How To Stop Bad Habits Addictions (3 Warfare Rules)

When puberty hits you, the habits that you followed till then will stick like glue.

If your habits hurt people around you, consider stopping bad habits addictions by being more productive.

What Is An Addiction?

Addiction is a habit that people do frequently with a substance that could make them feel better than before.

Examples Of Bad Habits Addictions:

If you-

  • Watch a lot of movies.
  • Smoke or drink a lot.
  • Shop often.
  • Scroll newsfeeds a lot.
  • Pick up phones for no reason.
  • Bite your nails often.
  • Play games continuously.
  • Engage in frequent sex or masturbation.
  • 2+ Coffee a day.
  • Steal.
  • Eat more junk.

How To Know Whether Or Not I’m Addicted?

If you feel you are addicted to shopping, just stop hitting the stores and uninstall all e-commerce apps from your mobile phone for a week or two. If you experience cravings to hit that buy button and miss the feel of a new substance entering your home, then you are addicted to shopping.

The same strategy you can apply to find your addiction from masturbation, mobile phones, porn, junk foods, or any other most addictive substances.

How Addiction Affects Productivity?

In the current work from home scenario, you may feel lazier to get out and hit the gym or do home workouts. If someone asks you, how is your workout today, you are going to say, “I don’t have time to workout.”

You may have ignored the addictions and decided to build a life around them. Living in addiction is extremely difficult for you and sometimes for the surrounding people. I used to watch a lot of movies since my teenage (18-23).

The only thing that changed my attitude is the consciousness to earn more, to provide more. You may have some different life goals, but choose something practical and something that makes you self-motivated.

“Time and tide wait for no men.”

The addiction could take an extra 1 hour of your free time. If you create a strategy to handle those hours with a new hobby or scale up an existing relationship, then it is a win-win situation for both health and time. surrounding

addiction distress scale- How To Stop Bad Habits Addictions
Addiction Distress Scale

Overcoming Bad Habits Addictions

1. If you like to stop masturbation, create an environment with people surrounding you all the time. Loneliness could easily drag you to addictions.

2. If you like to stop junk food addiction, learn to cook! Listen to some podcasts from audible while cooking. You are now learning something new while staying healthy.

3. If you like to stop Netflix addiction, learn a new musical instrument, or draw an art. The ability to express your emotions in a new way is always a game-changer.

4. We can relax without drugs. Play with a child, listen to your favorite music, work out in the park.

You have deeply rooted your addiction problems inside the mind, but you can find the solution outside of your mind. 

Sometimes, the process of overcoming addictions can be extremely difficult because of the constant uphill battle between your awareness, mind, and body. So, instead of trying to oppress your addictions, try to observe and note down them.

Your psychological and physical anxiety will decrease by extracting this craving from your life. You could experience deep freedom. For example, if you associated the energy boost with a coffee, you notice that you no longer require coffee to feel energetic.

You can watch TV only when you need them. You’ll lose that external stimulation that helps you to focus and save time and more options to realign your purpose.

Substance abuse majorly bad habits addictions have been skyrocketing for almost a decade. It cooped the large majority of us up inside, either stressed or bored out of our minds. So we end up turning to quick fixes in order to cope – which almost always drag us down even more.


How to lead an intellectual life.

Sports to play.

3 Rules To Avoid Bad Habits Addictions

Rule 1: Have An Obsession.

The vast majority of the terrible emotions that we experience come from the thoughts that we have. If you are thinking about the issues within the mother planet and to your lifestyles all day long – then you are definitely assured to sense sadness all day long.

The more negative feelings you experience, there is the high probability that you will return to your terrible habits. To fight this, you need to have a healthy obsession.

Think about something that keeps you wondering. Few months in the past I began obsessing over cryptocurrencies. I felt like there’s an actual chance that this new piece of tech can resolve a lot of issues happening around the world now.

I have been spending around 1.5 hours every day studying articles and listening to podcasts about it—and it makes me sense satisfied because it makes me trust that its destiny may really be higher.

I’ve additionally taken on a couple of new projects this year. I started making YouTube videos! This something that I’m constantly desired to do because I feel I have more to share with people. And it’s been taking over a lot of my intellectual space during the day as I’m constantly thinking about ideas, recreation design, and technical content.

You want to have something just like these 2 obsessions of mine so you can spend greater time targeted on positive and optimistic things. This rule cannot pave the way for you to turn back to your bad habits.

Rule 2: Take Care Of Your Body

I cannot insist on this more. Your mind and body are directly connected to each other. What you do to your body shows the results of how you feel for the next couple of days.

If you have been procrastinating from exercising or constantly partying with junk foods to cope up with life, then you’re only damaging yourself to feel more negative emotions down the line and bring back your bad habits worse than before.

Once you decide to break that cycle to start feeling better, you just have to fix your diet and start getting some exercise. You can make use of a fitness tracker app like Noom.

Rule 3: Overcoming Addiction With Community

If you are an athlete and have an urge to win more, you are definitely going to stop eating junk foods. Because that is a sacrifice, that’s worth a lifetime. When I play with my volleyball team every weekend, I enjoy each and every point, have a burst of blasting laughter, with no negative emotions.

I felt there is no need for external stimulation to relax me. Socializing is very effective and developing strong bonds is essential. Join no FAP, productivity, Alcohol Anonymous communities.

How To Overcome Mobile Phone Addictions?

If you think mobile phones are the reason for your low productivity pulse, you need not stop using them completely, instead follow these crucial steps-

  1. Find a replacement for the alarm. Use a physical clock to avoid bumping into the notifications as the first thing in the morning. You don’t want to waste 15-20 minutes just by scrolling through news feeds.
  2. Before going to sleep, turn the screen to grayscale or switch on the night mode. It feels boring as humans have evolved to pay attention to colors. App developers use interesting color combinations to make the icons more clickable.
  3. Create long passwords to open the mobile phone. When you feel sleepy and then a notification pops up, you may want to open it but as soon as you see that you have to type a really long password to open it, you will feel it is better to fall asleep.
  4. Use PCs to handle all the social media. Uninstall social media apps and keep productivity tools, browsers, and brain games.
  5. Use a time tracker app like RescueTime or DeskTime to take maximum control of your time spent on apps and other devices.
  6. Set wallpapers that demotivate you to use your mobile phone. Download these addiction quotes wallpapers for your mobile phone.
Quotes For Addiction: Phone Wallpaper


Follow these 3 rules for 30 days to stop bad habits addictions and you will find yourself turning to your bad habits less and less over time because your overall quality of life will have improved.

Once you apply these strategies to all your addictions and start being productive, you can still enjoy the coffee or 10 minutes of Instagram visit with noticeable moderation. You have attained the “Moderation in everything” quote by just observing the addiction that your brain and body created based on your habits.

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