nTask Vs Monday: Best Reminder App

I’m going to be showing you how to use nTask and if and nTask is better than monday.com and Click up. So let’s get started. First, what you have to do is to come to ntaskmanager.com and you will land on this platform.

nTask is an amazing project management software that enables your teams to collaborate, plan, analyze, and manage their everyday tasks.

So getting started with nTask, all you have to do is just sign up for free.

How to Use nTask

You can just sign up with your Facebook, Google, or Twitter account. Once you sign up for nTask, you will land right here on this dashboard.

Before we get started with nTask, we will create our first workspace. Let me just show you the pricing real quick so you have an idea that if nTask is affordable or not and how much you’re going to pay for that.

Right here this is the pricing for nTask and let me tell you guys, it is super cheap!

You can see the basic plan is completely FREE, and it gives you 100 MB storage, 5 members per team, unlimited workspaces, unlimited tasks, meetings timesheets, and issue tracking.

After that, there is a premium plan which is just $3 per month per user and it gives you up to 5 GB storage, project, and bulk action custom filters.

After that, there is a business plan which is $8 per user per month and it allows you up to 10 Gb storage, saves custom features and custom status and you get your own templates, custom roles, and permissions as well.

Then there is, of course, your Enterprise plan, which is you know the customized plan in which you can actually customize your features and the pricing will be customized as well so if we talk about the pricing of nTask, it’s super cheap and cheaper than monday.com and Click Up

So that’s actually a win-win-win situation right here. The first point for nTask is that it is super cheap.

NTask vs Monday: Features

 Now if we talk about the features for nTask, I’m right now on the dashboard and I just created it and you will see right here when you will sign up for your nTask. So first things first. We’re going to need a workspace, so what I’m going to do is, I’m going to click on “create your first workspace”. You will simply click right here.

Now give your workspace a name. Let’s just call it “Explain the Socials” and this is going to be my workspace URL. 

This is pretty good. I’m getting my own workspace URL pretty good. I’m going to create a workspace so once I click on create workspace now, nTask has actually created my workspace right here.

It will just open up my dashboard for my workspace. This is what the dashboard for a workspace looks like.

You can see right here. These are the different options that we get. So let me show you around members right here. You will actually see all the members that you add to your workspace. To add a new member, all you have to do is just add their email address and the members are added right here.

You will see the list on the right side of the screen. 

ntask vs monday : review of best reminder app how to use ntask
nTask vs Monday : a review of best reminder app & how to use nTask

After that, there is a Project option where you will see all of your projects boards. Inboards, we will see our tasks of course where we will create and we will be able to see our task list meetings. I can actually create different meetings, timesheets, issues, risks, and settings.

adding task to ntask app

Then the add new option actually adds a new workspace into my team and this is my profile, my logo, and yeah that’s basically it. It is super easy to use and then I can actually turn on notification as well.

So let’s create our first task.

All you have to do is—click on add new task and give your task a name.

Let’s just call it “task one”.

There you go and I’m going to hit ENTER. Once I do that, you will actually see now my first task is added.

What I can do is, I can actually select it and what’s going to happen is, I can give any status to this task.

For example, there are different tags that you can add to your task!

  1. Not started
  2. In progress
  3. In review
  4. Completed and 
  5. Canceled

This is a new update actually on nTask. Before this, they do not have this option. 

After that, you can see that it is “not started”. So let’s say that my task 1 is in progress. I will simply change the tag to “in progress”.

If I want to select a particular date for my task, what I’m going to do is, I’m going to just select it right here.

I can actually change the status of my task according to the priority. If it’s high, I will simply click on HIGH. If it is low, I can select LOW.

Now you will see the status on how much of your task is done, what percentage of your task is done.

So, you will see the status of how many tasks you have done. This is how you should create a task.

Now here’s the thing on Click up and monday.com. You can actually do a lot with your task when it comes to getting your task customized and adding these pieces of information.

Unfortunately, on nTask, you will do a lot with your task, but again, it comes to the point where you know you will require more options. But nTask is basic and very beginners friendly.

add project on ntask

Finally, I must say it doesn’t take you long to kind of figure out what to do. If I go to projects, I can go ahead and create a project of my own. It is in the upgrade plan. If I want to create different projects, then there is a board option where I can create different boards for my different tasks.

Once I have all the tasks right here, I can actually add as many tasks as I want. All I have to do is click on ADD TASK.

Let’s just add task 2 and click enter to create your task. Just say that these are my tasks that are in progress. After that, there is a meeting option that you get in which you can actually add your new meeting.

All you have to do is click on ADD new meeting and you add your meeting title.

For example, call it meeting 1 and then press ENTER. Then I can add the status for this meeting.

The details for the meeting, of course, what is the date for the meeting, let’s say it’s on 3rd. The starting time will be 8 a.m.

Under task options, now I can add different tasks to my meetings. For example, if it involved task 2 in the meeting, I will simply add task 2. If it is task 1, I will add that, so I’m going to add task 1. 

Let’s just say that task 1 is involved in the meeting duration. 

This is pretty good. Let’s just say it’s going to be a 3 hours meeting, not more than that. You can actually add the location for your meeting and the association is simple. 

Say, participants—Now I can actually add all the team members who will take part and once I add their email address right here, what’s going to happen is, they will actually get the invitation.

Now add the agenda. So once it’s done, all I have to do is click on ‘send invites’ to the different task members.

For example, all the members that will be here will actually get this invitation to the meeting. You will see the information right here—time, date, and location. Pretty simple.

If I want to get a splendid view, the calendar view is very good. A calendar view is also available. You don’t need to add any integrations.

For example, in some of the project management software, you actually have to add the integration for the calendar but with the nTask that’s not the case. You can just check out your calendar view right here.

There is a timesheet option where you can add tasks according to your time. If you have different deadlines, if you have any pending and approved, you will see them right here. With “Issues” you can actually add your first issues.

When we are working in a team, there are different issues that we want to add. Add risk if you want to. This is available only in the upgrade. So this is basically all you need to know about the different features that you get in nTask. 

nTask Vs Monday: Pricing

Super easy to use a very big tool. The pricing is cheap and if we compare it to monday.com and Click Up, I would say that it has all the features that they offer.

Of course, it is not that much upgraded according to them. For example, in Click Up, you can actually know if you increase to upgraded plans and you have an idea how to use you actually can do a lot with that uh within the task is super basic super elementary stuff.


You can add meetings. You can add tasks, timesheets, and both are pretty easy to use. Amazing platform and if you are a small business owner and if you are working online, you are looking for a platform to manage your team, then you should definitely check out nTask.

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