Finding Your Health And Fitness Purpose Is Easy | Part 3

 Struggling to find your health and fitness purpose? The love factors have not inspired you enough to start a productive health routine.

You’re going to be in better physical shape, you will have a stronger sense of purpose in your life, your love relationship could improve, your spirituality can be more fulfilling to you, your financial life could improve. You have the tendency to alter your life as we start our exploration of health and fitness.

 I want to share something with you might find surprising. We’ve been studying these 12 categories in the part 1 and part 2. Even the best practices in every category we’ve researched, we found they relate to each other.

By experimenting with the 12 key productivity indicators and witnessing how thousands of people go through them in their life, I have noticed some really interesting patterns. But by far the biggest pattern that we’ve seen by a mile is in the health and fitness category. This is a fact instead of an opinion because the evidence is just been so consistent over the years.

Here’s what is:

Success in the health and fitness category almost always comes down to your purpose, to the reasons that you have been wanting to achieve. Success for your health and fitness, like 99% of the time, comes down to purpose because everyone knows how to get in great physical shape. To eat right and exercise effectively, but “why?”. That’s how to get in great shape.

Clearly, you can spend an entire lifetime studying those two subjects and fine-tuning your knowledge and skills. That’s pretty much the strategy to stay in great shape. Now Enter the concept of your health and fitness purpose. Over the years we’ve seen 3 fundamental reasons why people fail in this area of their lives, why they don’t achieve the level of health and fitness that they really want.

The questions: Why I have bad health habits? Why I enjoy eating too much, drinking too much, smoking cigars, eating horribly unhealthy fast food, being obese. 

Whatever their challenges are, in the absence of real physiological emotional challenges we’ve discovered that a failure in this category ultimately comes down to one or more of the 3 following mindsets: 

What are the mindsets that fail your health and fitness purpose?

  1. I don’t know
  2. I don’t care
  3. I can’t help myself


So let’s take a closer with a guy who follows the 1st mindset. The “I don’t know” ignorances are psychological-emotional challenges, which I have no comments to address. He might say, “I literally don’t know that 2 double-cheese burgers, a large fry, a big sip, and a super-sized Snickers’ bar as dessert are a nutritionally inferior meal.”

“I had no consciousness of that fact. I don’t know that shuffling a pound bag of ruffles into my face and sipping a tower of Mountain Dew while sitting on the sofa and watching TV is not a good wellness stretch. I just don’t know”.

The 2nd mindset for failure is “I don’t care”- Laziness which comes down to apathy, meaning, “Yeah I know that stops the good for me but I just don’t care enough to change my behavior”. So many of us do it, anyway. A high friend of mine went bad because of drug addiction. He didn’t live long and died when he was 27. 

When he was alive, this was his deal to spare me. “I know it’s bad for me to drink too much, bad for me to smoke every day and I don’t care if drugs ruin me”. That’s a dangerous road to get trapped on. That is a recipe for your disaster.

The 3rd mindset for people who fail in the category of health and fitness is “I can’t help myself“- lack of self-control. “I know this behavior is bad, I know it is self-destructive and I really care. I wish I could stop. I know I shouldn’t be doing it, but I do it anyway.” And this one sucks.

This is so bad because there are all kinds of negative painful emotions like shame and guilt involved and hurt with lack of self-esteem, frustration. I mean you can literally do amazing all day long with your diet, work out of your suffering from this particular pain, and at the end of the night after doing everything right throughout the day, a simple mistake you make by gorging a giant piece of cake might completely ruin your effort in just 10 minutes.

regret decision after failing in your health and fitness purpose

Then you will hit the “I can’t believe it” regret button instantly. Most of us can relate to this in some aspect. If we’re totally honest with ourselves, I think that all of us can relate to all 3 of these mindsets. We’ve probably had to deal with them all at some point in our lives.

 When my sister got married, she used to feed her kids 6 packs of powdered sugar doughnuts, some Cheetos or whatever processed food she has for breakfast, and spaghetti with meatballs for lunch. She didn’t know the toxic nutrition behind it and I had to educate her and my brother-in-law to get a solid ribbon under health and fitness. She started out ignorant like how everybody starts.

Look at I don’t care, “I just don’t feel like working out right now so I will not do it today. I know I shouldn’t be eating or drinking this much right now but it feels good so I do it anyway”- who can’t relate to that!

 I know I can because I have been there. Now look at “I can’t help myself”- “I know I wanna be so pissed off at myself tomorrow for doing it right now. I notice an awful choice but I’m gonna do it, anyway”.

Apparently, it just makes you feel so bad at this and does so much emotional violence damage to yourself.

 Here’s what I’ve discovered over the years.

You can either continue to struggle with one or more of these issues in your life, with one or more of these mindsets for failure, or you can literally transcend them and take them out of play by simply getting your health and fitness purpose.

 I’ve done it in my own life many times over the years I’ve seen it getting done hundreds, if not thousands, of times. In the extraordinary life asset, your health and fitness purpose can wipe out any obstacle standing in between you and your goals. The internal obstacles and extra obstacles like friendship, office gatherings can be quite hard to ignore.

You can completely eliminate that “I don’t know” mindset because the information you need is out there and you’re perfectly capable of finding it and applying it to your life. You can always find a way without encountering dozens of different programs or pitches on “how to be healthier, stronger, faster or thinner”. 

There are “1000 how’s” to show why it matters. Wander enough to do the work to get there. It’s your “why” that can wipe out the “I don’t care” mindset. If you don’t care, it’s because you don’t have a strong enough reason to care. Find the reason and that apathy is going to disintegrate. 

If you know and you care but you can’t seem to help yourself, it’s 100% plain and simple because your purpose isn’t strong enough. You don’t have enough leverage on yourself to stop yourself from doing what you shouldn’t do and to get yourself to do what you should do. If you did, you wouldn’t even give that fast food a second thought. 

What is your purpose for health and fitness routine

In the health and fitness category, purposes are everything. Your “why” is the issue. If you get that right, everything else will fall into place for you in this category. Now comes the big question:

 How do we get our purpose on? How do we create a purpose in this category that is so interesting and can wipe out every obstacle that stands in between us and our vision?

 For the category of your health and fitness, I will share with you a life-changing concept you’re going to become intimately familiar with. The terminology is “Category interconnectivity” which addresses how the 12 categories relate to each other. 

Look at the effect that your health and fitness have on the other categories of your life — find your leverage in which category does your health and fitness purpose live in. 

Is the leverage you need is in your intellectual life? A huge load of examination show that being fit as a fiddle, getting legitimate exercise, getting appropriate nourishment, getting appropriate rest altogether expands your capacity to think right. There’s no doubt about that. Your brain works better when your body is working about the levels because your brain is clearly an augmentation of your body.

Your emotional life can be the lever to your health and fitness purpose and it could support your body, control your brain spirit, and your brain spirit controls your energetic emotions.

Sciences prove that over and over. So if you’re having problems with depression or anxiety or unwanted emotions, you want to spend your leverage here on this category, or the leverage for you is in the spiritual category, becoming more self-actualized, striving to become the best person you can be might work! Accepted health and fitness routines are crucial to lead an energetic emotional life.

Treating your body like a temple, showing gratefulness every day to the universe, to God by just taking really great care of yourself can find some good leverage in the spiritual category.

 What about your love relationship? Could the leverage that I ask you to find is in this category? Being in sexy shape could have a profoundly positive effect on the brain in so many ways.

love relationship, leverage for your health and fitness purpose

You can increase your admiration for each other, and it can really increase the grade of the sexual experiences. Together with my love, I have run marathons, we’ve conquered much of Mount Lafayette twice, we raced on the entire Arabian coast.

How did I find my leverage in health and fitness?

These were one of our favorite things to do. Whenever we get to a new city, we run literally from one side of the city to the other. We’ve done that in dozens of cities worldwide, even small things like when I go on a trip with her, I’d say to myself that going to the beach could boost my stamina or if we’re going to do a video shoot, photo session for some project and I work on it deep minded to take it to the next level.

Thus, I found my health and fitness purpose in my love relationship and it became the biggest sources of leverage for me to stay in great shape over the years. Through this, I really found a tremendous amount of purpose. Maybe you can too.

 Parenting is another big one. Probably the biggest challenge for finding leverage in your health and fitness category. This is probably where most extraordinary life asset seekers get their breakthroughs.

parenting, leverage for your health and fitness purpose

In order to be a good parent, you’ve got to set a good example for your kids. As the number one job of a parent is to show your kids what it looks like having a healthy, happy, and successful life. Taking good care of your body is critical to prepare yourself to teach your kids about health, teaching your kids about nutrition.

I have seen my brother-in-law struggling to play with my energetic nephew. He is a software engineer, became lazy over the years but now after working out with me, he started experiencing the pros of a fit life. i.e. reduced anxiety, flexible pain-free body, steadfastness, memory improvement.

Exercise is one of our primary responsibilities. I will tell you, this is an area where parents fail more and more. The most important thing you can teach your kids about food is that food isn’t just about taste, the primary purpose of food is not just to give you some sort of euphoric sensual experience you get three times per day.

That’s a delightful bonus, but it’s not the primary purpose of food. The primary purpose of food is to fuel your body to give your body the proper balance of nutritional components that it needs to function at an optimal level.

 If you get that into a kid’s head early on, it could put them on the right path. This doesn’t mean food shouldn’t be pleasurable. It should be pleasurable, but the primary purpose of eating and drinking is to fuel your body.

People who are in good physical shape are doing a good job in this area. They must have made that mind-muscle connection powerful. Kids will notice how their parents teach them. Do some soul searching here. I’ve seen massive leverage for many people, including my brother-in-law, to find health and fitness purposes in this category.

What about your career and your financial life? Does the health and fitness leverage that you’re looking for living one of these two categories? 

It requires reinforced standing, immense energy, and there is essentially no chance in my own life to achieve my professional objectives without being fit as a fiddle and being mentally strong. Having a high-powered career is not only an intelligence teasing test, but it also a fitness challenging test.

How can you improve career growth?

In order to shoot your career growth,

  • Stay focused and punctual.
  • Stay humble and kind.
  • Think clearly,
  • Make excellent decisions.
  • Set small goals because if you look at the big picture, it might look difficult.
  • Develop high energy by improving stamina.
  • Remember names and terminologies
  • Develop powerful listening tendencies because they can improve your engagement to office hours meetings. 

All these attributes always mean that if I want to manifest my potential for wealth and for career success, I’ve got to manifest my potential for physical things. Brain exercise in your health and fitness category is to find your leverage and get your purpose in this important category. 

 Everyone wants to look great and feel great. I have a strong enough reason to motivate us to actually go out there and make it happen. When we get crystal clear on our reasons for wanting to achieve a goal, we will get the fuel we need to take action. 

 With your health and fitness goals in mind, look at the other areas of your life then write the answers to these questions in your journal for the most important reasons:

Why do I want to get in shape?

What’s the purpose of achieving my health and fitness goals?

What’s my “why”?

Which categories of my life do my reasons live in?

Which categories contribute the most to my purpose?

This is a super powerful exercise for you to answer. Can be long or short as you want them to be but we suggest you take the least 15 minutes to deeply connect with your purpose for your health and fitness goals. 

For creating the extraordinary life you want for yourself, what would you say is your single most valuable asset? Would you be surprised if I told you it is your mind? We will explore one of the most exciting categories of your intellectual life. 

Why it is so exciting because your thoughts control just about everything you will ever be, everything you will ever do, and everything you’ll ever have in your life. Your intellectual life is where the power comes from to not only build your life vision but to bring all of your dreams into reality.

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