How To Improve Your Quality Of Life 100x

 Doing all-important life-changing work can be tough. This is how you break through barriers to make positive changes and improve your quality of life.

I’m sure that you agree challenges can feel good because that’s the way we grow.

 This category is about your happiness and your fulfillment. Improving your quality of life means living joyfully and fully every single day. Living a life of abundance, having leisure time to enjoy with loved ones, having fun, having cool stuff, spending good times, and enjoying yourself. 

Quality of life is where everything comes together. It adds up to all the work that you’ve done so far. It is all about the thinking, planning, and visualization that we’ve done in every previous part of the Extraordinary life asset series.

 Designed to improve your quality of life overall, this category is about the material things that you want, the experience that you want to have in your life, and the environments that you want to be surrounded by every day.

 This is where you define the stuff you want. If you’re a biker, this is where your bike lives. If you’re an artistic person, this is where you create and manifest that vision. The dream house you wish for, the exotic travel, helicopter rides, and white sand beaches are the material rewards for doing this work. 

How To Create High-Quality Life Plan

Creating success and fulfillment by spending a lot of time thinking about you, your health and fitness, what you want emotionally, and intellectually, what kind of character you want to develop, what kind of relationships you want to have, how much money you want to make, what kind of career you want to have, pretty selfish right? 

There is nothing to be ashamed of about being a little selfish. Some people have guilt about that. They have guilt about creating an extraordinary life for themselves. Guilt is a quality of life killer.

 You may enjoy this one life that you’ve been given. You may live for your own sake. The world would be a lot better place if we just permitted ourselves to be the best people we could be.

I believe in fulfilling. I believe in self-actualization. I also believe in kindness, contribution, benevolence, and charity. You can’t have a decent world without those things, but I also don’t think that you need to justify your existence as a human being to help others. I think it’s perfectly valid to work hard to improve your quality of life.

If you don’t handle those beliefs, you probably won’t ever create an extraordinary life for yourself. You may believe that it’s selfish to spend so much time on yourself when others need your help. Fair enough, I totally get that but here’s my advice: please place your oxygen mask firmly on your mouth and nose before attempting to help the people around. 

Take this archetype quiz.

 You can’t give away what you failed to attain. You can’t help anyone if your own life isn’t fulfilling. If your thing is the contribution, start working on yourself. That will allow you to contribute at a very high level, being the best you can possibly be.

Allows you to do more and more for others. Holding yourself back and making yourself small will serve no one.

Ask yourself whether you have any guilt surrounding it. Having a glorious life, making money, having a fulfilling career, great relationships, having cool things and experiences — Is it going to be difficult for you psychologically to become the best person you might be and make yourself smart? 

Over time, you will outshine just about everyone you know. 

 My first car cost $500 and it had a big hole rusted through the floor on the driver’s side. I could see the road under my feet like Fred Flintstone. This was my most cherished possession, but from personal experience, it is better to have a car that starts in the winter than one that doesn’t.

You don’t need a Ferrari to survive, but a nice car is better than nothing. A pleasant house is better than living in a broken-down old shack. Nice things make life better, easier, and more enjoyable.

 As per research, surrounding yourself with nice things is a privilege. Throughout the vast majority of human history, that wasn’t even possible. We’re so fortunate that we live in a time and in a place where we can do that if you manage your life well.

You have the opportunity to create a life of luxury. It is best to improve your quality of life more than for the people you love so you can help them till your demise. 

Manifest Contribution

“I want to really enjoy my short time on this planet as much as I can. I want to enjoy every day in all categories. The better my quality of life, the more I’m going to contribute to others and the world. More contribution means creating more value for others which will create more financial abundance for me and allow me to increase the quality of life, even more.“ 

Manifest even more with this script.

Create a big positive spiral surrounding yourself with wonderful things and creating fantastic experiences in your life. It is not only enjoyable but can literally change your life and improve your quality of life as a human being. It can take you to the superior level as a person and a leader.

Develop authoritative leadership skills.

Examples To Improve Your Quality Of Life

Example 1

 I built my dream home, and it changed my life. Most people in industrialized countries spend 90% of their time indoors so my wife and I looked at our home as part of our health plan — an investment in our physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

manifest house, improve your quality of life with these examples

Our lives can be very busy and they can be stressful sometimes, so we wanted to create an environment that would care for us, revive us, and allow us to recover from the demands of the day.

Our goal was to completely banish stress and chaos from our living environment and create a calm, relaxing, peaceful atmosphere for ourselves and our children. That’s what we did and I’ll share how we did that in the strategy section.

 Our home is a sedate, peaceful, beautiful, and calm environment. Spending time in our home is a wonderful experience. We’re surrounded by tranquillity and peacefulness and beauty every day of our lives. Our house is a pleasant healing atmosphere with 24-hours of wellness advantages.

Example 2

 Experiences can also change your life. I’ve been to 12 countries, and this has changed who I’m as a person. It is difficult to communicate exactly how much this added to my life, but I’ll just say that travel is the most important way to educate ourselves. 

Travel to improve your quality of life
Travel To Improve Your Quality Of Life

Travelling will make you much smarter. It will blow your mind wide open and seriously expand your understanding of what life on Earth is all about and what it means to be a human being.

 Our experience has given us an incredible appreciation for the country we live in, for what we have. It brought us so much closer together. Travelling is one reason that we have the great relationship that we have, we’ve experienced so much joy, fun, and so much adventure together — so much richness of life.

Is Happiness From Materialism Okay? 

Now that’s a kind of simplistic description. I’m bringing it up because so many teachings, so many philosophies look down on this little cycle of creating value for others, enriching yourself, and enjoying the fruits of your labor through material means. Some people just have guilt surrounding having nice things for themselves. Some people are jealous of people who have nice things. Spiritual doctrines in philosophy teach that things can never make you truly happy.

Success Materials Boost Overall Productivity.

Do not eat a full bucket of ice cream because it tastes good. It will create a hole in your chest. Remember, loving materials should be under your control and not vice versa.


  Quality things and quality experiences will make you smarter. They make you better and happier. They’re an investment in you. They make you more interesting and more knowledgeable as a person. They can help you become more successful, more productive, and attract more things and the people you want in your life. Let me know in the comments.

  1. What are your thoughts that may improve your quality of life? 
  2. What does quality life experience mean to you?

Your Task

  1. Plan and experience that you want to have within the next 20 days. It can be an experience like skydiving, bungee jumping, anything extreme. It can be inexpensive or can be expensive. 

The experience you plan needs to improve your happiness and improve your quality of life 100x. Pick something that will enrich you and then commit to making it happen. Find a way to create the time and space to make this experience.

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