ClickUp New Features on Mobile App (Exiting Revelations)

The new ClickUp app is now faster and they are going to introduce additional features as per the community’s suggestions.

Time tracking, improved navigation, and filtering facility are now entering to ClickUp’s new mobile app. ClickUp new features in the mobile app are 10x faster than other market leaders.

But do you know what are the extra features that were already there?

What Is ClickUp?

ClickUp is a flexible productivity tool that is known for its high-level project management capacities. You can also use it as a CRM with few integrations. ClickUp lets you assign a to-do list, tasks, subtasks, and goals for you and your team.

It is compatible with Android, Linux, iOS, and Windows operating systems.


How To Use Micrsosft To Do.

ClickUp New Features Yet To Be Added

As per my leads, ClickUp new features are going to kill the completion. If you’re looking for one tool for all, then continue using ClickUp.

  1. List view of tasks and subtasks.
  2. Time tracking.
  3. Improved navigation.
  4. Task filtering.
  5. New in-built docs editor.
  6. Recurring tasks assigning.
  7. Dashboard cleanup.
  8. Ability to drag and drop all subtasks.
  9. Profile creations.
  10. Ability to create tables, add or create elements, embed article URLs, YouTube links, lists to docs.
  11. Quick switching.
  12. List management options.
  13. Editable custom fields for renaming, deleting tasks, subtasks, etc.
  14. In-built integrations

The addition of time tracking, task filtering, list management, and table creation features could embellish the app as the finest productivity tool.

How To Use ClickUp Mobile App?

The Latest Approach

The new ClickUp app is under development. It has a unique design and constant changes to features. The community’s suggestions are gathered to make it usable.

A field salesperson, factory worker, or anyone with a running spree may find this app very useful, as you cannot take a laptop with you everywhere. This mobile app works both offline and online and integrates with your desktop app.

  1. After opening the app, we can see the To do list, comments, and done tasks under the home module.
ClickUp Mobile Home Module

2. Under the Todo menu, you can add unlimited tasks and subtasks, and reminders.

3. There is a colorful module on the bottom-middle where you will find the options to add a new task, new docs, new notes, and new reminders. It has a cool Japanese harisen type of animation.

Clickup new features - how to use ClickUp mobile app
ClickUp Mobile App

4. Next, the second from the left is the explore module, where you will spend a lot of time adding assignees, descriptions, tags.

ClickUp new features - how to use ClickUp mobile app
ClickUp Mobile App Explore Module

5. The To do under explore module has various pre-built templates to add values like actual cost, actual revenue, backend effort, front end effort, cost of delay, expected revenue, interest rate, item type, Kano, MoSCoW, present value, ROI, risk reduction, time criticality, total effort, user value, WSJF, Year.

6. The icons lose convention from the web version and maybe they will adapt to the well-known ones in the future.

7. Under the Home > calendar module, you can get an outlook of each task and if you click on that specific task, you can add descriptions, assignees, dates, impact areas, comments, and attachments. ClickUp new features additions like this have real-world usage.

8. For project management purposes, the explore menu has certain flags for FMEA works. For example, under everything, you can add-

ClickUp new features - how to use clickup mobile app
ClickUp new features for mobile app
  • Pressure to arbitrarily reduce task durations and run tasks in parallel, which would increase risk of errors. (unsolvable)
  • Consultant or contractor delays. (in resolution)
  • Project purpose and needs are not well defined. (under evaluation)
  • Stake holder action delay project. (under evaluation)
  • Version 5.0. (Build failed)
  • Version 6.0 (Building)
  • Version 6.1 (To Build)
  • Integrations (passed)
  • UI (Ok but)
  • API (failed)
  • API correction (To do)
  • Widget search filter breaks if a user goes back after opening widget choice. (QA testing)
  • UX for “change start/due date” is not straightforward. (in progress)
  • It displayed unavailable tasks in time tracking. (pending)
  • Velocity chart estimates on dashboards are not matching other views. (open)
  • Grow our business to a nearby city. (On track)
  • Optimize our customer acquisition. (Not Started)
  • Rejected. (Vacations)
  • Meeting in Orlando. (Occuring)
  • Pepsi CEO (Accepted)
  • This app is great. (No action needed)
  • Mike Campbell (Debrief meeting)
  • Tutorials (in preparation)
  • Tutorial understandability (in review)
ClickUp Mobile App - ClickUp new features

9. Agile management comes with full pre-build templates for-

  • Project management
  • Risk management
  • Task management
  • OKR management
  • Capacity management
  • Improvement management
  • Communication management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Procurement management

11. You can choose to switch between Dark and light mode inside the profile settings on the top left of home.

Once you have completed your tasks, swipe it from left to right and mark completed using the icon in front of you. If you swipe from right to left, you’ll get the option to add it to a list, snooze, or delete the task.

Here’s the link to join ClickUp.

What Are The New Added Features On ClickUp Mobile App?

Based on suggestions from the community, ClickUp recently added features like-

  1. Chat views.
  2. Notepad.
  3. Ability to create folders and lists.
  4. Home screen widgets.
  5. Board view.
  6. Inbox.
  7. Grouping.
  8. Email in tasks activities.
  9. Nested subtasks
  10. Ability to sign up for a new account.
  11. Ability to create checklist.
  12. Android share extension.
  13. Calender view.
  14. New Docs.
  15. Sorting
  16. Creating new views.


Is ClickUp slow?

ClickUp mobile app became amazingly fast with the launch of version 3.9 and then.

Can I Time Track With ClickUp?

ClickUp time tracking integrations are possible only in the web versions with Toggl, Time Doctor, Hubstaff, etc. but not with the mobile app version. Time tracking is coming soon in ClickUp new features list.

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