully fascinating and eye-opening as well.

What Is A Career Goal?

While most of us know that at a fundamental level, your career exists to pay the bills and provide the things that you need like food, shelter, clothing. Those aren’t the only interesting reasons to create a successful career for yourself. I believe that at a much higher level, our careers goal exist to make our entire lives better. 

 Careers fund our lives emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, and physically. A distinguished career gives us the means to increase the quality of our relationships, our environments, our experiences, and our overall quality of life.

We want a fantastic, rewarding, fulfilling career to support our whole life vision and become 12 categories smart. That’s easier. It is a real balancing act. If you don’t focus enough time and attention on your career, it can create a real deficiency in your life — a lack of financial abundance, a lack of self-esteem, and a lack of fulfillment.

If you focus too much time, attention, and too much energy on your career, it can eat the rest of your life alive. We’ve all seen that — a rich guy with an enormous belly and a saddening divorce — overachievers. Watch out for your family as your ambition grows.

So the big question is, “How do I sustain exactly the right balance? How do I get to that sweet spot that ensures to the greatest extent that we likely can?”

 Yeah, that’s a tremendous challenge, and it is very rare when you see someone who’s achieved it. If you see him, you’re looking at a massive accomplishment.

How To Find A Career Goal

 With the help of my Extraordinary Life Asset methods, my life has been amazing, indescribable, beautiful, exciting, and fulfilling. It is going to differ from how you’ve lived before, but you will be happy to see what it would look like. 

Over the last few years, I and my wife have been asking ourselves questions like, “Where in the world do we ultimately want to live? How do we want to spend the hours of our days over the next decade? Who do we want to spend our time with? What does our dream career look like in our fifties?”

 I was digging in pretty hard to find some career challenges I’ve experienced in my life. I have a big company at the moment and the intensity level of my particular career goes in waves sometimes. Rarely, one of my businesses sort of goes through a phase where it needs some attention. 

I love the work that I do for all my comings. There is nothing I spend my time doing but I really like but sometimes the stress volume can get to be too much. Sometimes I take on too much and it gets a little out of hand and it can get overwhelming. I gotta watch out for that with my personality. I’m sharing some challenges that I’ve faced asking advice from some of the highly successful people.

 It will surprise young people to learn that every man experience career frustration, career stress and might be shocked to know even with that level of career, financial success, and wealth how someone would ever be in career stress. Most people don’t understand this important reality about the goals that they’re pursuing. 

 Once you achieve a certain level of career goal and financial success, you won’t have anything to worry about. The stress will go away and the difficulty level will decrease and that was a bit of realization for me and I don’t admit, I actually felt a little guilty that the universe had chosen me to burst that little bubble of misconception.

If you’ve never started a business from scratch. I’ll tell you. It is kind of like having a kid. If it doesn’t die during childbirth, which a lot of them do, you’re lucky and then you’ve to nurture it, grow it, and keep it alive long enough to reach maturity.

 You put your whole heart and soul into the project and give it everything you have and losing it in any way can be seriously traumatic. My uncle was telling us how he agonized for weeks over taking medicine. He lost sleep at night. He is a millionaire who owns over 10 companies. If you think that your stress is going to go away as soon as you achieve what you consider being a success, I’m sorry to tell you, you’ll have to rethink.

Types Of Careers In Engineering

For example, in Mechanical Engineering, you can choose to become-
  1. Design Engineer
  2. CAE Engineer
  3. CFD Engineer
  4. Production Engineer
  5. Maintenance Engineer
  6. Logistics Management
  7. Stores Incharge
  8. Safety

Benefits Of Fulfilling Career

 The upside to developing a successful fulfilling career is the unimagining experience of achieving something meaningful in this life and the financial rewards that come with it. The freedom you get and there’s lots of that if you do it consciously. The opportunities, the personal growth, and the self-esteem that comes from accomplishing worthy goals — there is nothing like the fulfillment that comes from contributing something good to this world and improving your own quality of life in the process.

We all associate those things with success and we’re also familiar with all the stories of the challenges on the way to building a successful career or company — the long hard road that it takes most people to get there is a cliche. What’s much less familiar to most people are the challenges and the struggles of staying there.

“I experience stress. I experience doubt and I experience uncertainty in my career all the time because I live on the edge. I live on the edge of what I’m capable of achieving. I’ve chosen to push myself. I take risks. I take on projects that I’m not sure I can pull off and I do it a lot just like any other entrepreneur, artist, or author.”

When I put my whole heart and soul into a career goal for a year or two and then it comes time to release it out there into the world, it can be totally nerve-racking and you just lay in bed at night and you wonder if anyone going to care about this! 

 There is no reverse gear on life. The only way out is through it. So suck it up like a soup and keep those legs moving.

 I know hundreds of highly successful people and no one I know who’s doing something great in their career is living without at least occasional stress. I think the reason this comes as a shock to people is that a lot of so-called authority figures don’t want you to know it because they want you to believe that they have it all completely figured out, completely together, and that their life is perfect.

They don’t mind letting you know the struggles at a time in their life on that hard road to getting where they are now. At some point they found the key, or they discovered the system and now they’re living a perfect stress-free life and if you buy their stuff, you can have a perfect life too.

 The high degree of certainty is that the vast majority of financial career and success coaches experience consistent career stress because they’re going for it. They chose a life of achievement. They’re in the ring and no matter how good you are when you step into that ring, you’re probably going to take a few punches. 

I’ve interviewed dozens of them highly successful life but members who’ve got their careers really set up well and they’re organized, efficient, they’ve got talented teams, they delegate properly trying to minimize stress.

What is your career goal? Career goal as an actor
Career goal as an actor

 They figure out how to spend fewer hours working and more hours living. They try to build in a lot of leisure time. They’ve created financial abundance for themselves and everything’s going really nicely until they find out that one of their most trusted employees has been embezzling from them for years. Some government regulations changed overnight and knocked their entire industry sideways and decimate their most profitable division overnight. 

Then it’s game on baby, time to roll up your sleeves and fight some battles. 

Challenges in the career goal are unfortunately inescapable and especially if you’re the person who is dedicated to a life of maximizing your potential and exploring the boundaries of what you’re capable of achieving, you’re going to have challenges. You’re going to have stress, you’re going to have tough times because you’re in it.

Welcome to life. You’re taking risks. You’re going to be attempting things you’re not sure if you can achieve and you’re likely going to experience some career stress along the way. 

The only way not to have demands on yourself is not to be demanding to yourself.

 Everything you want in your life comes with a price tag and you’ve got to pay the price for what you want or it’s not an actual goal, it’s a daydream.

Manifest everything to your life.

Achieving your life vision is the step-by-step process of paying the price for every career goal upon which your life vision rests.

Obstacles In Your Career Goal

 If you want to create a big life vision and set big career goals and accomplish big things in your life, that is exceptional as long as you accept the fact that big challenges may accompany those big goals.


I try to avoid it whenever I can. It turns your hair grey, induces anxiety, changes metabolism, and causes body pain. 

I want a big life where I’m able to accomplish big things and never have to worry, never have to have anxiety, never have to have frustration or stress, which is unrealistic. I’m just saying that’s what I would prefer: I don’t like urgency, I hate rushing around; I don’t like chaos and I work hard to eliminate those things from my life.

 I strive every single day to be more efficient, more productive to get more accomplished with less effort, experience more happiness and less stress every day and I usually do pretty well but sometimes I get frustrated, exhausted, or stressed out asking myself, “What the hell are you doing and why do you work so hard? You could just literally snap your fingers and eliminate every ounce of stress tomorrow and make all the demands and all the responsibilities go away”.

If this is the life you’ve chosen, you’ll build enormous challenges into the fabric of enormous accomplishments. You will not get one without the other. Take a vacation for a week or maybe 2 weeks but get back in the ring because that’s where you belong. That’s your nature and you’ve got to accept the totality of that experience. 

For an extraordinary life, be in great physical shape, intellectually stimulated, wealthy, successful, create amazing friends, and a beautiful family. 

Practice zen meditation.

 Identify your highest potential in every aspect of your life. Your highest potential for love, for happiness, for laughter, fulfillment, and for achievement to live like this is exciting, and it’s thrilling, but it is not without its challenges. You’ve got to admit to absolutely love this crazy, imperfect life that you’ve chosen to live.

 Strive to make it better every single day to learn more, to grow more, to be more productive, to accomplish more in your lives with less effort. Minimize stress and your hardships whenever you can, but you should embrace how it is right now.

Take total responsibility for your lives. Accept the totality of it. 

You didn’t choose the easiest path, but it sure will excite you. 

Exercise To Fix A Career Goal

  1. Make a list of every price that you’re going to pay to get where you want to go in your career. Get this job done. What you want to ask yourself is, “What is it going to cost me to achieve this goal?” Be realistic with yourself.
  2. Next to each item on that list, ask yourself, “Is this okay with me? Does it make sense to me to pay this price, or do I need to make some changes?” 
  3. If it is okay, then write ‘OK’ next to it, and if not, you want to take some time to think about what changes need to be made and why.

Do this career goal exercise at a really high level commitment. This is so important.

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