PowerPoint Presentation: How To Make Attractive Slides Fast

Looking to create an engaging PowerPoint presentation? Here’s how you make it understandable and appealing.

The Office Timeline add-in, Lucid charts, are free to use and there is an option for premium features where you can produce resonating PP slides.

What’s PowerPoint Presentation?

Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation is a set of slides that are used to deliver important points during a meeting. The design, in-depth analysis of the project, the key points, charts, and tables are the key ingredients that can provide an understandable and engaging slide.

A good presentation should transform the topic rather than providing information.

It should feel like a solid story. Create a roadmap each time before planning to make a PowerPoint presentation.

What Audience…BeforeTransformationAfter
KnowMost startups fail.Technical Timeline chartsRoad map with ROI
FeelStartups=copycatsEngaging emotional story and motivation factors.Unique design changes or usability
BelieveOld marketing strategies.Digital marketing pros with Google ads, FB ads, etc.Implementation of Digital Marketing.
DoesLess productive workforce.Time tracking, R&D cost-cutting, Salaries, Call To Action.Implementation of productivity strategies at work
PowerPoint Presentation Roadmap Example


How To Make A PowerPoint Presentation Visually Appealing?

Powerpoint presentation: how to make slides attractive and engaging
Fig: Creating a PowerPoint presentation for CNC Insert manufacturing plan
  1. Create a new blank page. Add the Title and a subheading of your choice.
  2. Select Edit > Text color to highlight important words in the subheading.
  3. Add gradient or pattern to background by right clicking on slide and then choose Format background. Select the suitable theme.
  4. Insert > Picture and select the picture you need to add onto your slide.
  5. Right Click on the picture and select Format picture > Add shadows and change the angle, transparency, blur options to perfect the shadow.
  6. Add some shapes and reduce the transparency under Format Shapes option to get a professional touch to your slides.
powerpoint presentation: how to make attractive slides with office timeline extension

7. Download office timeline setup and install the software application and restart your PC.

8. Select the templates available on the free office timeline add-in for MS PowerPoint and select the suitable template for your chart.

9. The Office Timeline module appears on PP and you can add elements, timeline, text all from scratch or from the pre-built 50+ templates.

10. Lucid charts are another interesting chrome extension to improve the quality of the presentation. You can create flowcharts, GIPHY mood boards, fishbone, and tree diagrams from 100+ templates there and integrate them into your productivity tool.

11. Download beautiful stock images from websites like unsplash.com, freepik.com, pixabay.com, and pexels.com. They are top providers of free and paid images both for commercial and educational purposes.

12. Those stock image websites have infographic templates that you could refer to and another killer site named canva.com lets you create professional infographics for free!

lucidcharts free chrome extension

PowerPoint Presentation Templates

These are the sites that provide wonderful PowerPoint presentations.

  • Envato Market has tons of high-quality PowerPoint presentation templates. Check here.
  • Download Free PowerPoint presentation templates here and at slides carnival.

How To Record A PowerPoint Presentation?

  1. Goto Insert Module > Screen Recording to record the presentation as a mp4 file.
  2. You can record audio, scribble using the pen pointer while recording the audio and video.
  3. You can highlight and erase while recording to engage your audience.
  4. Pause, Stop, and Replay, Crop options are available to control recordings. Record from current slide and record from beginning are additional useful features.


I believe all these introductions to features like screen recordings and third-party add-ins like Office timeline and Lucid charts could save your time from creating all impressive slides all by yourself.

Remember to keep a storyline and transformational elements inside your presentation for success, as mentioned above.

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