9 Microsoft Teams Cool Tips And Tricks

I want to reveal to you my favored top 20 tips and tricks as well as methods in Microsoft Teams. While I remain in a Microsoft Teams meeting, the really initial tip we’re likely to cover is about the spotlight feature.

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Tip 1: SpotLight

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Microsoft Teams Tips- Spotlight

This is an all-new attribute that just landed with Microsoft Teams. You can now spotlight on your own in a meeting. What does that mean? You might pin your video so everyone sees your video in the spotlight!

To see how this works, we have a couple of people in the meeting first. Get to the conference controls and click on show individuals. I can see all individuals at the conference. When I hover over an attendee or an individual’s name, you’ll see an ellipse over on the right-hand side.

When I click that, it reveals much more choices, and below is the spotlight where I could spotlight myself. If I click on somebody else, I can highlight them. So perhaps relying on who’s presenting, I can place them in the spotlight.

When I remain in the spotlight, I have an icon down below indicating that I remain in the spotlight. If you are in the spotlight, you can take control of the screen and as soon as you’ve finished the presentation with the spotlight, just rise to your top bar and click on STOP SPOTLIGHTING.

 There’s always a great deal of performance concealed under these ellipses up above. The participants can view the ellipse right beside the x. When we click this, there are three alternatives, and also these are all fairly new.


TIP 2: No Participants Can Unmute Themselves.

For instance, you’re an educator, but one of your students simply will not be quiet. Well, you might set it so no one can unmute themselves, and afterward, you can continue your lecture with no disturbance.

TIP 3: Manage Permissions 

You can take care of consents for your meeting. What does this mean? Well, let’s see what we can do to manage approvals.

 You currently have full control over your conference and the one that I intend to highlight is you can determine who can present the screen. For instance, if you’re in a meeting once again — perhaps you’re an instructor and one of your students intends to share their display.

 You can set it so only you can start screen sharing and you can likewise set it such that certain individuals can present it. This offers you a bit more control over your meeting.

TIP 4: Download Attendance 

You can download an attendance listing for every person who attended your Microsoft Teams session. You can record their joining time and leaving time even if they rejoined once again. So this is an effective means to track.

 Now the one thing to keep in mind is if decide to track participation, you have to download the attendance before the conference finishes. Once the meeting’s over, the attendance checklist ends.

Tip 5: A Whiteboard

It is a cool as well as my favorite feature. Let’s imagine that you’re having a new concept to introduce and it would be nice to have whiteboards. It turns out Microsoft Teams has a completely feature-rich whiteboard readily available to access. Click on share content and this opens our sharing tray and also on the far right-hand man side, there’s a choice for Microsoft whiteboards. 

Click on this to open up whiteboards online and I could annotate my screen with a selection of colors. It has various controls to start an abundant discussion and brainstorming session.

I might place a message. I might also place post-it notes. If I desire a lot more feature-rich whiteboard, I might also open up the application which you can download and install completely free through the Microsoft store.

Tip 6: Microsoft Teams Tips For Teachers- Video Background 

This is fun! You may know that you can customize your video background. I know that’s been out for a while to make sure that’s not really a shock. However, a little twist on that — not just can you personalize your background, but you can fully customize it in Microsoft PowerPoint. 

Maybe you’re a history teacher. You might want the picture of the cities that you teach in the background to make the session more interesting. You may also want the names to appear. Behind the scenes, you can develop your very own personalized background.

If you do it with PowerPoint, you could save a copy and save it as a gif, jpeg, or a png and then bring that right into Microsoft Teams.

 Tip 7: Obtain Transcript

Did you know you can obtain a transcript of the Microsoft Teams session? If you had missed a meeting, you can listen to the recording. That takes a little bit of time or, conversely, you can simply review records, which is a much quicker method to consume material.

To get a transcript of a Microsoft Teams session, you need to record the meeting. To screen-record a meeting, go up to the more actions menu and click the start recording option. 

Once you have finished with your recording, click on even more activities once more and click stop recording.

Let’s verify that we intend to quit recording to access our transcript. 

In the bottom to the right-hand side corner, I might see a transcript of everything that was said at the conference. I might search the transcript for exact words as well as I can even edit the transcript to make certain that the concept is accurate.

Tip 8: Mute/Unmute Shortcut

 When you remain in a Microsoft Teams meeting, specifically if you have more than a few people. You often leave your microphone on mute. You do not want every person else in the meeting to hear your background sound.

 However, individuals may get in touch with you or maybe you have to answer a quick concern. You could toggle the mute button ON or OFF. You could make use of the shortcut key CTRL+SHIFT+M.

Tip 9: The Order

Did you know that when someone elevates their hand in a Microsoft Teams meeting, their name shows up in the listing in the order in which they raise their hand?

 For instance, consider you’re a teacher and you have an entire bunch of individuals with their hands up. You can begin with the first and move your way down.

If John raises his hand, he goes up in the listing. If Carter raises his hand, he will be second on the list. So, you can identify who raised the hand first. 

Tip 10: Live Captions

This is a pretty trendy one. You can turn on the live subtitles in your Microsoft Teams!

Assume the audio is not that excellent or possibly it’s a little difficult to comprehend. The computer system develops captions for you. Switch ON the Live captions option present on the actions menu. 

You can view subtitles at the end of the screen. 

Tip 11: Quick Forms

 You can easily create a form during a meeting. Click on new conversation > more actions (ellipses). 

Develop a quick survey. For this survey, I intend to ask both John and Carter for a quiz. 

It includes many options. I can set it to multiple responses, yet I want everybody to be clear-cut as well as simply choose one choice.

Tip 12: Save Message

A very useful message reminder! If John asked you some question in the middle of a tutorial but you wanted to answer it later, then select the message and click on save this message.

It will prompt you on John’s profile picture until you finish the task.

Tip 13: Formatting Messages

This is a brand-new feature that allows you to bold, italicize, and underline the chat messages. You can create eye-catching text messages that have a pictorial or colored background.

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