How a CEO Use Microsoft To do For Productivity

I wish to reveal to you exactly how you can get impeccable results and likewise use Microsoft to do for productivity. 

What is Microsoft to do?

It is a task-tracking application that’s extremely effective, however additionally extremely easy to use. It can replace your productivity planner if you knew how to use it effectively. Microsoft To Do is available both on the desktop and mobile phone versions.

I associate a lot of my success with Microsoft while using a task listing. Now I know that appears sort of foolish. Anytime I had to join a conference, I’ll talk to an associate in the hallway. Anytime I get an email, there’s some sort of follow-up for me to deal with.

 I include it in my task listing or to-do list, therefore this permits me to do it. It assists me to keep on top of the job that I need to get done and also it makes me crystal clear that I’m productive and also reliable with my time.

 I intend to reveal to you how Microsoft to do can aid you in remaining on top of your productive life and get more things done.


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How to Open Microsoft To Do?

It is effective as well as reliable. The most direct path is you simply navigate to Microsoft to do website which will drop you on the Microsoft to do homepage and after that, the main activity right here starts. You simply click there and can begin with Microsoft to do.

One more manner in which you can likewise get Microsoft to do is navigate to the website workplace command. After that, click on “sign-in”. Either course that you take, you’ll need to enter your Microsoft account.

 If you already have one, you can proceed and simply type it in. If you do not have a Microsoft account, don’t stress. You can still get Microsoft To Do.

 The text below says no account – well, don’t worry.

Visit this site to produce one. It’s entirely complimentary. Creating a Microsoft account will not cost you anything at all. 

 Microsoft command will drop you on the main “to do” interface and also we’ll get to this in simply a moment. 

Microsoft to do is an extremely outstanding task tracking application. You can additionally obtain all these various other performance devices like Expectation. You will get free cloud storage space with one drive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and also the listing takes place so you get lots of great efficiency tools included along with “to do”.

In the primary user interface, what we can do is why do not we proceed as well as just produce the job as well as what I’m going to do it over. Below, on the left-hand side, I’ll click this one that states “tasks“.

We’ll go through what these various other options remain in a moment, but what I wish to do is let’s proceed and also just get our initial task in.

Microsoft To Do: Assign First Task

With an example.

We have our first job on the task checklist. One of the important things that you can do as soon as you finish a job, there’s this circle right there and click this as well as you will get a great little bell that congratulates you!

How to use Microsoft To Do- Create a new task.
How to use Microsoft to do - Task completed
How to use Microsoft To Do – task completed Bell

So, congratulations. We’ve gone into Microsoft to do as well as we have finished our initial job. It’s rather easy and enjoyable adding tasks as well as finishing tasks.

 Now what I wish to do is, this is just a generic listing that you can toss tasks in. However, what I intend to do is to develop a list of tasks. Now the method to think about a list is, this is a team of tasks.

 So, maybe let’s say you have a grocery store shopping list. You might place them in a checklist or perhaps in my situation. You intend to start a YouTube channel. I’ll have a checklist around starting YouTube channel requirements. 

Whatever sort of general subject is that you’ll have plenty of jobs associated with. You could develop a listing around those.

How Do I Assign Tasks In Microsoft To Do?

 In this case, what I’m going to do is, I’m likely to start a YouTube channel and also I’m going to develop a checklist around that (assign a task in Microsoft To Do). 

I have a listing currently. If you want to relabel your channel or your list, what you can do is merely click on the name up here and then I can proceed as well as edit it.

See the ellipses here? Or the triple-dot and you can click that as well as see some things that could provide for checklists. 

You could establish a theme. Today it remains in the type of trendy blue and why don’t you opt for a calming green!

 So there you go. You have the list in place. You’ve re-titled the name and now what you can do is wish to add some tasks under this listing.

 When you’re starting a YouTube channel, you don’t intend to just begin a concept and not know what it’s going to be. So, my very first task is, 

  1. What is the channel regarding?

 We got to identify what’s the function of this enjoyable tale for my YouTube channel. I began with travel videos, eventually as well as I finally rotated my way over to tech-related and also how-to videos.

Concerns much of the kinds of help that people require and so I said, “Hey maybe I can make videos that help make computers and different Microsoft tools simpler to use”.

 That became part of the factor I came down on this channel. Let’s go ahead and also include a few other items so not only you have to decide what the channel is about. 

 2. If you’re going to create a YouTube channel, you’ll probably require some splendid lights. 

To screen record video clips, you will need some screen recording software application. I possibly additionally require some changing software application or as soon as I videotape all my video and let me include an electronic camera due to the fact that you possibly all intend to see my beautiful face.

 3. I’ll throw in a microphone to the tasks list.

Thinking about establishing a YouTube channel or doing any sort of tape-recording, a good microphone makes a vast difference. If you use an integrated microphone as part of a webcam or simply a built-in microphone on top, it will not sound that good.

I have every one of my jobs on my list and one thing that I wish to do is let me click into these tasks to show you what you can do today.

Microsoft To Do Desktop app list creation

 I simply have sorted a basic job checklist right here, yet I might do a great deal extra with these various tasks and also this is going to show you a few of the power of Microsoft to do. 

Let’s click on this task. What you’ll see is, I have this pane show up on the right-hand side as well as what I can do now is I can click on this celebrity as well. As I can identify this or mark it as vital, so note it as essential or deselect it as being important.

 I intend to experience and brainstorm suggestions and so perhaps my goal is to brainstorm at least 20 concepts initially and afterward maybe as a next action, I’ll brainstorm my 20 suggestions and slim that to what I believe.

Are the top three and once I have my top 3 maybe I could draw in some loved ones and then I could have them vote on what their preferred one is and then I can tighten it.

I can also include a note right here so I could add some additional context now if I go back to the primary task sight right here what I can additionally do is I can right-click on an item as well as this raises a context menu here and within below you’ll notice that most of these.

Different controls that I have are extremely comparable to the pane on the right.

Here I can contribute to my day. I could establish significance. I could set the due date, yet I have some added controls down below that. If don’t get in the right-hand pane, what I might do is, I can produce a brand-new list from this job. So let’s say I began including points and also perhaps it doesn’t suit to develop an amazing YouTube channel. So I might just develop a brand-new listing that I could also compare.

Jobs around two different lists or it can duplicate the task to a different list so lots of task management controls. When you right-click on a job since I have actually added my tasks below, I could merely click a product as well as I might drag it into my checklist and possibly I draw.


Can Microsoft To Do Sync With Google Calendar?

Yes, Microsoft To Do can be integrated with Google Calendar using the Zapier software application. You can create an account on Zapier and create Zaps that will integrate Microsoft To Do and Google Calendar with a single click.

Can Microsoft To Do Send Email Reminders?

At the bottom of the left pane, there is a mail icon. Press that icon to get switched to the Outlook email handler. Over there, you can set email reminders easily.

How To Sync Microsoft To Do With Outlook Calendar?

At the bottom of the left pane, there is a calendar icon. Press that button to get switched to Outlook Calendar. This is the major advantage of using Microsoft To Do because you can access all the Microsoft tools instantly with no 3rd party intervention.

How Do I Install Microsoft To Do?

Microsoft To Do can be downloaded using Google play store, Microsoft Store on PC, Apple app store, mac app store for free.

How To Download Microsoft To Do Without Store?

Directly visit and create an account.

Works fine!

Where Is Microsoft To Do Data Stored?

They store it in Exchange Online mailbox for server performance and maximum security.

Microsoft To Do Integration With OneNote, Todoist, Notion.

Even though there are dozens of in-built integration for Microsoft To Do, there is a requirement for a 3rd party intervention like Zapier which helps to integrate 1000 other productivity apps like OneNote, Todoist, Trello, Notion, etc.

Microsoft To Do Alternatives

ClickUp, Todoist, Things, Evernote, Ticktick are some worthy alternatives that have powerful task management and to-do list handling capabilities.

Microsoft To Do Kanban Setup

Instead of Microsoft to Do, Microsoft Planner has the best kanban setup for boosting enterprise productivity and can be shared among other Microsoft users.

Microsoft to do Reddit, YouTube Tutorials

Many subreddits like r/productivity have active Microsoft To Do users who can clarify doubts and suggest new tips and tricks. YouTube channels like Kevin Stratvert, MeeTime, Leila Gharani, Microsoft 365 have useful to-do list management videos.

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