How To Use Time Doctor App (Avoid These Brutal Hacks)

Should your enterprise use the Time Doctor app for calculating productivity metrics? Here are few things to know:

  1. Customer Support
  2. Data accuracy
  3. Screenshot frequency
  4. Productivity calculation method
  5. Integrations
  6. Server uptime
  7. Report generation

I’ve discussed these 7 features in detail which could help your enterprise to scale up ahead of your competitors.

What is Time Doctor?

Time Doctor is a time tracking software application developed under Rob and Liam. It helps you to track employee efficiency more effectively to improve overall productivity in the industry. Companies like Ericsson, Thrive use Time Doctor to track their employee productivity metrics.

How To Set Up Time Doctor App On Windows?

  1. Go to Sign up by providing your enterprise’s information and download the app.
  2. As soon as you finish signing up, install Time Doctor on your operating system.
  3. Once that’s done, log into the application on your PC with necessary credentials and it will start tracking—no hard work needed.
  4. For perfection, look at where your spend your time, the Chrome browser extension helps, too. If you don’t use Chrome, this additional tracking facility isn’t necessary.
  5. Finally, if you have an Android phone, the mobile app will show you how you spend on your phone as well.

How To Use Time Doctor App?

Time Doctor’s core functionality is to identify the timings on which you are more productive.

If you run a company either a small-scale or large-scale business, you can track your employees’ activities way easier.

Switch on the screenshot and tracking features and permit you to monitor all your activities on your computer. Assign unproductive and productive websites so that you can get relevant results. Create the working hours under the timeline tab. Each employee can change it if they are working on flexible shifts.

For instance, YouTube may be a productive application for you but or isn’t.

Now that everything’s done from your side, Time Doctor will run in the background and does not take a lot of MEMORY which is appreciable. After a few days, you can check the dashboard to know what you’ve done.

I’ve used it for 3 months and the data collection strategy definitely helps in improving my team. It raised our productivity efficiency by 21% revealing all distractions. You can give productivity ratings for teams and individuals.

The more the data, the more the chances to increase your productivity.

– Nithin
Time doctor app review- report generation example
Time Doctor App Review- Report Generation Example


  • Customer support: For basic plan, you won’t get fast replies from customer support team. But you will get replies within 24 hours. The standard and premium plans have VIP support which is almost instant.
  • Data Accuracy: The reports have various data compared and beautifully structured to identify the difference between usage of unproductive, productive, and neutral apps or sites. I have cross checked the data accuracy with a stopwatch and it differs about 5 or 6 seconds which may not be a big deal.
  • Screen casts/Screenshot: This is much sought feature by most employers in today’s scenario. Lot of MNCs started including screenshots into their regular productivity measurement routine. It can capture both employee’s face and the task they are currently working. This feature may seem rude but employees should agree that we do business for profit. A slight change of track could lead to a colossal disaster.
  • Productivity calculation method: We often compare productivity with people who do the same work or task and assigning them productivity rating based on idle time, task completion, and distractions. Under Reports tab, activity summary, timeline will give you the most needed information and later you can export it via custom export option.
Web and apps usage- Time Doctor App Time tracking feature
  • Server: In addition to cloud data calculation, there is also offline mode where you can keep on tracking your activities without switching on the internet. The server uptime is very good and you won’t experience any report lags.
  • Report Generation: The most import features like active seconds, active minutes, cell phone usage, attendance, hours tracked (you can set daily, weekly), time spent on each project. The timeline for a project with each assignee can also be analysed and exported.


  • Windows, Android OS supported.
  • Fast UI.
  • Tutorials.
  • Fast support.
  • High data security for premium plans.
  • Flexible website category assigning options.
  • Affordable plans.


  • No iOS app.
  • Just a 14-day free trial.

Time Doctor Pricing

PlansPricing per month
Time Doctor App Cost per month
  • The basic plan provides simple features like time tracking features for tasks and projects for just $7 per month. Tracking all your activities seamlessly is possible. The facility to take unlimited automatic screenshots is available. There are 2 crucial downsides for this plan —
    • won’t track apps and specified URLs.
    • integrations with other app like Trello, ClickUp, Notion, etc. not possible.
  • The standard plan is extremely good. I can assign specific URLs as productive, unproductive, or neutral. I can find here same features from basic plan but can handle 3 groups per department unlike basic plan’s 1 group per department. The most important feature for me which is the integrations with Gmail, ClickUp, Notion, Outlook is possible with this plan.
  • The Premium plan acts similar to a CRM. It can handle client login access, full-time support from Time Doctor support team. A unique feature like video screen capturing is available for the plan.
    • You can track your team with small video clips instead of screenshots, which is a proven non-cheatable feature that employers requested to add. You will get unlimited storage to access and analyze these video capturing.

What Are The Applications/Tools I Can Integrate With Time Doctor?

I use Time Doctor with applications like G suite, ClickUp, Zapier, and Notion. Besides that, you can integrate with 65+ other apps like-

  1. Zendesk
  2. Zoho
  3. Freshworks
  4. Slack
  5. Notion
  6. Paypal
  7. Asana
  8. Github
  9. Office 365
  10. Todoist
  11. Trello
  12. WordPress
  13. Transferwire
  14. Jira and much more.

Time Doctor Customer Reviews

“My employees love this app. Most of them actually realized the importance of tracking time and automated payroll. It created a sense of responsibility even at home. The only thing they hated was the screenshots.” – Nithin
“I’m a freelancer and was able to identify my distractions and high-productive tasks much easier. It shows me how long and how often I spend time on unnecessary activities and focus more while committed to a task.” – Ivana

How Does Time Doctor Work?

Once you finish signing up and installed the Time Doctor app on your PC, it will collect all the information on ‘how long you’ve been using the application’, ‘how long you’ve been away from the system’, ‘what applications you’ve been using’, etc. from your task manager. It checks the signals from keyboards, mouse and any other input device every second or minute as per the user’s preference and generates productivity percentages.


How To Cheat/bypass Time Doctor App?

Every app will have a bloat. In Time Doctor’s case, we can cheat its algorithm by using 2 different ways.

Easy hack:

  1. Open Notepad, Excel, or MS Word.
  2. Place a paper weight or any medium-heavy component on top of the letters on the keyboard.
  3. The keyboard will start typing automatically while you are away from the computer.
  4. Play a video that you have already recorded on the screen in case of automatic screenshots.

Paid hack:

  1. Download AFK-assistant to trick the time tracking software that can mimic human activities.
  2. If you press Alt+M, the mouse works and Alt+K for keyboard activities.
  3. If you are away for longer time, press Alt+A. Open 5 desktop apps and 7 chrome tabs.
  4. The AFK-assistant would automatically switch between apps and tabs exactly like an user.
  5. The paid plans start from $4 to $14, depending on plan level. The $11 plan is the safest.

How To Delete Screenshots In Time Doctor?

  1. Go to Time Doctor dashboard.
  2. Open screencasts tab and select the screenshots you wish to delete.
  3. Delete or discard the screen capturing before it gets uploaded.

How To Uninstall Time Doctor?

From the control panel of your windows operating system, right-click and select uninstall option and follow the uninstall setup. Click the Finish button at the end.

What is Time Doctor Alternatives?

There are few Time Doctor app alternatives like RescueTime, DeskTime, Clockify, Time tracker. These time tracker apps are usually accurate.

Is Time Doctor Safe?

Time Doctor is not a government-run company, and the data is often used for analyzing and improving their product. No time tracking software is safe. So avoid sharing highly confidential pieces of information.

How Long Can Time Doctor App Track You?

You can set the time limit even for 24 hours and Time Doctor will track all your activities seamlessly.

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