Todoist vs Evernote: Review For Best Productivity Tools

The two of the most popular productivity tools that can be helpful for small businesses. Todoist vs Evernote review based on technical features and customer support.

Todoist is more minimalistic. It serves as a light, fast tool for maintaining the to-do list with no extra features like images whereas Evernote comes with a voice-to-text function, image adding high-end facilities suitable for businesses with pictorial priority.

We are going to compare technical features like speed, UI, free plans, customer support, security, team collaborations, and integrations.

Long-Term Todoist vs Evernote Review:

Todoist vs Evernote: review for best productivity tool
Todoist Vs Evernote Review

Server Speed

With a more minimalistic design, Todoist provides a lightning-fast user experience. You will experience no lag even with 100+ projects, tasks, or subtasks.

With high-end features, Evernote can still seamlessly handle pictures, photos, sketches, code blocks with decent speed. The phone app lags a bit for android users.

User Interface

The more optimal the design, the more pleasing it is for techies. I preferred Evernote’s design. It has cool tutorials built within the apps for the web, desktop, and phone.

Todoist has a dark and light mode which is nice and a typeface font style that can sometimes bore your eyes.

Plans and Pricing

Productivity ToolBasicPremiumEnterprise
Evernote Vs Todoist Pricing

Based on your feature requirements, you can choose between these plans.

For the Todoist enterprise plan, you can get-

  • 500 active projects for each member.
  • assign 50 people for a single project.
  • Team chat.
  • Team billings.
  • Flexible admin-member roles.
  • 140+ filters.
  • 200 MB file uploads.
  • Unlimited reminders.
  • Unlimited themes and integrations.
  • Priority support.

For the Evernote enterprise plan, you can get-

  • 20 GB upload limit per month.
  • Sync unlimited devices.
  • Access notes while offline.
  • Create PDFs
  • Search text within Office docs and PDFs.
  • Create new templates.
  • Customize your starting screen.
  • Work together in shared group spaces.
  • See your team’s in-depth activity history.
  • Centralize the account administration.
  • Manage team and data access.
  • Log in fast with a single sign-on (SSO).
  • Business data privacy and ownership.

Customer Support

As far as my experience, Todoist and Evernote have top-notch customer support for all the plans. Todoist even has a dedicated active community on Reddit to help you with new ideas and stuff.

This area is a tie for the Todoist vs Evernote question.


Evernote introduced a new add-in for Gmail. We need not switch from Gmail to add a task to Evernote, the add-in would do the work for you.

Todoist tops in integrations with Outlook, Gmail, and several other apps. You do not have to rely on other integration tools like Zapier.

With Zapier, both Evernote and Todoist can be integrated with 1000+ apps. Try a 14-day trial and then go for pricing. Based on the number of tasks, the pricing will vary.


Evernote features like web clippers, documenting, coding, sketching are extremely helpful for photographers, Youtubers, techies. For example, you can add the coding for an entire app and ask your team to debug the features and the software tester to attach screenshots on the various errors.

Todoist has just plain solid tasks and mail handling capability. Evernote added Gmail add-in only in 2021 but Todoist has that option since 2012.

Customer Review

“The voice-to-text feature on Evernote is extremely useful for me. I can able to search all the documents, photos for my search term. It is a very good organizing tool.”- Andrea

“I was looking for a fast, less storage occupying, minimalistic to-do app that doesn’t distract me with tons of features. I bought Todoist, and it is awesome.” – Nithin


Evernote is a high-end productivity tool that is not affordable to a normal user. Todoist can take care of all the to-do list tasks much better and interact faster on all devices. Todoist is cheaper and more practical for being productive.

You can sync both the apps to all the devices but Evernote requires premium paid plans for this feature. Try Evernote for free.


How Do I Organize My Life In Evernote?

You can organize your life with a healthy morning routine, a work-focused routine, a business goal-based routine, a tournament or project-based routine in Evernote. It can help you take notes, handle emails, pdf with ease.

Which Is Better Todoist Or Evernote?

Todoist is suitable for people with non-pictorial priority workloads. It is very cheap and agile when compared to Evernote. Evernote has high-end note-taking and code block storage capabilities better suitable for techies, graphic designers, and photographers.

Can I Uninstall Evernote?

After exporting all your tasks to another task management app, you can simply uninstall the app. It is possible to export projects as pdf and few other formats.

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