How to lead an intellectual life- Part 4 of extraordinary life asset

 Here we explore one of my favorite life categories and the one often overlooked “Your intellectual life”. As human beings, we don’t have four rows of razor-sharp teeth that can bite through steel. We can’t see in the dark, we can’t run 75 miles an hour and we can’t change the color of our skin to measure the environment. We’re human beings, and that means that our mind is our basic tool of survival. 

It is our intellectual abilities that define the species we see. Our ability to think is what keeps us alive. The manner of thinking brought everything into existence in our civilization. From computers to mailboxes, from refrigerators to cooling pads, from books to tablets. For humans, it’s all about what we don’t have but there’s a very interesting complication to all this.

What is thinking?

 Thinking is a choice: Can I decide what to think and what to avoid thinking? Yes, we can choose to face an issue or not facing it. We can choose to focus on solving a problem or just not bother. We’re not obligated to monitor the beating of our hearts that happens automatically, but with thinking power, nature has given us an extraordinary responsibility. Our ability to think decides our grade in intellectual life.

Just about any situation, we can make our consciousness brighter or dimmer. We have a choice to think is only half the battle. The other half is choosing what to think. This is incredibly important because thoughts become things.

Everything started with thoughts, every monumental work of art, every skyscraper, every invention, everything in our entire civilization began with a thought and was brought into existence through thoughts. 

What are some choices or decisions in life?

  • Is this type of education and school is suitable for me?
  • Your relationships: Is this person the right one for me?
  • Do I need to change my career?
  • Is my workout routine legit?
  • Am I spending my time productively?
  • Is it the right time to start a manufacturing plant?
  • How can I stay intellectual in my circle?
  • Have I made my parents proud?

 What you choose to think about grows and creates your life. What you think about manifesting in life? Richness? Happiness? We all manifest something, we are all creators of our reality. The question is: Are we creating our world consciously or we do it by default?

Most people live their lives with their thoughts on autopilot. Thinking just barely enough to get by. But if you live in a mental fog, you kind of create your world by accident. One of the most powerful single concepts you can ever understand is that you can take control of your thinking. You can begin thinking deliberately, guiding your assumptions and reactions toward lifestyle. 

What is intellectual life?

How I view my intellectual life differs from others, but we can learn from each other and not have to reinvent the wheel. I want to share my sculpting process with you. The greatest asset of my targets, all my wishes, all my aspirations rests on my ability to think in a high-quality way. I need to value my mind. I need to exercise if I need to nurture and take care of it to lead an intellectual life.

The second belief is interesting. The best single indicator of true intelligence is the conscious way you live your life.

To me, true intelligence is not about an IQ test or an SAT score. It is not about grades in school or anything like that and this is the way our culture views intelligence. I think it is way too narrow. What good is intelligence if you can’t use it to improve your life? It doesn’t matter how smart you are if your life is a wreck. 

Living with victorious, rational, and intelligence in our society is an arduous task and requires some in-depth thinking. When you see a person is living that way, you can know you’re looking at a monumental accomplishment. You’re looking at a really smart person there.

My third belief: choosing what I must think and what I shouldn’t think:

It is the responsibility of your extraordinary life asset. Humans can choose to think or not and I choose to think and I also choose exactly what I want to think about. It is my mantra.

 You can’t control all the events in the outside world, obviously, but you can control your inner world. You can control your thinking. You can take control of that process and begin thinking deliberately and guide your thoughts toward a clearly defined image of your ideal future.

A Mantra for you to lead an Intellectual Life

 “I can be purposeful in my thinking and I can manage my thoughts to create the world I want. I can build a mental image of what I want. I can hold on to that image and just stay in it and think about it every day. If I do these, I know I’m going to track that into my life and blend my ideal future.”

And that brings you to the proper term: Thoughts become things and we call this the law of attraction. You should know what you think about it, over and over. Program it into your nervous system. What I create, I will experience it myself in life. It is like a spell cast on me in sending out my thoughts to the universe, either good or evil.

So you have to be careful. You can make yourself well with your thoughts and you can make yourself sick with your thoughts. It all depends on what you think about your lifestyle. Your creation of the extraordinary life asset is going to be the best tool you could ever have for activating the law of attraction and manifesting everything you want in your life.

From now on, try thinking through every important area of your life, defining it, illustrating it, living, and flooding yourself with it. And daily, that image is going to be so clear and powerful and eventually the vision and the reality blends and become one saturated component. 

How to improve intellectual curiosity?

 In the intellectual life category, we will go a little deeper. To handle this fascinating category of our lives, I will share a powerful exercise to help you move the needle. I have seen people ignoring the improvisation of intellectual life in the personal development world. That’s unfortunate because this is an incredibly important category that you should take seriously and spend a lot of time developing. Because this category is like your navigation system to help you get through life.

way to improve intellectual life, reading habits enhance knowledge

 It is going to determine to a vast extent whether you can or cannot create an extraordinary life for yourself. We could improve our health and create practical fitness goals by making use of this intellectual life asset. Our ability to think is what separates us from every other species on this planet and literally keeps us alive. Based on historical shreds of evidence, we had to use our brains to invent the tools that we needed to survive against the ravages of nature, and that skill set of thinking led to everything that we have in our civilization. This improves our lives, easier and safer.

We have tripled our lifespan in the last few 100 years, which is miraculous. It has led to the development of medicine, shelter, sanitation, better farming, and the technology that allows us to do things that would be considered absolute magic just a few centuries ago. That is not an abstract concept but a concrete fact.

 Last year, I went on a safari in South Africa with my family. It is the amazing Kruger National Park. Kruger Park is one of the few parks in Africa that the tourist can drive-through in their own car without a guide. There was a lady there last year, and she came across a group of lion cubs in the bush. She started taking pictures in all orientations, hopping from one car window to another.

 I think she couldn’t get the angle that she wanted for her photograph, so she got out of the car and walked into the bush and literally picked up these three little lion cubs and lined them up so she could take a better picture of them. Now can you guess what happened next? The mother lion charged out of the bush and killed her.

The moral of the story is, if you don't use your brain properly you will die.

You have the opportunity to do something ridiculously stupid every single day. Crossing the street without looking, ruining one of your relationships by not thinking, damaging your health and fitness by behaving poorly, and many other unconscious or semi-conscious actions degrade your intellectual life qualities. 

These are going to mess up your life or even endure life in some extreme cases like the one I just told you about. 

Ayn Rand said, “Every man is free to rise as far as he’s willing or able. But the degree to which he thinks will determine the degree to which he’ll rise.” 

Thinking is the foundation for achieving your extraordinary life.

 The intellectual life you will get is going to result from the choices you make and the actions you take. A thought precedes every action you take, whether good or bad, every choice you make, either positive or negative, every accomplishment you experience, every setback, every mistake. Should I do this or should I not? Is this right for me? Is this going to yield an excellent result in my life?

 What are my eyes of success here? Am I able to pull this off? Do I really want this? This matter in some little decision like what restaurant to go to for lunch or a big decision like whether to start a new business or get married. 

A thought preceded every single action that you will take. Therefore, the more conscious you are about your thinking and your decisions, the better your choices are going to be and the better your life is going to be. Thinking consciously is the key to shaping the intellectual life of one. The problem is most people simply don’t know the keys to lead an intellectual life. They don’t think about their lives in any disciplined, meaningful way. Instead, they live with their thoughts on autopilot, thinking barely enough to get through the day.

 As a result, they never develop a sense of who they really are or where they want to go in life, no sense of direction or personal meaning. They live in reaction mode by taking whatever life does to them, instead of directing it consciously through thinking.

 But not us. We are the opposite. We think hard about our life. We examined ourselves deeply. We know whom; we know what; we know what we want out of life. I wanted every single one of us to buy a tremendous amount of consciousness into our lives for the betterment of the surrounding people and set an intellectual example.

Vaclav Havel said, “Vision is not enough, it must be combined with venture. It’s not enough to just stare up at the steps, we must step up those stairs.” 

Once you find the kind of life that you want to create, you need to move. You got to take action. We have to step up those stairs to find the life that we want to create. Take action frankly. This is one of the biggest problems I see in the personal development world.

There are so many teachers and gurus in programs and seminars that promised success without effort. Without the effort of thinking or doing, the miracle diets out there, the get rich quick schemes, all the magic pills will fail.

Remember when the law of attraction was the flavor of the month. They commonly taught it for a long time in personal development. They commonly taught the law of attraction to imply success, a shortcut to getting what you want out of life, an effect without a cause, and that is very appealing to people who want to escape the burden of thinking and the burden of doing.

 I like to blow up this belief. People want something for nothing. They want their desires to do some sort of magic.

What leads to poor decision making?

 The terms like “I want a beautiful body but I don’t want to discover my own personal recipe for making it happen or stay on a diet or workout daily.” 

“I want an extraordinary love relationship but I don’t want to think through which really has to be required to achieve it and then do those things, it sounds like too much work.”

“I want to achieve my dream life to define the person I want to become and set an intellectual life example to others, the life that I want to live, and then do what’s required to bring it into a reality, but that too sounds hard. I like the result but I don’t want to do it to make it happen. I want it to happen by magic. I would much rather attract to create it.”

 Well, yes, that would be really nice but I can say with a pretty high certainty that you will never ever attract an extraordinary life that works at a high level in any important area. In the 12 categories, the law of attraction is a great tool to have because positivity is way better the negativity and cynicism. 

How to live an intellectual life?

We are all about visualization of life because the deep belief is that you can actually achieve your life vision. This is a tremendous advantage: if you don’t believe you can do it, I guaranteed you won’t be able to do it. However, the method of the law of attraction that is often marketed today is like, if you wish hard enough, you’re going to win the lottery. If you think positively enough, checks are just going to magically show up in the mail.

 If that’s going to be your primary personal development strategy to lead an extraordinary intellectual life I wish it better not, because that’s just silly.

 Ever heard the phrase, “God helps those who help themselves”. If you want an amazing life, don’t you think the universe might require some effort from your side? You can either sit around waiting for the universe to do all the work, wishing and hoping and waiting to attract stuff effortlessly or you can get off your butt, figure out what you want and what you need to do to get it and then start doing it. 

This makes you outstanding and attractive. If you put the work to make yourself attractive, that’s when you are going to attract stuff. Personally, I believe in the law of attraction but not how it is presented to be, but in a state where it attracts positivity to you.

 I’ve been studying personal development strategies for a long time and in my experience, there is no such thing as success without effort. On the contrary, creating your extraordinary life is the step-by-step process of paying the price for every single goal upon which your life vision quests. You can’t be in great shape without eating right and exercising. You can’t lead an intellectual life without learning, you can’t have a loving marriage without being loving, you can’t be a great parent without setting a good example for your kids, you can’t successfully run a business without knowing the fundamentals.

You can’t be anything without doing what it requires. To be that thing, there is no shortcut in the 12 categories of life. Smart life is not normal, it’s difficult, it’s an anomaly of nature. It’s very rare that you’re never going to see it. The universe will not hand you an extraordinary intellectual life but here’s the good news; you can absolutely assemble brick by brick to conscious action by thinking and by doing.

You don’t need a magic pill. Stand on your own, trust your own judgment, and use your exceptional brain. You’ve to think about what you want and think about what it requires achieving it and become the primary intellectual driving force behind every goal you have. To attain every vision in your life, every single desire that you want in life, go out there and create it for yourself.

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To live an intellectual life, you need to create an intellectual thinking mechanism. This exercise is about using your powerful mind to get what you want out of life. It is a simple 3 part exercise: think, plan, do. This brief sequence is literally the master skill of success since the fun of experimenting with it is limitless.

First, I want you to think about something that you want your life to be. Anything you really want but I suggest you choose something you have control of achieving and not that is in the hands of others and also something that’s relatively easy.

We want to get our feet wet here and get used to this process. For example, “I want to lose 5 pounds in the next 2 weeks“, that’s a great goal because it’s 100% up to you. Whereas “I’d like to get a 25% raise in my job within the next 2 weeks” is a little more complicated because it is not completely in your hands. You want to pick goals like “I want to spend some time in nature every day for the next month or I want to read one wonderful book a month for the next quarter” something like that.


  1. Choose something that you are in charge of. Once you have fixed your idea, write it down in your journal and that’s your goal.
  2. Create a strategy for achieving it. If you are on a health and fitness goal, write everything that you are going to do to make it happen. Maybe you need to go out and do some research to learn more about nutrition. Maybe you’ve got to clear a schedule to exercise or maybe you need to hire a personal trainer. Whatever you need to do to accomplish that goal, create a strategy around it and write it down.
  3. The ultimate step is to commit to doing it and to take action today. Toward that goal, doing this simple exercise will literally practice the fundamental master skill of success, which is your ability to think, plan, and then do to lead an intellectual life.
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