reMarkable 2 Vs iPad Pro (Buy Best Note-taking Device)

One of the biggest questions I get since doing the remarkable blogs is “How does the reMarkable compare to the iPad Pro, and which one should I get?”.

I’m going to debunk whether you should get an iPad or a reMarkable tablet. To summarize how the experience is, I’ve got both products to give you my experience and also to talk more philosophically about the roles of each tool.

iPad Pro has everything you need on a tablet but reMarkable 2 has nothing more than the best note-taking experience. reMarkable represents a digital notebook whereas iPad represents a big mobile phone.

 I broke the reMarkable versus the iPad down into a few different parts so you can use the table of contents below to go into different sections.


 The first thing I want to talk about is that more practical conversation about how these guys are placed in the market. 

reMarkable Vs iPad pro - best notetaking device
reMarkable Vs iPad pro – best note-taking device

 Now we all know that a bike does dramatically more than a bicycle, but when we’re looking to do something like a workout routine, then the bicycle is much more suitable. A bike does a lot more. You can drive much further. It will get you there in a much faster time and it has more gadgets and gizmos inside.

They’re two very different things we use for two very different situations and that’s how I view the reMarkable and the iPad. Now I bought the iPad after I had a remarkable 1 and then obviously got a reMarkable 2.

The iPad has millions of apps. It has a backlight. It has a powerful function while using the apple pencil and also to power the device and a camera. 

 The things you’d expect inside of a phone are collectively more. However, the conversation that I always I’m trying to have when recommending which one’s better for people is what experience do you want.

A couple of years ago I and a couple of friends were talking about the role of holidays and in the future how we might potentially pay for the holidays that take us away to a remote island that remove all our technology and remove all the difficult things in our lives.

We’re talking about whether people would pay for that and I believe people would pay for an experience like that! 

Although it’s counter-intuitive, you know you want to go on vacation to relax and all that but I think now we’re heading with technologies obviously things are going to get more powerful but more importantly, things are going to get more immersive.

Taking us away from those experiences and focusing on noticing things around us can sometimes be even better, and that’s why I think people would be more than willing to pay. 

I see the reMarkable is trying to do the completely uncommon thing. It’s trying to take you away from the device. It doesn’t come with a night light because it’s trying to not allow you to do work at night. It’s got a very paperlike display because it’s trying to replicate paper and it’s also got a lot of things that uh the iPad doesn’t have like applications the reMarkable added are google drive and Dropbox integration.

They introduced something called “Connect” which is a brand new subscription service inside of the application which does spike up the ongoing price of having a reMarkable. However, in my opinion, I think these are very subtle additions to the digital world that they’re adding especially because what reMarkable is very good at is helping to take you away from the digital world and is helping to focus on you being in the moment on work. 

FeatureiPad ProreMarkable 2
Screen ColorBlack & White
Styluspen typepencil-type
Unlimited Cloud storageYesYes
Touch with stylusGoodExcellent
AppsUnlimitedVery less
ReMarkable Vs IPad Pro

Pricing Comparison: iPad Pro Vs reMarkable

 Now obviously there’s a price factor here um, and the conversation is: “Would you be willing to pay more for less?” and that’s exactly what’s happening with the reMarkable. I have picked up a 10.2-inch iPad wi-fi 64 gigabytes silver edition with just the apple pencil and it comes to in the UK at least 408 pounds. I’ve picked up the cheapest version of the reMarkable 2 packages, including the more recent connect plan, which takes a hundred pounds off and 50 pounds off accessories and it still takes me to 440 pounds.

 With all the additions, there so basically the basics that you need to go starting with, and obviously, you could cancel your connect plan to start so there wouldn’t be a running cost to it. However, it’s 40 or 32 pounds more than you would be paying for the likes of the iPad.


Screen Comparison: iPad Vs reMarkable

Naturally, the iPad is smarter. If you look at those two against each other, the iPad, which does considerably more and is less, is obviously not a better option to the naked eye, and the reMarkable, which is more pricey and does less. 

You have to work out whether or not you need this. What’s the thing that you want to do because the reMarkable is very good for eye tiredness and thinkers. They are very good for people who want to remove technology from meetings and things like that. 

People who want to take notes consistently and also people who just want to get away from technologies being immersive in their lives.

My experience with these has been that although when I got the iPad Pro, I started using it in coffee shops for writing out stuff. Obviously on Google Docs and also writing articles on WordPress, including the general and administration stuff.

Once I found that I actually have been using a remarkable a lot more collectively over time and that’s because of its relaxed nature. I feel a lot freer with it.

I could say to myself that I got a wacky paper-like display on it and use the apple pencil to start typing away but I think what I like about the reMarkable is, it is taking you away from that experience of being so close to potential distractions and being back-lit.

So you can’t work on it at night.

 I like how complementary it is to try to get you to focus on your work. There are a lot of different things that are tough when it comes to decision making around either one of these but what I would say is, if you’re somebody that has set a budget of 500 pounds and you’re looking for something that you’re going to be using to sketch but also do work and sort of managing your workload then the iPad is a no-brainer because you get more than you wish for. 

But my thing is, I say the remarkable is more suitable. If you’ve already got an iPad or you already use a MacBook and you’re looking to take yourself away from that sort of on-the-go experience and you don’t necessarily need a backlit display, you don’t need apps; you don’t need to do a certain task, but you need to focus on something — then that’s where it best fits in.

So remarkable versus iPad is a very deep conversation. I thought that the story of the motorbike and the bicycle hopefully helped to sort out the issue from a better perspective, but as you can imagine, the iPad is a fantastic device and it does so well for the price.

The remarkable is also a fantastic device, and it does very well but is quite highly-priced. That’s my opinion on the two sets hopefully. 


I hope I gave you a bit of differentiation and if you’re looking at a reMarkable 2, it’s probably something that you might be more in a position over the decision of choosing between an iPad Pro and a reMarkable 2. I’d say that people who already have both are probably going to be in an easier position when they’re looking to get something like a reMarkable 2 as an additional purchase to their lineup. 

Check out something similar to reMarkable 2 but doesn’t have a subscription. It is nothing other than the BOOX Note Air 10.3 on Amazon. It has a pen-like interface when compared to the reMarkable 2’s pencil interface.

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