5 Best Task Management App Android Variants (Speed, Features, Response Review)

The easiest way to stay productive is to add your tasks to a task management app. Android users have a real advantage to get a fast, reliable app from the play store.

Few apps like ClickUp, Todoist, Google Tasks, Microsoft To-do, and Asana have stood out to be the best for task management based on the user interface, customer response, technical features, and reliability.

I use the ClickUp unlimited plan that costs just $5 per month and found that few of my colleagues use similar apps. Based on our combined experience I have crafted out this in-depth review.

What Makes A Task Management App Great For Android Devices?

Every task management app out there on the play store allows us to create unlimited tasks, projects, and schedule them based on user preferences. But what makes them usable is the good UI speed, privacy, security updates, and use of intended features.

The best task management app android variants should:

  • offer fast user-friendly design to add tasks because time is precious.
  • be able to integrate with other android devices.
  • should send notifications reminding project deadlines.
  • better organizing flexibility of tasks, projects, tags, deadline dates, guest users.
  • should come with widgets that could help users.
  • should be usable with any type of processor installed on android devices.


ClickUp is a wonderful, flexible productivity tool. You can use it as a CRM or task management app. Companies like Airbnb, Google use ClickUp!


  • Best support team. You can clear any doubts related to project management.
  • The android app is fast and has a seemingly intuitive design.
  • They built ‘new document’ and ‘new notepad’ features within the system. You can later change them to task and archive or delete the existing file.
  • Assign other users the task you’ve created.
  • ClickUp CRM integration is possible with Zapier so that you can add it to 1000 other apps.
  • Free plans available.
  • Can embed any files like a blog post, YouTube videos, quotes, image URLs to the tasks.
  • Responsive customer support.


  • Not so easy to use for beginners. Have to watch tutorials to get the most out of them.
  • 100+ options may seem exhausting.


Todoist is the most popular task management app on the planet. It has a more minimalistic design.


  • Extremely fast user interface.
  • Todoist integration with Zapier is possible.
  • Outlook add-in for Todoist is a most sought feature.
  • Effective mail handling capabilities.
  • Can be used on every device and browser.
  • Natural language parsing.


  • Very minimalistic design that users might find boring.

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft invented this app back in 2017 for its employees and later made it open for commercial purposes.


  • Cortana smart assistant feature is available.
  • Completely free to use.
  • Sleek design.
  • Has home screen widgets.
  • Non-lagging design.
  • File uploads, reminders are possible without paid services.


  • Third-party calendar applications are limited.
  • No project templates.

Google Tasks

The simplest task manager app with all necessary features for non-techy users.


  • Comes as an in-built task manager app for a few android devices like Google Pixel, Nokia android one series.
  • Extremely fast UI.
  • Shows notes on the main screen.
  • Takes very little storage space making it friendly for low-performance android devices.
  • One-click to send Gmail inbox to Google tasks.


  • No natural language parsing.
  • Can be integrated only with Google apps.
  • App sound bug.
  • No color code yet.


Asana is a team management app that is indented to serve the purpose as a CRM. It can handle an enormous amount of users within a project.


  • Free project management level software plans available.
  • Zapier can integrate Asana to 1000+ apps like Dropbox, ClickUp, Rescue time, Click funnel, etc.
  • Can invite partners, guests, and colleagues to the workspace with built-in permissions like comments-only.
  • Customizable and responsive design.
  • High priority customer support even for free plans.


  • You cannot assign tasks to multiple persons. This may be an area of concern for the employer when the assignee is on leave.
  • Time tracking is absent. Have to depend on other time tracking software.
  • 50+ features to learn, causing loss of time.
  • Poor export options.


I have filtered out the advantages for the 5 task management app android variants. If you are a techy person, I would suggest that you choose ClickUp. If you are a non-techy person and wish to be more productive, Google tasks will be the best option.

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