Teach Your Kids These 6 Promising Habits

 What to teach your kids that schools failed to do? I want to begin by saying whether or not you are a parent, this is going to be a rich and rewarding category for you to explore. So please don’t skip it if you don’t have kids.

You were a kid once, right? And you’ve got parents. Childhood is an important part of all of our lives. I guarantee there’s going to be something valuable in this category for you.

Raising a child can be one of the richest and deepest experiences imaginable. It is an intellectual, emotional, and spiritual journey that simply can’t be duplicated in any other way. 

Being a parent or even just being around children can be one of the best things about life. If you’re a parent, you probably know how much pure joy, happiness, and laughter the children can bring. On the other hand, parenting has been called one of the hardest and most thankless jobs in the world.

Raising children can be incredibly difficult and sometimes painful circumstances like a divorce happens, custody battles happen, you may have a child with health problems who require special needs.

 You might be at the end of your route simply just trying to hang on while raising a teenager. There are very few activities that you can engage in that are even remotely as difficult for as demanding as raising a child. It’s a crazy complicated and wonderful category and it’s also very, very important.

As a manner of fact, parenting is so important that the entire human race depends on what some of us provide to the world.

 Being a parent is an outstanding responsibility. The life of another human being is in your hands. When the process begins, they totally depend on you. They can’t walk, they can’t talk, they can’t hold their heads up. If you left them alone for 48 hours, they wouldn’t survive.

 As they get older, they looked to you for everything important — their food, shelter, clothing, etc. As they grow, they look to you for values, morals, for a sense of life.

Your level of health is what health means. They look at your marriage as an example of what marriage means. Your career is the definition of a career to them. As a parent, you’re under a microscope — everything you say, everything you do. You are what human being means to them.

What Are Fundamental Beliefs In Parenting?

 I believe our job as parents is to raise strong, independent, joyful, and brave children. To raise kids like that, we’ve got to set a good example, we’ve got to create a safe, bright, caring environment, and we’ve got to teach our children what they need to experience to evade through life. Let’s inspect these 6 beliefs.

 1st Belief: Set A Nice Example

It is up to us to set a marvelous example for our kids and now everyone knows that we’ve got to set a visual example. People are immune to this phrase. Please try to understand this: You are your child’s world. You’re all they see. You are an example of what being a human being is all about. You’re the provider, the caregiver. You are everything they want to be.

If you smoke, you’re giving them permission to smoke. If you’re overweight, doesn’t matter what you say about sugar or junk foods being unhealthy, you’re permitting them to be unhealthy every day.

Teach your kids fitness habits
Teach your kids fitness

 If you’re a courageous person — a person who steps up to life, someone who’s not afraid to set goals and go after them, you’re giving your child permission to be courageous. If you have a fantastic relationship with your spouse, you’re showing them every day what a proper relationship looks like.

The most important responsibility you have as parents are to live glorious lives and be influential people. The best education the kid can ever have is to see their parents living a happy, successful, stable, and fulfilling life.

It is not what we say. It’s who we are as people that will affect our children’s lives. So all the Extraordinary Life Asset’s key performance indicators are important and the most important thing you can do is practice the powerful brain exercises on each category daily in your life.

2nd Belief: Teach Your Kids About Safety

The most critical factor in a child’s development is safety like physical, psychological or emotional, and intellectual safety.

Their physical safety is first and foremost — keeping them from getting hurt, keeping them out of danger, making sure they have proper food, clothing, and shelter.

 Next comes psychological safety: Children need the experience of living in a rational universe. A world in which facts are treated as facts. Truth is respected. Asking questions is valued and not punished. An environment in which a child’s desire to understand is honored and nurtured and that’s a world that too many parents cannot provide.

The danger to a child confronted with adult irrationality is if those who surrender the will to understand, the will to make sense of the experience. The child may give up on the belief that his thinking is worthwhile and if they do that it’s game over. They will not turn into healthy, happy, independent people. 

You protect your children psychologically by behaving rationally.

3rd Belief: Teach Your Kids What They Need To Know

I truly believe that we need to teach our children what they need to know. If you have parenting values that even remotely resemble ‘the extraordinary habit of highly successful people, you need to know this: The government cannot teach our kids what they need to achieve to become successful humans.

 It is up to us to define what they need to know and to teach it to them because it is just not going to happen in school. Schools do a pretty good job attaching some excellent information to the brain, but the school doesn’t even come close to teaching the most important things in life.

 We believe the schools teach how ‘not to be successful’. Our society and the schools particularly squash inner-directed kids immediately at the first sign of independence. Kids are taught to follow without questioning and to go along with the rules they learned at a very early age — not to challenge the teacher or suggest unusual ideas and this is a recipe for failure in life and everyone knows it.

The leaders in every field of society are the self-directed people who follow their own inner voices and not the people who play it safe and play the game correctly, never question and simply go along with what they’re told to do.

This is very true in the 21st century. There’s a shrinking market for blind obedience and today’s world. The last thing we need is needed is another ‘yes mam’.

The new world needs people who can think for themselves.

 So let me ask you a question: If independent thinking is so important to being successful in life, why don’t they teach us more about that in school? The answer is because they can’t.

Our schools have to process millions of kids. They can’t be attending to each kid’s special needs and talents. It is impossible. The system just can’t do it. The government cannot give your kid a proper education. It’s a parent’s job and it always will be.

 There are some things we want to instill deeply in our children that they don’t teach in school.

4th Belief: Teach Your Kids How To Think 

You want to teach your kids how to think, not what to think. Schools teach kids the lowest level of thinking — not to re-look at pieces of information. 

They do not teach kids the basic principles of logic. They’re not trying to recognize logical fallacies. They’re taught nothing about reason, rationality, and the importance of critical thinking. Can you imagine school teaching kids ‘how to think critically, how to question everything?’ It just wouldn’t work.

The quality of their lives will be based to a vast extent on the abilities they think in a high-quality way.

This is just not overtly taught in school: they’ve picked it up by osmosis. They’ve got to learn it on their own. Hence, we have to teach our kids how to think. 

5th Belief: Teach Your Kids How To Set Their Own Goals  

To set their own goals and create plans to achieve those goals is one of the most important skills you can ever teach your kids. It is the master skill of success. 

Did any teacher ever ask you, “What you really want out of life? What things are most important to you? What skills do we need to develop to be happy? What do we need to learn? What do we need to do to get those things?”

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What School Doesn’t Teach You?

Schools are not concerned with life issues because they can’t be. They need to make sure that you can find Puerto Rico on a map and you can add 5 digit numbers and that you can memorize the first 3 lines of the National Anthem. It is not their job to care about what ‘you’ want. It is a parent’s job.

Teach your children to never stop thinking about what they want out of life and why they want it, what they need to do and who they need to become to get it. We want to teach our kids about money — what it can do for you, where it comes from, how wealth is created, and what it can do for you. 

The people around you and the school don’t even try to address this issue. We go to school for 15 years or more and we learn about geography, algebra, geometry, biology, chemistry, history, social science, literature, music, computer science, art, physics. We even learn to make muffins and then we graduate and spend most hours every day for the rest of our lives trying to make money.

 We’re going to look at this craziness when we dive into career and finances. If you don’t teach your kids about the creation of wealth, no one could implant the fundamentals firmly in their brains so that they’ll have the opportunity to be financially successful and have abundance in their lives.

 6th Belief: Teach Your Kids About The World Through Travel 

It is one of the most important ways that my wife and I educate our kids. We believe traveling was one of the best experiences a kid can have. It kicks them right out of their little world like Xbox games, and it expands their concept of life on Earth.

The rest of the world is not America or Singapore. If you want to get really thankful for what you have, spend some time in a few third-world countries. We want our kids to see that and realize it.

 Most importantly, teach your children how to live a great life. What does a good relationship look like, what’s physical health all about, how do they find the career that’s perfect for them, how do they create financial abundance in their life, what’s required for their spiritual, emotional, and intellectual fulfillment?

All the Extraordinary Life Asset categories and again it’s our example that they’re going to learn from. Make your kids a better man and woman. Make them stay productive and happy.


 So, those are our 6 fundamental beliefs as parents. Set a good example for your children, create a safe, brilliant, caring environment for your children and teach them what they need to know to have glorious lives and we’ve defined what that is to us now.

There are as many parenting styles. Please don’t say this cliche: You raise your kid the way you want but don’t tell me how to raise mine.”

I defined deeply what being a parent means to me and my wife, and if you’re interested in living the extraordinary lifestyle, you need to do the same. 

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