5 Todoist Problems You Should Know

Todoist is an exceptional productivity tool suitable for minimalists. But like every other software application, there are some minor bloatware that you should know as a user. The Todoist problems are easily solvable with minor hacks so that you can keep on going with your tasks.

Here’s how to solve each problem on your own.

Todoist Sync Problems

Synchronizing Todoist with 3rd parties is often preferred by productivity-focused people like us. The app offers various integrations to 1000s of applications online like Google drive, Google voice assistant, Gmail, Hourstack, Integrately, Zapier, Microsoft teams, n8n, Slack, Time doctor, Twist, etc.

During the integrations, you may face some problems while handling two or more accounts or when you assign a team to your Todoist account.

If you cannot find the application that you would like to integrate, then read this article to manually add it to your Todoist. The company allows you to market your application as well as add it to their integrations list so that other users can benefit from it. Submit your request to submissions@doist.com.

Todoist Problems With Mac OS

Some apps need to be updated regularly on Mac operating system. Todoist updates can be found often in your Mac App Store. The security and bug fixes help the application to load faster and clear unwanted files.

So there may be a few circumstances where the synchronization with your account may be lost. These methods will save your data.

  1. You can simply click on SYNC option from the top right corner on your Todoist app.
  2. Update the app manually.
  3. Hover the mouse pointer around the area to find the description of the issue and perform the actions like establishing connection with the server,

Todoist Problems Outlook

The common problem with Todoist when integrated with Outlook is the detachment. The windows of those integrated applications appear as separate files instead of sticking to one.

I mailed to one of the support teams, and I got the solution! Just follow these steps.

  1. Go to Outlook > Options.
  2. Check the Enable Live Preview check box and click on optimize for compatibility (application restart required).
  3. Close the Outlook window and reopen it.
  4. Now the Todoist add-in will appear inside the Outlook panel.


Disadvantages Of Using Todoist

Todoist is a pure task manager app with minimalistic features. Unfortunately, it is not the best when it comes to handling tasks in an efficient manner. The lack of inbuilt calenders is the main reason behind why people switch to calender based task managers or to-do list applications.

When you have scheduled a task today, you must try to complete it with much greater effort, but with Todoist, you can just postpone the task to the next day with a single click. I’m someone who loves to track time and finish tasks as scheduled. So postponing a task should not seem like the easiest way out.

Don’t let procrastination smack you from growing.

You can postpone multiple tasks to next day or next week as you wish and keep on hitting that postpone button. First, realize the fact why you even created that specific task on that specific day. Write a reason so that you will stick to it.

So putting in more manual effort to move the tasks around may be the right thing to do. It may even cost you 5 minutes more time, but the practice is totally worth it.


Overall, Todoist is fast and a reliable application that has been under development for years. So if you are aware of all these problems and solutions, then you are good at going with the benefits associated with the app. Here is a link for the free version of Todoist. Let me know why you love or hate Todoist in the contact form.

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