Which Spiritual practice is right for me? (3+ confident promises)- PART 8

We’ve got a brain-teasing spiritual practice that is really going to light you up and help you make some serious progress in the spiritual life category.

I’ll begin with the principle that I discovered years ago. It may shed some light and help you choose the right spiritual disciplines for this personal development work. We call it “The Principle of Lifestyle Synchronization”.

What is the Principle of Lifestyle Synchronization? How to implement it?

 The first principle of Lifestyle Synchronization says that “personal development principles only work when you synchronize them and make them attached with your lifestyle”. 

If the principles you studied didn’t change your behavior, they simply don’t work. Most personal development stuff like seminars, books, and programs cannot produce permanent positive results in people’s lives.

They don’t stick, the vast majority of the people know that. Everyone inside and outside the industry understands that. You can understand the concept of learning intellectually when you go to seminars, programs, then read the books, but that’s simply not enough to get commendable results in your life.

 If what you are learning doesn’t change something that you do daily, it will not show up in your life. It will not make any difference. This is the deal in the 21st century. 

Try this spiritual manifestation.

Why The Internet Is So Important?

With no shortage of groundbreaking information, business strategies, and life-changing advice, all the wisdom we need is out there. Everything we need to get in perfect physical shape, build a financial empire, and become a stellar productive human being in just about any area of our lives, it’s right at our fingertips. All we got to do is to understand the importance of the internet and learn to use it effectively. 

The big question is: Why isn’t everybody already living the life of their dreams?

The answer is ‘no time for self-improvement’.

“Epiphanies are thrilling, but they remain cheap” 

Jakub Sokol

 If you want diamond dust, all you have to do is type in the right keywords and you can order it within 5 minutes. Yes — those epiphanies are exciting. It’s outstanding when you have one of those “wow” moments that always seem life-altering at the time, but if you look at your life a week later or a month later, did anything really happen? Usually not.

 It is not about what you learn, it’s about what you do.

 Epiphanies fade. In order to leverage those “WOW moments” you’ve to undergo this personal development work, you’ve got to make some changes in life. They do not allow you to sustain whatever insight they’re getting. 

If you want to really change something in your life, you’ve got to change your behavior or that change just won’t last. Now, this principle also applies to the goals that you set. Goal setting is only effective if your goals make you do something different in life. 

All the aspirations you have are going to stay exactly as aspirations and daydreams unless you change your behavior in a way to support them.

Every single one of your goals, all the epiphanies they have, all the paradigm shifts and “wow moments” will produce positive change precisely to the extent that you change your daily behavior and integrate them into your lifestyle. Painfree Productivity’s singular mission or intention or core purpose is to help you to create a life vision. A clear, interesting, amazing life vision and then sync that life vision into your everyday life. That’s what we designed all of our content to do.  

And today we’re going to explore applying the principle of lifestyle synchronization to your spiritual life so you can start to understand exactly how powerful this concept is. We’re going to do it with a simple but powerful spiritual exercise that is designed to change your daily behavior to high-quality ones with better choice-making capability.

Powerful Brain Exercise to Boost Spirituality

  1.  First, you’ll define a specific spiritual goal: Challenge something you feel would be quite valuable to you in this category to move your life forward, and then once you’ve done that you going to choose a daily spiritual practice to support that goal.

You need to practice it every single day until you complete this Extraordinary Life asset series. Simply change one thing that you do daily and watch the results unfold in your spiritual life. Something is interesting about this category, you know, at the end of the day most of us elevate this category and think that it sort of operates differently than the other categories and in some aspects it really does, but in most aspects, it behaves just like the other categories. 

It’s all about actions-and-reactions and the truth of the matter is if you want improvement in any area of your life no matter what that area is: like health and fitness, love life, or financial life, do something that creates that improvement.

You’ve got to become the cause of the effect that you want.

 It Is exactly the same as the spiritual life. You can claim that you want to become a more spiritual person, more Christ-like or Buddha, more self-actualized, more peace-loving whatever you want to achieve in your spiritual life. But the truth is, if you’re not willing to change your behavior, it is really nothing but lip service. Nothing would change, nothing would happen.

 So experience the power of the “Principle of Lifestyle Synchronization” and create some actual results in your spiritual life. Look at this crucial spiritual exercise.

2. How to choose your spiritual goals? The first question you want to ask yourself is this: What would be a great goal?

So when you think about what your spirituality means to you, what could you aspire to — that will really allow your spirituality to unfold over the next few weeks? How can you recommend your spiritual path? 

For example, if my spirituality entails the experience of inner peace, I could set a goal to just become more peaceful over the rest of this challenge. A more content person over the next few weeks, or a more grateful person who’s more appreciative for everything that I have in my life. 

If my view of spirituality entails a focus on giving or contributing to others and making the world a better place, I could set a goal to give more, or I’ll try to make a difference in people’s lives or get involved in an organization that’s doing something that I believe

If my view of spirituality entails a commitment to self-actualization, becoming the best person I can be, I could set a personal development goal for my spirituality. Essentially works great as I could identify some character traits, but I want to cultivate within myself that would literally help me become a better person.

Maybe I need a more compassionate life, maybe I need to forgive and heal a relationship or to forgive myself. Maybe I need to cultivate more self-discipline as part of my spiritual journey.

Hence, the goal I set could help me become a better, more self-actualized person over the rest of this challenge. Try to identify your highest spiritual leverage point here that could really move your life forward. 

3. After you’ve set your spiritual goal, the next thing is that I want you to “Choose a right practice that will support that goal”. Practice every single day during the rest of this challenge, and that’s where the power of this exercise really kicks in. Ask yourself what behavior could I sync into my life to ensure that my spiritual aspiration becomes reality!

 Because if you want to create changes that stick in the spiritual category or any other category, this is the way to do it. You’ve got to change something that you do daily.

 I’m going to share a powerful list of spiritual disciplines and practices from the Extraordinary Life asset journal I collected over the years. They’re going to support any goal you could set. I’d like you to either choose a practice from this list or come up with your own.

What are the Benefits contained within the Spiritual Practice of Forgiveness?

 So here are some great spiritual practices submitted to us by my students over the years. You could choose the spiritual practice of forgiveness.


 “Forgiveness is the act of the strong, The weak never forgive.

Mahatma Gandhi‘s great forgiveness quote.

Let go of the baggage and forgive them from your heart. Forgiveness is one of the valuable spiritual practices for anxiety. Whatever you come across — tensed, spiteful, or agonized, forgiveness lays the foundation for a feathered heart. You may feel more relieved than before.

Practice the art of forgiveness almost every day! A rich time for you, every morning, just a minute or two will work fine!

 Relax the mind and beware your negative emotions. And when you find one of those negativities, instantly grab its root source and write it down on your CRM.

 Do you feel angry with yourself for something? Are you feeling angry at someone, feeling hateful about somebody else? Once you identify that, just take a moment and branch out forgiveness. Your problem and odds will completely melt away or at least begin to melt.

The spiritual practice of forgiveness is amazingly powerful and can totally change your life. You could choose the spiritual practice of meditation for the rest of this ‘Extraordinary Life Asset’ challenge. 

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear”.


 Our minds are our primary spiritual source tool of survival. We have programmed them to look forward constantly. They’re always questioning, always sort of planning the next step. They are expecting this or that, but this is how we stay alive. 

 Often our minds can be like drunken monkeys — jumping from tree to tree, chattering incessantly and redundantly and so that’s why so many great spiritual life coach teaches us – There’s got to be a balance between thinking and just quieting your mind. Practice silence if you want to experience that inner peace, harmony, and self-mastery. 

Like with any of that stuff, meditation is a great spiritual source tool for you to create that balance as deep as possible.

Meditation is like a gymnasium in which you develop the powerful mental muscles of calmness and insights.

Ajahn Brahm

How to stay Spiritually Fit?

 You can practice meditation every single day. You could choose the spiritual practice of nature watching, as the matter of fact is- Americans spend 91% of their time indoors, Indians spend 70% indoors, Chinese spend 65% indoors.

Like how dead people stay inside a coffin, we confined ourselves inside buildings of concrete, wood, and even steel that we forget our root source. We need nature. Our souls need to be outdoors to breathe in the fresh air, listen to the lovely sound of nature and rustling of leaves in trees — The feel of sun’s rays striking on our skin, feel the grass that you tread.

It feels so blissful to the entire human organism to play outside. So, try to spend 30 minutes per day for 3 months in nature. I’ve done it and believe me, you not only want to get outside but should make it a strict experience of consciousness.

What are the Examples of Spiritual Practice?

  1. Intake the fresh air. 
  2. Feel the sun heating the skin. 
  3. Feel the earth covered by sand beneath your feet.
  4. Listen to the birds.
  5. Take your workouts outside instead of working out inside the gymnasium.
  6. Go for a marathon or a bicycle ride. 
  7. Do your reading outside. 
  8. Do your work outside if possible.
  9. Start gardening.

 And whatever it takes, get a dialogue going between yourself and this beautiful world. It is a fantastic way to practice spirituality to connect with nature. 

What is Spiritual Gratitude or Giving?

Another spiritual practice you could choose is the practice of giving or the practice of contribution. It is one of the primary pillars of spirituality — every great religion teaches it, and every bit as beneficial to you as “the giver” as it is to “the receiver”.

There is just huge karma for caring about and forgiving others, and it can become hard to practice that payoff if we’re totally consumed with our own lives. Contributing creates a sense of importance and worth, develops an internal sense of love and joy. The complementary qualities for self-respect and relaxation radiate spirituality so well. 

Whenever you talk with a person, try to give them some value or attention- whatever it is giving a thing, money, adjust your kind word, you can give generously and directly from your heart. If the happiness of joy flows out, new riches sneak in.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. The more trees you plant, the more shade it provides.” 

So, try to follow the practice of spiritual gratitude because it is amazing.

How do you Achieve Self-acceptance?

 Another spiritual practice powerful as the previous one is the practice of self-acceptance. The concept is to learn ‘how to love yourself’ in order to love the surrounding people.

“To say ‘I Love You’, one must first know how to say the ‘I’.”

Ayn Rand

This works really slowly but develops a sound foundation with time and it is very important to move any relationship happily. It is the molten lava of your volcanic life experience. A source of all other important relationships. 

 We can figure out how to bless ourselves with the very love and regard that we provide for other people, which is hard for certain individuals. It’s been hard for me in my life. If we can learn how to judge ourselves less harshly and how to invite the emotions more freely into our lives to discover inward bliss in being actually what our identity is, even with every one of their blemishes, we can encounter pure satisfaction and profound wellness.

 Just set a goal for this month by being kind to yourself. Throw out a bit of self-doubt, self-criticism every day. Be willing to embrace your own faults instead of neglecting them so you can learn from them. This is the concept behind self-acceptance.

Happiness exists on earth, and we should win it through prudent exercise of reason, knowledge of the harmony of the universe, and constant practice of generosity.

Jose Marti

 Self-acceptance every day for at least a year would be a game-changer. These are the spiritual practices that you could follow right away but also pick your own — like committing to your morning oath: every morning spend some time reading the Bible, Quran, or Bhagvat Gita, practicing gratitude, writing a new novel, reading engineering books or simply focus on being happy with utmost consciousness and consistent discipline.

 Whatever you wish to change, the key is to do it. Take action and make a 200% commitment to practicing the spiritual discipline that you’ve chosen every single day. You should expect a genuine change to happen with time.

Last words on following a Spiritual Practice

Life has to change if you do something different. That’s how it works in any part of your life. When you change your daily behavior, you are going to witness an actual change in your life. I believe these questions have perfectly guided you to choose the right spiritual practice in life.

Start looking at your romantic love relationship (part 9). Now it doesn’t matter where you are in this category of your life. Whether you are in a great relationship or a difficult relationship, the fact is, you have the potential to wish more in this category than you ever dreamed to be possible.

Here’s why — You obviously have the courage to look deeply at yourself and take measures to enhance productivity, or you wouldn’t even be here.

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