How To Live An Extraordinary Life? – Part 1 of Extraordinary Life Asset Series

 By the end of this master blog, we want you to have made measurable progress across every important area of your extraordinary life.

This could be a big deal because you might have proved to yourself that it is actually possible for you to create a perfect routine. You’ll know what exactly you need to do to make it happen. I have worked with many people over the years. Most people who began a personal development journey wanted pretty much the same thing.

What is an extraordinary life asset?

The extraordinary life asset is about having a great love relationship, being a fantastic parent, having quality friendships, building a brilliant career that leads to financial abundance, surrounding yourself with fantastic things, and create impressive experiences for yourself. It is proven possible only if you earn an extraordinary skill set. If you look at the accomplishments, it’s not an effortless task to achieve an extraordinary life.

"I think it is absolutely possible for ordinary people to be extraordinary"
- Elon Musk
The Extraordinary life Asset series

It means insignificant details are going to vary, but the fundamental vision seems just about the same for everyone. What we want is an extraordinary life that works at a high level in every important area. Now at Painfree Productivity, our principal aim is to help people figure out their own personal life vision. It is a big, clear, interesting picture of what they want to have their life to be like and then help them create that ideal life step-by-step.

 You’ve thought it through with a lot of love, you’ve set it up and it’s almost automatic, you’ve got systems and processes in place, and you’re enjoying your life without this daily immense outpouring of energy. This training will eliminate the overwhelm and exhaustion in this world so that you can achieve your goal, stress is now replaced with fulfillment. We have replaced the urgency with a little bit of free time.

Your brain is too busy to just sit down for a moment and really think about what causes your happiness. We know that so much more is possible for us and we can quite put our finger on “how to get it” and then we work so hard. We just kind of spin our wheels and we don’t seem to get any closer to the life that we really want to be living with. When you’re in that mode you can even allow yourself to feel how disappointed you are and certain aspects of your life may be in your marriage or in your level of health and fitness or how unfulfilled you are in your career.

Where or how sick and tired we are, being broke and having to worry about money all the time deep down is a common thought. We all want so much more than we have, but we can’t even afford to have thoughts like that. For example, middle-class brilliant engineering guys feel sick of the dumb actors who earn triple their annual income.

We have to push those feelings that were supposed to kill our confidence, and the reason is that this formula doesn’t work for our current educational system. It isn’t designed to produce success and happiness in your “film” and is designed only to produce mediocrity and leads to failure in frustration.

Here something that you really need to know: When you are struggling with these areas there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re not to blame for the fact. Even your parents who struggle for this category aren’t to blame because they didn’t teach it to you. It is not there to befall and is not some big conspiracy theory either.

The fact is that people just don’t know how to do it. They just don’t know how to put together a spectacular life. We are too busy in survival mode and failed to take the time to figure out and learn how to thrive in every important area of your life. There are so many things pulling us in different directions. So many demands on our time, in our energy life.

It will overwhelm and exhausting to sit down and figure out how to navigate through all this craziness and get to that ideal, extraordinary life. I mean how can I expect to figure out the ” how to find success and happiness and balance and fulfillment prophecy?“. It’s so rare because you will never see a person who has it all. Pay attention because you can now.

If you look at the accomplishment, it’s not an effortless task to put together a stellar life, another important area, but I tell you this: This effect we’ve proven repeatedly, an extraordinary skill set is required to have a simultaneously great love relationship, to be a fantastic parent, to have quality friendships, to build a great career that leads to financial abundance and be surrounded by fantastic things, and create great experiences for yourself.

To develop all those skills simultaneously is absolutely possible and absolutely can happen for you. Right now, a life like that is there for you and not just for some of the chosen few who have special abilities. There’s a system for doing it. You see that by the end of this “Enhancive productivity” series, everything is going to make sense to you. You absolutely understand that having it all is a serious possibility for you. It is within your grasp and is the principal aim we portent.

Now I’m going to show you how easy it is to make significant progress toward your ideal life. When you shift into the right mindset and start building momentum, you will move closer to heaven.

What do I need to follow to live an Extraordinary Life?

You’ve got to read this article daily and then do the brain exercises I ask you to do, and at the end of the series, you will witness a different life than you are right now. A better life, but you will know with certainty that having it all is possible. It will be a big win. You’re going to know with certainty that you will win your dream life only when you fight.

If you discover specifically about your happiness and your unique fulfillment requirements and then focus on it single-minded, you can wrap your mind around this crazy thing called life and you can have it all.

This challenge really works for you, helping you create the extraordinary life you want to be living. Your biggest concern should not be your intelligence, it should not be your ability or even your ambition, it’s your commitment. You are the only person who can really absorb the information to grasp here and then implement the exercise into life.

I could show you how to supercharge your efforts but you are the only person who could make this work This series challenge is about the exercises programmed for every single day.

Show your commitment by bookmarking the page. 

Remember, consistency is the key to getting the benefit and we figure your commitments could be about 20 to 30 minutes per day. You need to do the exercises on days when we asked for exercises and remember these exercises are about your life, life in their outstanding, your success with this challenge is going to come down to the quality of your commitment to doing these exercises. I think it might excite you about how it is going to impact your life to move forward.

So from this day forward, we just gotta commit a few minutes. It’s going to be well worth it because to be powerful you find the time in your day by creating what we call a “Stop Doing List”. This exercise is a classic “enhancive productivity” exercise. It is super lightning, it is really empowering, and it is fun.

How the Stop Doing List works?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Step one is we want you to commit the time. Thomas Alva Edison, arguably one of the busiest guys ever lived, said,

There is time enough for everything.

– Thomas Alva Edison

The US patent office awarded this guy over 1000 patents! step 1 of today’s exercise is to decide when you are going to do the work. When you going to commit that 30 minutes. Do this exercise in a secluded place so that you could just completely get away from the world.

In this sacred time, you can go to a coffee shop and have a date with you. Maybe you can go into your office and lock the door and take the phone off the hook in your workout. This completely disconnects you from the world. Decide when you going to do this program every day.

“The time I’m going to allot is from 7:00 in the morning to 7:30 in the morning every day.”- That’s kind of how your commitment should be. Ask yourself, “Is this what can I get rid of? How could I pick up at least a 1/2 hour per day of extra free time? Can I cut out a 1/2 hour of email? Half-hour TV, some computer time”.

Now, your stop doing list might look something like this.

  1. I will stop hitting the store 4 times every morning.
  2. I will stop checking my email 20 times A-day.
  3. I have to stop getting distracted by social media.
  4. When I’m supposed to be working, I stop going to those sites anymore.

During your free time, creating your stop doing list could be one of the most freeing, empowering things you have ever done. I think it could open up time for you to work on yourself and your life during this series challenge. Added, why not cut out like a full hour a day of unimportant pieces of stuff? You have a half-hour for this challenge and a 1/2 hour just for you to do whatever you want.

Time is the point of life. IT is the only coin you have and only you can determine.

– Carl Sandburg

How good you spend your time is directly proportional to how good you will “Commit the Time“. Use a productivity tool like ClickUp to manage your time if you don’t like to print stuff. It has both free and paid plans and very flexible too!


  We explored having it all in life. Now we will shift the entire focus of this challenge onto “what having it all means“, “what having it all looks like“. I will go a little deeper into how to do that, but before we do how about the “Stop doing exercise”?

It is one of the most freeing, empowering things I’ve ever done. So your stop-doing list is incredibly important. Not only it is going to make room for this challenge, but it is also going to allow you to focus a higher and higher percentage of your time on the truly important things in your life and less and less of your energy on the meaningless distractions.

As time flies, I hope it grows over the years. The things that you will not do in your life will be a powerful tool in your personal development asset. To create an extraordinary life that works at a high level and in every important area, the primary question you gotta ask yourself is:

What are the important areas that I need to focus on the Extraordinary Life asset?

Over the course of my time, I’ve identified 12 key life categories (productivity key performance indicators) that absolutely have to be addressed in order for you to find your valuable asset location.

In the Extraordinary life asset series, we’re going to do it not only to increase the power to do the challenge but also to familiarise you with the core methodology. The productivity key performance indicators are about your life. Its purpose is simple and powerful to define exactly what you want your life to be in every single important area. It’s a blueprint for your ideal life. It’s a workbook. A place to organise your thinking. If you have this asset, you will know who you are and you know what you are all about.

You will know with clarity "what you want out of life" and "why you need to do to get it" only if you attain this extraordinary skill set, you can create an ideal self concept. 

How do we get that done? The process is actually very simple. We look deeply at 12 categories of your life and we ask the same questions in each category:

  • What do I believe?
  • What do I want?
  • Why do I want it? and
  • What do I need to do to get it?

Let’s look at the productivity key performance indicators. The First section of your extraordinary life asset is:

My Personal Life

It contains 5 of the 12 categories.

We can define your personal life as you separate from the rest of the world. The 5 categories in this section don’t depend on anyone but you. Most things in life require the cooperation of other people. It takes 2 people to make a good marriage! It takes a good productivity output to enhance your relationship with your boss or your employees.

1. My Health and Fitness

This category is about your body inside and outside. Relieving body pain, building mind-muscle connections.

2. My Intellectual Life

This category is about your mind and the way it thinks.

3. My Emotional Life

This category is about your feelings, what they are, where they come from, and why they’re so important.

4. My Character

This category is about your inner nature: “Who you are as a person”, “What you are all about as a human being”. And last is about,

5. My Spiritual Life

This category addresses the deep questions: “Why am I here” and “What’s the purpose of my life”. If we want to create an extraordinary life that works at a high level in every one of these areas, then we need an extraordinary mindset.

6. My Family

This category addresses the intense essence of well being like the happiness of kids and life partner. You will get a clear picture on how to handle critical relationship situations, romantic love behavior, the right type of schooling for kids.

7. My Social Life

Even if you feel depressed, you can train yourself to slowly bend your community towards your way of approach. I do that all the time when I meet new people and this makes life easier.

8. My Financial Life

When did you decide for the last lime that this much money is enough for me? Almost never right! Decide what to choose: happiness or money.

9. My Career

Do you have to change your career or working on a career goal? The career parts can actually save your time and effort by 30% or more.

10. My Life Goal

The unalterable part of this unique blog series can help you manifest your life goals faster and accurately. You’ll never have to think about a second goal once you have fixed this part right.

How do we achieve excellence in each of these areas of our lives simultaneously?

Well, here is something most people just don’t know.

Excellence anywhere in your life comes down to one thing: They come down to the quality of the decisions that you make every day.

That’s what determines the life you have now. It’s not so much the big decisions that have an effect. The small decisions will determine every important outcome of your life in most of the choices and actions that literally control your existence on this planet.

Small and easy is a little-known truth through one amazing life. If you want an outstanding, absolutely extraordinary life, if you’re serious about having it all, not just thinking about it, not just talking about it, but actually creating it, then the most important concepts you could never understand is this those smaller choices that we just talked about. They accumulate, they add up, and they become enormous.

What you have to realize is that these are the decisions that are truly undeniably. To get meaningful results in your life, these small daily decisions are the most important choices that you make. They control your health, control your character, your relationships, your career success, and your financial abundance. They control everything in your entire life.

What are some life questions?

  • Do I work out right now or do I spend the next hour snacking and watching reality TV?
  • Do I answer my spouse right now at this moment with anger or kindness?
  • Do I write that nasty email or Do I allow myself to relax?
  • Do I spend time with my kids right now?
  • Or a magnificent next 2 hours going over spreadsheets?
  • Do I buy that purse that I really don’t need? Or,
  • Do I put the extra $500 in my investment accounts?

These are the big decisions. Every single day and every life is created by how you make these choices. Whether it is a fantastic, fulfilling, successful life, where you wake up full of joy and enthusiasm but just can’t wait to get to the day. Or a lousy, unfulfilling life of frustration where you dread going to work, dread seeing your spouse, you dread facing the challenges of the day or any kind of life.

In between are the hundreds and thousands of small, pretty easy, and seemingly insignificant decisions that you make every day that will really add up to life. I’m not taking anything away from the “BIG” decisions. The big decisions are important too but guess what, there aren’t very many of you who know which school to go to, which house to buy, which person you’re going to marry, which company are you going to work for.

The answer to these decisions in your entire life is the small things that make almost all the difference. Having it all comes down to the quality of your decisions everywhere in your life. Daily, most of those decisions are small and relatively easy to make. There’s not a single thing on the list we’ve talked about so far, like big or overly difficult to do, but it’s the cumulative effect that these choices have literally able to control your destiny.

So now I want to address what I could see as discontent with his wings. Is it incredible that the extraordinary quality of life depends on a bunch of easy little choices we make then why doesn’t everyone have an extraordinary quality of life? Dramas with no windows? Well, that’s an excellent question, and here’s the answer because it’s “A New Metal to Forge”.

To even identify what small actions you need to take in the first place, you alone need to keep track of and take action on them simultaneously across the board in order to create your extraordinary life.

No single choice is that difficult to execute but what’s difficult is to execute all of them at the same time“.

Remember, a big lap anywhere in your life is a failure, everywhere in your life cafe breaks the chain and you see this all the time. Some people have got success in one or two areas of their lives but got messed up in others. That’s not what we already covered, but we want excellence everywhere.

So you talk to a random person on the street and layout their dozens of small daily choices that they’re going to make across every area of their lives, they would immediately check out mentally. This is because I think it’s impossible for most people to get a handle on that. But an “extraordinary life asset” is what I hope you get familiarized with. Eventually, you find what excellence looks like for you in every important area of your life and then we help you find the small daily choices and actions that add up to productivity excellence.

To become the 24-carat gold, you need to build extraordinary life assets. You just need to make as many of those little choices right as often as possible. Choose those healthy meals regularly, do your workout every single day, do your morning affirmation, do your meditation, delight your spouse, read your book, and whatever it is you just remember that “consistency is the key“.

With this consistent attitude, you can let the choices stay diligent, disciplined, and you know it is going to happen over time. Those behaviors you’re engaged in will become a bitchy. They would generalize your life and the vision for the extraordinary life you want so deeply with “what you think, what you say, and what you do”.

It will become the second nature, your lifestyle, and that’s when personal development really takes off.

Every decision you make is not a decision about what to do, it’s the decision about who you are.

– Neale donald walsch

My mentor Dr. Steven Kramer used to have a saying,

You can’t leave a place you’ve never been in order to take your life. You really have to go. It’s critical that you understand your starting point, you understand where you are today, and that’s the outset of life.


And when you see this vision, when you understand this, everything begins to change in your life. I will help you make up a bunch of good little decisions consistently across every important area of your life and guide you to do powerful exercises that really move the needle and make you productive every day.

It will push you to take control over every aspect of your life or, more specifically, an answer book to your questions. This doesn’t mean you’re going to be living your ideal life in a month, making millions of dollars a year, having the love of your dreams, being in perfect shape remember we don’t bullshit you. This is a rational reality-based method, so creating extraordinary life takes time. It takes effort, mindset, and consistency. That’s the deal you will read in part 2 of extraordinary life asset.

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