Integrate Todoist With Outlook ( 2 Easy Ways)

Todoist is a very useful application that has been designed especially for people who find it hard to manage several tasks at the same time. A team of dedicated individuals whose chief aim is to aid people in getting more work done within a short period originally developed it.

However, if you struggle to organize your daily life or are constantly under a lot of pressure, just Todoist isn’t right. Instead, you need to learn how to use ZAP from Zapier for integrating Todoist with outlook which is available for both Windows Os and Mac Os to do all the things that you need to get done without even giving a second thought.

If you want to delegate your tasks, Zapier will let you automate what needs to be done and what needs to be prioritized. You can then set a due date for each task and remind yourself that you are going to check what needs to be done next week. By setting a due date, you ensure you complete everything on your list and keep a track of how many tasks are left. In addition to prioritizing your tasks, you can also set milestones to measure how much progress has been made.

How To Integrate Zapier With Todoist and Outlook

By using Outlook Express to access Todoist, it will be easy for you to create and share your to-do list with other Outlook users and with the entire world. They will never miss you without your Outlook Express running because you will always have an email account to communicate with your team.

  1. Sign in to Zapier’s free trial for 14 days. Select the tools you need to integrate. In your case, it is Todoist with Outlook.
microsoft outlook + todoist integration, todoist with outlook
popular ways to integrate Todoist with outlook
Create workflow by integrating todoist and outlook with zapier
Integrate zapier to automate workflow between todoist and outlook, Set trigger
Integrate zapier to automate workflow between todoist and outlook, Set action

2. Create your 0wn workflow. For example, when an incomplete project nears the deadline, remind the user to finish it.

3. You can set a trigger and an action.

This same process in involved for integrating Todoist with Mac Outlook.

Procedure To Set up Outlook Add-In for Todoist

  1. Open the Outlook Express.
  2. Open the File menu.
  3. Click on Manage Add-ins option to open outlook in a separate window.
  4. Sign in to your Outlook.
  5. Search the Todoist option.
  6. Click Add button.
  7. Hit Continue.
Todoist Add-in for Outlook, integrate todoist with outlook
Todoist Add-in for Outlook
Todoist task manager on outlook
Outlook email model

If you are tired of constantly receiving emails from people to whom you need not reply, try using a task manager to eliminate the stress associated with your email inbox. Besides using Outlook Express to access Todoist, you can also use Todoist with Outlook calendar to keep track of your tasks. It doesn’t matter how many applications you use to keep you organized; you will be able to find a way to stay organized and well organized.

When using the Todoist software, they gave you the option to export your tasks into different formats like HTML, PDF, YLL, and so forth. This makes it easier for you to manage and organize your tasks by sorting them according to their type, location, due date, priority, and so forth. You are even allowed to set a due date for some tasks so that you won’t forget them until they are done. Allowing you to plan your time management better using the powerful task management features within Todoist.


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The primary reason Todoist became so popular is because of its extremely helpful email management tools. Once you sign up for a free trial, they provide you with all the functionality you need to create, edit and personalize your email account. With all these functions available, you will never need to go back to Outlook or another email management tool ever again.

One of the more useful aspects of the Todoist suite is its task manager. This task manager can help you to not only organize your to-dos but also to make sure that you are effective in reducing the number of tasks you have to do. As you proceed through your day, the Todoist will monitor the tasks that are due and overdue.

It will give you hints as to how to make them go by faster so that you don’t overburden yourself with a bunch of work. If a task is due, it will be marked on the calendar and you will know what you have to do to complete the task. You can then use the same color for the task you just completed to mark it as incomplete.

Todoist also provides much-needed task management so that you don’t end up repeating the same tasks over again. Having to enter the same information over again just to input it into your Inbox or other email clients will eventually become tiresome and will slow down your productivity at which you can go about your day-to-day business. And with its quick search function, you will not have to spend hours searching through thousands of items just to find what you need, making your Inbox or other email clients longer to handle.

Not only does it save you time, but it saves you a lot in terms of energy as well. This is because you are no longer spending hours typing out every task, hoping that you spelled it correctly. Now, with just a couple of quick keystrokes, you are ready to go and start tackling those pesky tasks.

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