6 Fun Sports With The Shortest Playing Time (Relax At Work)

We understand that you have a busy schedule but trying to live healthily. These 6 sports can keep your mind relaxed during or after a long productive day!

6 Fun Sports To Play With Less Time

Sport NamePlay Time
Basket Ball48 minutes
Shot Put15 minutes
Shuttlecock Badminton30 minutes
Martial Arts40 minutes
HIIT30 minutes
Beach Volleyball30 minutes
Swimming30 minutes
Minimum Play Time For Each Sport

The table shows a list of fun, stress-relieving, team-spirit enhancing sports that can be played with less time.

However, these are not allotted time, but the minimum time you can spend for 1 half-time that can improve your mood during an unproductive or moody day.

Based on the number of persons who join you to stay healthy, you can choose between these sports.

What Do I Need To Play These Sports?

  • For playing basketball, all you need is a nice half court, 1 basketball, and 1 hoop system.
  • For playing shot put, you need to buy a shot put of 8 lbs minimum as an adult. Draw few boundary lines as shown in the figure.
  • For playing shuttlecock badminton, you need minimum 2 badminton racquets, a set of shuttlecocks, and a net. Or else, you can use this portable badminton set!
  • For martial arts, a protective gloves based on your palm size is a must.
  • For HIIT, get some impressive pair of shoes that don’t cause foot arch pain. Watch some follow along YouTube video (e.g. from Anabolic aliens) and try to give your best.
  • For playing beach volleyball, you’ll need a big ground, a volleyball net, and the ball. Just draw the boundaries with a stick and have fun.
  • To swim, learn excellent techniques to swim faster. You will need anti-fog glasses, earplugs, or this swimming set.

Why Should You Play Sports Daily?

Exercising is really a stress buster. It can improve your posture, mood and clear out wavering thoughts.

Take Martial arts. It is the best sport to take out your frustration. You don’t really have to hit others. Instead, use a punching bag!

I had a punching bag at home when I was a teenager. Whenever I had trouble with my classmates or teachers, I take out all my frustrations by hitting the punching bag hard after watching few YouTube videos on how to punch.

Shot put is another sport that could solve the same frustration issues.

This game could become interesting with 3 or more people. You guys can complete 3 sets of the game within 15-20 minutes. Throwing the shot put longer can create a testosterone boost, subconsciously making you healthier.

If you have a team of like-minded people, sports like basketball, shuttlecock badminton, beach volleyball may work great. I don’t recommend playing cricket as it can take a lot of time.

Playing football could be a bad idea during office hours to stay healthy because it can make you tired and sleepy.

playing improves team spirit- sports with shortest playing time to relax at work
Team Spirit

Playing team sports once in a while with your co-workers can improve team spirit. It lets you forget all the misunderstandings, family tensions at least for some time.

If you have no one to play with, try swimming, HIIT. These can clear out all the wavering thoughts in your mind. I had 100 different thoughts to take my next decision, but after this session, I had only 1 clear picture. It is that powerful!

I personally witnessed better communication, focus, and problem-solving skills among co-workers. Besides physical benefits, the mental health benefits seem much higher.

Playing sports or games within a specified time limit can increase productivity in the workplace and make you more engaged with team members. It can reduce the quit rate much higher than any other factor.

For someone with productivity anxiety or a high pulse rate, playing sports can be a game-changer.

Best 5 Team Sports To Feel Relaxed Before Bed

Not feeling sleepy at night? Try this sweat-inducing, draining sport to make you tired and sleepy.

Exercises that make you sleep better at night
  1. Football
  2. Wrestling
  3. Hockey
  4. Rugby (American football)
  5. Lacrosse
  6. Basketball
  7. Volleyball
  8. Tennis
  9. Shuttlecock Badminton
  10. Sprinting

You can play these sports along with your team and feel that stable heart rate, a good night’s sleep, a confidence boost, improved mental health, a sense of leadership, maintaining friendly relationships, and a strong lung capacity.

Team sports make people take up responsibility, which is a much-sought quality needed today. It involves improving memorization skills like remembering names and tricks. Let you learn new stuff that can freshen up your brain a bit.

Sports That Could Take A Lot Of Time (Avoid At Work)

You should avoid playing these sports as it can take a lot of time to complete and may even cause a dip in workplace productivity. Time tracking should be mandatory while playing these sports.

  • Cricket (minimum 3 hours)
  • Baseball (minimum 3 hours)
  • Rugby (minimum 2 hours)
  • Lacrosse (minimum 1 hour)
  • Football (minimum 1 hour)
  • Weightlifting (minimum 1 hour)

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How Do Billionaires Spend Time For Sports?

To be honest, most of the billionaires play sports like golf, football, and basketball weekly twice for half an hour per day. The recent survey shows an increase in workout frequency from 2 to 3 days per week. Some may take a full day off once a month to relax.

Is Sports Not A Productive Thing To Do?

Playing sports is an extremely productive thing to do. The only time it can become unproductive is when you cross the time limit you’ve set on your task management app or planner.

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