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Did you watch a motivational video that asked you to wake up early in the morning for maximum productivity? Here’s exactly how to wake up in the morning even at 4 am!

The habit of snoozing the alarm, waking up tired are some common problems associated while practicing a healthy morning routine. The easiest way to overcome this behavior is to establish a purpose subconsciously.

Benefits Of Waking Up Early In The Morning

  1. Time of fewest distractions.
  2. You can feel the richness of O2 (oxygen) level in the air.
  3. Perfect time to practice meditation because of lesser noise from the surroundings.
  4. To get things done before lunchtime.
  5. Improves Productivity.
  6. Could create fixed schedules.
  7. Not tempted by social media.
  8. Not attracted to random newsfeeds.

Famous People Who Wake Up Early In The Morning

  • Pope Francis
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Will Smith
  • Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)
  • Rajinikanth
  • Muhammed Ali
  • Sathguru
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Tim Cook

Practical Ways On How To Wake Up In The Morning

We need some concrete and fail-proof methods to establish our waking up practice.

Sleep Early

The easiest way to get up early in the morning is by sleeping early in the night. This may be the hardest part in today’s social media-obsessed world, but we all know that success comes from sacrifices. Half of your work is done if you did this part right.

Switch on night mode on your cell phones 2 hours before sleep. Blue light causes sleep deprivation.

Due to melatonin secretion, studies reveal it is easier to sleep at 9 pm than at 1 am. Higher the melatonin level on our body, the easier the ability to fall asleep along with good sleep quality.

Method To Sleep Early

  1. Set a reminder for sleep. Add to your task management app.
  2. Rub your feet before going to bed. Preparing your body to sleep is essential.
  3. Switch on some relaxing music.
  4. Use a calming fragrance stick like lavender, chamomile, sandalwood, jasmine.
  5. Count 1 to 100 while lying down with eyes closed and breathe.

Food Choice

If you overeat or had unhealthy food the previous day, you cannot wake up early at 4:00 am. Heavy food reduces the chance to wake up early.

Have you noticed this behavior? After a heavy meal at some party, you may feel groggy to wake up. Your body will develop a resistance to fall on the schedule.

You may feel tired, unproductive, as a lot of your energy goes into the digestion process.

Natural Foods That Make You Sleep Faster

  1. Drink Lukewarm milk 30 minutes before sleeping.
  2. Add sleep-promoting herbs like turmeric, saffron, nutmegs, cinnamon to milk for relaxing the body.

Avoid stimulating or energizing drinks like tea, coffee, creatine, or soda 3 hours before sleep.

Sleeping Position

If you live in the northern hemisphere, it is not advisable to sleep while placing your head on the north. More blood will flow to the brain because of the magnetic pull of the Earth leading to a night of disturbed sleep.

East is the best direction for you.

Sleep on your left side. This will increase the quality of sleep, making it possible to wake up early at 4 am. See best sleeping practices here.

Prepare Your Mind

How to wake up in the morning at 4? Simply prepare your brain to wake up at 4.

For instance, sometimes if you have a flight to catch at 5 am, you may be already up 5 0r 10 minutes before the alarm. How is that possible? It is because you have prepared your mind to wake you up consciously and unconsciously to wake you up at 4 am before the alarm goes off.

Apply the same principle here. Convey the message to your bed and pillow. Just verbally speak if you have to. In this way, you are constantly feeding your mind to wake up early. Do not underestimate the power of your subconscious mind. This practice works.

A Purpose To Wake Up

Ask: Why should I wake up early at 4 am?

Giving a good, powerful reason to wake up will make you more determined and focused than before. You will have a clear life goal.

Set Life goal examples like-

  • reading 12 pages of a book in the morning for the next 3 months.
  • new meditation methods that you saw on YouTube.
  • complete 5000 steps after watering the flowers in the park.
  • study in the morning for the exam so I will get more free time in the evening.
  • prepare for a tournament you have to face.
Benefits of sleeping early - How to wake up early in the morning


When you hear the alarm, all your preparations may go for a rethink. You may abandon every preparation you’ve made because the world seems different at 4 am and go back to sleep. D’oh!

As per statistics, people feel the first 10 minutes of waking up being more difficult. It is like opening a tight bottle cap. Once you have opened that tight cap, you can enjoy the pure benefit of the minerals present in the water.

A counterstrike measure is to keep the alarm clock or mobile phone away from your bed. A physical alarm clock works best here because nowadays Siri can switch off or snooze your alarm on your command.

Do not snooze. Avoid the habit of snoozing. There is no possibility of you waking up even more fresh after that 10 minutes of snooze. You are actually making it difficult to practice this wake-up routine.

Practice makes the man perfect. The longer you practice, the easier it is to achieve.


Place a copper flask with warm water before you sleep. Drink it as soon as you wake up and feel the replenishment of the brain neurons.

Rub your palms vigorously and place the heat on your eyes so that the acupressure points will get triggered both on the eyes and palm.

Spray cold water on your face and experience the pure breeze from the porch. These 10 minutes will change your life forever. You will be more productive, more healthy than your mates.

You may feel sleepy for the first few days. It is like hitting the gym for the first week and experiencing soreness because of micro-tears on the muscles. Once you saw the muscle growth results, you will be more confident and more inspired to hit the gym again.

Don’t sleep in the afternoon. If you sleep in the afternoon, you cannot sleep early in the night, making it harder to wake up at 4 am.


What Time Do Billionaires Wake Up?

According to the research journal from Havard Business school, 40% of billionaires wake up at 4:00 am because they could spend more time focused on a specific thing. They follow the 60-60-1 rule to establish and organize a purpose to wake up.

Why Can’t I Sleep Early?

Gadgets are the number 1 sleep deprivation factor. They reduce melatonin levels, making it harder to fall asleep early. Exposure to light while sleeping may also reduce melatonin levels so make sure you keep the room dark at night.

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