How Do You Create Your Health and Fitness Goal? | Part 2

 The next important category in the Extraordinary life asset is your Health and Fitness. We’re going to explore the 1st of 12 categories in your life that many of us struggle with because so many of us have tried and tried in this category but failed to make long-lasting positive changes in this area.

This is a foundational category that we’ve absolutely got to handle if we are serious about creating an extraordinary life for ourselves. I like to begin by sharing a couple of powerful truths about this category that you may or may not know.

What are the Powerful truths in your Health and Fitness journey?

  1. There is not a single area in life your health and fitness failed to affect. Your health and fitness are intimately connected with everything else: the way you feel emotionally, the way you think, the way you view yourself, the way others view your productivity, your financial life, everything in your life is affected by your health and fitness. So the stakes are really high in this category.
  2. A win in this category is a win everywhere in your life because this category affects every other area in the life. It is the foundation of your skyscraper. Getting this category in line gives you a tremendous advantage, and it sets the stage for success in every search and this is a piece of splendid news.
  3. This is actually simple but does not mean it’s easy. The simple success in this category consists primarily of 2 things: “What you put into your body” and “How you use your body for diet and exercise“. These 2 factors are 90% of the game. There is a famous saying within the bodybuilding circle.

80% of the abs are made in the kitchen.

I will share with you some of my foundational beliefs for your health and fitness category. A few years back, we went to Turkey and had a tour guide in Pamukkale. His name was Mustafa, and he was a really sweet guy. We had a great time with him and we were sitting in this cafe one day talking about health-related stuff and he told us we have a saying here in Turkey.

“A man without a belly is like a house without a balcony”

– A Turkish saying

Now that’s funny but really what it is? It’s a vision of how people look at health and fitness. It was a vision that Mustafa manifested in his own life. He also had a nice little balcony going on at 28 years old.

The culture he lived in sculpted a part of his body according to the vision. He had adopted that vision. But you don’t want that to happen to you, especially not in America. You don’t want to unconsciously adopt the vision of your culture in this particular area.

You’re here to craft your own vision consciously. So what is your ideal vision? How do you see yourself for health and fitness? If you ever needed anything you wanted in this area, what would it be? What would it look like?

How do you create a fitness goal?

My vision for my health and fitness comes down to 4 things.

  1. Who am I.
  2. Strong Muscular Athlete.
  3. I’m committed to learning as much as I can.

The first is “Health and Fitness”, that’s who I am. That’s part of who I am as a person. Eating right, exercising. These things are an indispensable part of my lifestyle and absolutely necessary part of what I do every day. They make everything better. I couldn’t imagine my life without exercising and proper nutrition. I wouldn’t feel good. I always want to take great care of myself because that is who I am. Health and fitness literally became a part of my identity in life.

The 2nd way is to be a “Strong Muscular athlete” till the end of my life. That’s just how I see myself. I want to maintain the body weight and waist size. I want to continue to improve my lung capacity, my strength, and mobility. I visualize myself as an athlete.

The third is: I am committed to learning as much as I can about health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness. I just like to keep on upgrading my education and understanding in these areas so that I can get consistently better results in my life. I see myself as always being on the cutting edge of recent information. You should not just learn to learn, but actually, implement it to make your life a better part of your vision for health and fitness.

I want to live at least 100 years old. I’m planning and expecting, I am living my life as if I was going to live till 100. I want to keep saying it over and over because this is really critical to the extraordinary life process. This is my vision for my own life and you need to define yours.

Maybe see yourself as a sexy size 6. Maybe you see yourself as a bodybuilder with 20″ biceps or a runner who is long and thin with less than 10% of body fat. Just put your vision for your own health and your own fitness.

The body is the sexiest expensive outfit you can stitch.

  1. How do you see yourself in this area?
  2. How high can you get yourself to raise the bar?
  3. How far are you willing to go right now?

These are some questions you need to answer about your health and fitness. A few of my beliefs in the health and fitness category have changed over these years, but what I’d like to do is to take a few minutes to help you connect with your own vision for your health and fitness. Before you sleep, try to close your eyes and imagine yourself with an ideal body. What will look like? Imagine the holiday at a beach resort. On a beach somewhere playing and splashing around with your lover or with your children. You’re in shape, you look really great, energetic, and pain-free.

How do you see yourself right now? How does it feel to look and feel fantastic and full of vitality? Just hold that mental picture for a moment. How does it feel to have handled your health and fitness of your life and to be in really amazing shape? What you’re saying in your subconscious mind is what we want you to connect with.


We go through these categories so that you will be able to articulate and clarify your ideal vision in each category. As we go through, just give yourself the permission to ask for what you really want in your life. We want you to begin by getting in touch with what you want in every important area of your life. That’s the foundation of Extraordinary life assets. We are diving deep into health and fitness where you will know how body pain affects productivity.

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