Manifest These 10 Life Goal Examples 10x Faster For Success

 The last category in the blog series is called your life goal, and this is where all the thinking that you’ve done so far really comes together into one piece. You’re going to realize that the life process isn’t really about separate things. It is about one thing and it is “You”.

Benefits Of Setting Life Goal Examples

Setting a life goal example can

  1. Make dreams happen.
  2. Achieve self-reliance.
  3. Absorb exact Principles.
  4. Step on to a mission.
  5. Integrate everything in life.
  6. Throw the negativities.
  7. Contribute to people.
  8. Self-energize body.
  9. Realign chakras.
  10. Focus on the process.

 You are a complex, dynamic, organic creature. You’re not math. You’re a human being so the life goals aren’t concrete and there are no clearly defined edges. There is no structure out there that’s ever going to be 100% accurate to capture what you are all about in your core. 

 These 10 benefits of setting life goal examples can make up your life and they’re not electives. They’re all mandatory. You can’t leave any of these things behind. 

You’ve got your financial life handled, but you’ve destroyed your body along the way. What good is having a lot of money if you’re horribly out of shape! Maybe you’ve focused some good energy on your physical fitness, but what good is looking great if you’ve got really poor relationships?

You will not be happy.

 Maybe you’ve taken great care of your most important relationships but if you’re living in constant financial troubles and have to spend all your time working with your nose to the grindstone just to pay your bills, you’re living a life of scarcity.

You’re still living way below your potential. You’ve to handle all these areas because they all add up to one thing — “You”. 

I have shared before that, “A win in health and fitness is a win everywhere”. I’ll add a twist to this. 

“A win somewhere in your life is a win everywhere in your life.”

Life Goal Examples

 Make progress by pushing your whole life forward by getting stronger physically and get smarter intellectually. Improve everything. Create more financial abundance. It makes everything in your life better. Lift your love relationship to a superior level.

Some practical and achievable life goal examples to set within 1 year.

  1. Build a physique with 9% body fat.
  2. Study 20 novels.
  3. Publish a research paper.
  4. Complete a memory power course.
  5. Reach a travel destination.
  6. Enhance productivity by 50%.
  7. Meditate daily for 20 mins.
  8. Increase reading speed to 400 words per minute.
  9. Donate to charity.
  10. Kill one nasty habit.

Practice Zen meditation.

Manifestation more with this script.

 Most people just don’t have any idea where even to begin when it comes to getting clear on where they really want to go in their life and how they’re going to get there.

Factors That Control You From Achieving Life Goals 

 You might have given control of your lives to other forces like 

  1. The people you come across.
  2. The company you work for
  3. The materials you wish for.
  4. The environment you are in. 
Man completing a project. Life goal examples

If you’ve got no genuine sense of what life is about, no sense of personal meaning, no sense of your own identity, or to be honest if you have no life goals, your inability to envision your future is literally the defaming feature of our humanity. 

It is the most significant difference between us and the animals with 5 senses. 

To envision things as they could be invented, to imagine things that don’t exist in the world right now but could exist if we make them. It is the most important thing that the human brain craves.

 Gods designed our brains to do that. He designed differently our frontal lobe from any other creature on this planet and that allows us to think about the future in a way that no other animal can. 

You need to exercise your abilities to do that because not all futures are created equal. Some futures are created definitely better than others so if you don’t exercise this ability to consciously choose what you want your future to be like, you will not have any decision-making framework that could judge your daily choices and actions.

 Without taking responsibility to define where we want to end up in our lives, we can’t possibly take up life goal examples. Setting up a life goal example is the only way to enhance your productivity by 100x. 

Our default framework for deciding becomes pleasure and pain. It’s like the rest of the animals on this planet. 

Pavlov proved that Animals are hard-wired to do whatever’s necessary to escape pain and move toward pleasure at the moment. They have no ability to think about it later. It’s about pain and pleasure now”.

That’s a recipe for disaster which leads to just about every unhealthy, unproductive, life-destroying activity you can ever imagine. These were addiction to smoking, drinking, taking drugs, overrating gambling, and sex — anything to get a bit of pleasure.

 That’s not a way to live.


Perfect productivity-focused healthy morning routine.

As human beings, we have the extraordinary ability to experience vision for our lives that allows us to transcend pain and pleasure. When you have a clear vision that you’re absolutely committed to achieving, you can accept the fact that there’s going to be both pain and pleasure on this journey.

It is just part of the process. There are going to be “victories” and there are going to be “defeats”. There are going to be “wins” and there are going to be “losses”. Some days are going to be outstanding and easy and some days won't be so easy.

Your destination is important here. Your Life goal examples are important.

 Today’s culture essentially designed to challenge every ounce of self-control that you have. For example, if you visit a supermarket, you’re going to come in contact with 30000 brands. 30000 brands will try to sell their products to you. So, if you set a cash limit, hold on to it.

Manifest This Abundance Script For Positivity

How To Create Your Own Life Goal Examples:

1. What exactly do I want in this area of my life?

Example: Answer these- What do I hope to achieve in fitness? How to handle my emotional life. The way I want my love relationship.

2. Why do I want that? What’s that going to do for me? What’s the reason that I want to make that happen now?

Could be just a sentence or two. You might write a little more in some categories. This is going to be profound as a clear and eye-opening experience for you and will start unlocking your life goals forever, which is huge.

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