5 Podcasting Equipment And Resources To KickStart A Podcast

The podcasting channel can benefit your business by providing authority on the topic you wish, but you should be owning some legitimate resources and podcasting equipment to successfully scale the audience.

I handpicked each resource and podcasting equipment from amazon that you can buy and begin a podcasting journey because an interesting Edison research found that the number of Americans who listen to podcasts each week has grown by 100%.

Around 67 million Americans listen to podcasts every month and it grows exponentially.

Top Podcasting Resources You Should Not Miss To Refer

  1. Podcasting Academy Book
  2. Podcast Planner
  3. Task manager
  4. Time tracker

Equipments To Buy For Podcasting Channel

The basic to advanced podcasting equipment that you should own includes:

  1. High-end Microphone
  2. Podcasting Host
  3. Mixers
  4. Headphones
  5. Laptop
  6. Sound proof materials
  7. Internet

Here’s why these 7 are important than you think.

High End Microphone

A microphone that accurately captures voices and cancels noise in the background are the only ones suitable for a podcast. If you wish to create a good quality podcasting channel, then consider getting the reasonable prized high-end microphones.

Using a good quality microphone helps in ranking the podcasts and attracts more subscribers. It is a win-win situation!

A 3.5mm jack with zero-latency works best as an outstanding investment for your studio or business. Some microphones are huge, have more treble or too bass. But there are few exceptions that are actually usable.

Large diaphragm condenser microphones work well with mixers and supports software that tweaks voice makeovers. I found this microphone bundle on amazon which will be perfect podcasting equipment for beginners.

I need the full sound quality and rich tone to avoid the robotic feel that comes with cheaper microphones.

Perfect Podcasting Host

Why do I need a host for my podcasts? I’ll exactly answer this search query now.

You can host your own podcasts on the website you own, but the traffic will be limited. It depends on how big your site is, how much traffic your site gains from each search engine, and how good your podcasting is marketed.

But when you choose some famous podcast hosting sites like Buzzsprout (get $20 Amazon coupon on signing up), Spotify, Apple podcasts, you will get tons of traffic. Around 10 million people visit Buzzsprout per month and 418 million people visit Spotify per month!

Do you really think you can get that amount of traffic on your site? Then you are good at hosting your podcasts there. But if you get a fraction of that traffic from those hosting sites, then your business will grow like a raging fire.

Stunning Mixers

Podcasting requires additional tweaking as you grow your channel by taking interviews and live streaming. You can either buy this beginner’s bundle or get this professional mixer from RODE.

There are 4 microphone inputs on the RODE mixer so you can adjust each of them manually. Besides that, you can add desktop audio, phone audio, or any other jack based microphones.

There is an option for Bluetooth based microphone connectivity which is sick! You can call someone while on the show and add him into the mixer along with your microphone.

There are 6 sound pads that allow you to set distinct sounds that you suddenly need to insert in your podcasts like theme song, background music, funny sound effects, etc.

There are options to change volume for each headphone inside the mixer. You can pick the strength of your voice inside the touch screen present on RODE mixer. Just change the levels, test the settings by using a demo voice and set the level.

Clear and Comfy Headphones

Another important piece of podcasting equipment for beginners and studio owners is the high-end headphones. You cannot buy a $10 headphone and expect in-built noise cancellation, so OneOdio Monitor 60 works better in this case.

After buying a headphone, you should try running them for 2 to 3 hours to experience the exact sound they produce. The sound that they produce directly out of the box is not the true sound.

The headphone should warm up all the circuits and test the rock, classic, jazz, pop sound varieties to match the audio you need. The pads should not be hard and should be able top wear them all day long.

You should not feel the ear pain that comes as a side effect of using in-ear headphones.

No Lag Laptop

If you choose Apple podcasting, then you should own a MacBook! Most of the time any intel i5 processors and advanced processors than that will work fine with most of the podcasting software.

Audacity, Adobe audition creative cloud, and Garage band are some software for podcasting where you can edit and recreate voices. They run well on all high-end windows laptops.

Sound Proof Materials

Things to note before buying sound proofing materials online.

  1. Room size.
  2. Material Length
  3. Quality of material
  4. Identify the external noises
  5. Cover all the gaps and windows
  6. Paint the unfinished walls.
  7. Buy furnitures with cushions.
  8. Cover the floors

Measure the size of your room and buy some acoustic foam panels to cover the entire wall. Cover the floor with thick mattress, which may stop sound waves escape through the floorings.


An obvious but the most important thing that you must upgrade is to a fast internet connectivity! Internet created thousands of billionaires. It is the easiest way to grow your business in 2022.

A fast internet definitely helps in improving productivity metrics and uploads podcasts faster by saving time. Investing in an internet of 40 gbps internet speed or more will be helpful to scale your business in different ways.


There are a lot of unexplored spaces in the podcasting business as a beginner. You can explore the niches using some keyword research tools or Google trends. There are over 50 million YouTube channels, 450 million blogs, but there are just 560,000 podcasts listed in Apple podcasts.

You may also need time tracking software and task managers besides all these equipments and resources to stay consistent.

Based on the statistics, this is the best time to podcast for your business and juice some extra audience. Remember to buy the necessary equipments as you grow.

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