Should I Make A Career Change? (3 Warfare Tips)

 Career change is a volcanic topic that could enhance productivity. We live in an age of unprecedented opportunity. When it comes to the career, we have a wider range of choice than ever before in human history.

Thousands of careers didn’t even exist a few decades ago. You can literally pick a career that you like and then you can learn about it, get good at it, and trade the fruits of your labor for the fruits of waiver to others. 

Information overload. I mean, most of us are just completely overwhelmed. There are too many choices. It is bewildering and confusing with all the possibilities. How do we possibly choose? The answer is “very carefully”.

Why Do You Want A Career Change?

 I know an engineer who hates his job, can’t stand on to work, feels like his life is passing by. He is pretty good at what he does but I don’t like to work with him cause he is a downer. He is not happy, not fulfilled, so while I want to work with someone like that whose career is a chore for him, it shows he chose wrong. He badly needs a career change.

On the other hand, I know another engineer who loves her career. She is one of the happiest people I knew. She lives for that stuff — spreadsheets, design, and math, and coming out with a new product design is like eating a hot lava cake. She absolutely loves it. If I ask her how she’s doing, she says if I were doing any better, I wouldn’t be able to stand by myself. I love working with her. She’s happy. She loves what she does, and it shows she chose right. But you know that is not always the case. It doesn’t always work that way. 

 A more common story is — People start young, full of dreams, full of ambitions, be someone they love, get married, have a kid, take a job to pay the rent, which might not be an exciting job. Do what it takes to pay the bills. We all do and that begins the process of what becomes limited options.

 If a year or two goes by, you have another kid, buy a small house, and get a couple of cars and now you’re in deep. You don’t have a fulfilling job; you don’t have job satisfaction, but that’s not the point. Your survival is.

Once you put the kids in daycare, your spouse gets a job because you need that second income, and then you wake up halfway through your life and you say ‘what the hell happened to me, it wasn’t supposed to be this way, I used to have a dream for what I wanted to become’.

“I was going to do what I was passionate about and now I know it will not happen to me. There is no hope now of finding work that I love. There is no use in even thinking about becoming self-actualized or getting wealthy. I’m in a deep tunnel, I am stuck.”

 That’s the way it usually happens.

 It is okay because you’re here to do something about it. I will shed some light on how to navigate this critical terrific point of our lives. Seeing the ideal career can be a very complicated matter but there are a few commonsense things that we can consider.

How To Make A Career Change?

Your career is how you spend most of your time, most of your waking hours get invested here. 

Your Career Based On Passion 

Your career is what you do.

No one wants to spend the hours of their life doing something they don’t like. It makes moral sense to pick something you like, something you enjoy. It is just a smart commonsense thing to do it. Pick something you’re good at or could be good at because it won’t make any sense to spend your life doing something that you don’t have the aptitude to do well.

That would frustrate you. 

You don’t want to work and work and not get better. If you pick something you’re natural at, you’ll get better and better over time, and that it’s a good thing!

 You might have to experiment to find out what that is — try a few different things but when it is all said and done, hopefully, you’ll find something you can do well.

Career Change Considering Financial Abundance

60% of us want careers that make us the most wealth possible. Not all of us, not every career directly involves creating wealth. Being a stay-at-home parent, for instance, is a fantastic, amazing, very important career. Running the household to do it right, you’ve got to be a chauffeur, a psychologist, a nurse, a housekeeper, a teacher, and more but that career doesn’t earn money directly. It’s a support position.

why do I need a career change

 A missionary or priest, a volunteer, a charity worker — these careers don’t directly produce income and if that’s the path you’ve chosen that’s fantastic but most of us want a career that maximizes our potential to create wealth.

The question is how-do-you-do that? As we discuss in the money category, the answer is to contribute to others at the highest level of which we’re capable. 

“The greater a contribution, the greater our financial rewards.”

 When I think about my premise for my career, it’s pretty simple. I believe that a successful, fulfilling, and rewarding career comes down to 3 things.

  1. I must choose something I love 
  2. I must get good at it, and 
  3. I must contribute significantly to others.

 If I want to create financial abundance, this is the recipe for a fulfilling career. This is the #1 recipe for success in financial life.

3 Things To Consider Before Making A Career Change 

Find The Work You Love

 Discover what’s inside of you. That’s the best and highest potential use. Find your unique talent and then develop it.

This takes work and years of practice. It doesn’t just fall out of the sky into your life but if you can discover what you could be great at and then apply yourself, that’s the beginning of your dream career. Loving your work just gives you a tremendous advantage.

 It will make you do it. It urges you to jump out of bed every morning and fly to work. You bring passion, joy, and enthusiasm to your work. That creates energy.

When you have a passion for your work, every day is exciting. Every day is enjoyable and a blessing. You’ll automatically bring a new level of thinking to your work when you love what you do. 

Success comes naturally. Levitate from zero to hero here.

 Get Superb At What You Do

Develop competence. Develop expertise. If you’re competent, if you’re an expert at your job, that means you can deliver the goods. If you’re good at what you do, people will seek you out. They want to deal with you. You will be more successful. 

Being good at what you do gives you self-esteem. You will feel good about yourself, which makes you want to do even better. I think everyone has the potential to have a fulfilling career because everyone has the potential to be good at something. We all can develop a valuable, unique talent or ability. Don’t we? Find your talent and then develop it.

 Make Sure That Talent Serves In Need Somewhere.

You must find a way to contribute to someone. Find the need and fill it. When you can match your talent to the needs of others, that’s the way to create wealth. If you make yourself valuable to people, they’re going to pay you for what you do.

Ask yourself, “How helpful my talent is to others. What can I contribute? What’s in it for me? What would I get out of this?” 

That is the recipe for a life of abundance in all 12 Extraordinary Life Assets.  

Wealthy people have discovered and developed their talents. They figured out how to match those talents to the needs of others. That’s my promise. That’s what I believe about a career. 

Choose right. Choose something you love. Choose something you’re good at. Choose something that contributes to others. If you do this, I believe that abundance will flow in your life.


You don’t necessarily need to take an ax to your life and chop it all down immediately. You don’t need to put a ton of pressure on yourself to change your career. Approach it more gently.

For Instance, Take Ken Jeong, Mr. Chow in the Hangover movie. He was a practicing doctor for 7 years. He thought he might ruin his family’s reputation and ruin his relationship. He practiced standup comedies every day for 7 years and finally jumped into this acting career. Career change at 35 was possible for him.

Wake up every day without snoozing. Schedule your tasks the prior day. Describe the purpose of your commitment and be more productive.

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