Improve Social Life With 5 Unique Strategies |Part 14

We need a rich strategy to improve social life. This is incredibly important than most people realize. I’m talking about your success or your failure as a human being. 

I will share a few mind-blowing principles and then do a powerful brain exercise that has the potential to improve social life to the next level.

The ultimate goal for this Extraordinary Life Asset series is to really help you begin the process of creating an extraordinary life for yourself. A life that works at a high level of productivity in every important area.

In order to do that, we absolutely need high-quality friendships. Of course, you don’t need great friendships to stay alive, but you need great friendships to have an extraordinary life. Great friendships expand your ability to learn, grow, and enjoy life.

They bring equality and richness to our lives that we could never achieve if we were just out there on our own. They’re indispensable for meeting our needs for connection, fun, and adventure. Even career and financial success depend a great deal on our friendships.

 The assertion that friendships have an immense effect on your life isn’t just generally collected wisdom. It is a quantifiable fact.

Does Grant Study Improve Social Life?

There’ve been scientific studies that prove that your success in life is going to be a direct reflection of the expectations of your peer group. One of the most important studies ever conducted called the Grant Study.

 In 1938, Harvard University experimented with 270 male bachelor’s students and kick-started the most unshakeable study on personal development in history called the Grant study of adulthood. The study’s goal was to prove the factors that contribute the most to human enrichment. 

Reporting on all aspects of male life, including relationships, politics, religion, coping strategies, alcohol use, and just about everything else you can think of. The astonishing range of mindset, humanistic, and physical traits they tracked in this study shows just how detailed and believable the research data were.

In this study to improve social life, some really interesting facts actually have nothing to do with the social category but I figured to find this specific thing fascinating. For example, this study showed that our lives continuously develop till the end and often become more pleasurable than they were in our earlier years. 

The men in the study are in their nineties and many of them had their best years and their later years showed that the people who were happy after retirement created nothing unique to do so well early in life and vice versa. Looks like it’s never too late to create a glorious life for yourself!

This examination affirms that recuperation from awful adolescence is certainly possible. A lot of men in this research did that! Notwithstanding, recollections of a cheerful childhood are a deep-rooted wellspring of solidarity for the individuals who had extraordinary adolescence.

The investigation further showed that relationships bring considerably more happiness after the age of 68, which I thought was really cool and venturesome.

It affirmed that actual maturing after 75 depends on the strategies that you shaped before 50 rather less on genetics.

The guy who ran the study said, “the reason for getting older with tenderness and energy happens more because of us than to our scholar genetics.”

One of the more significant findings in this study was that alcoholism is a killer of energy. In fact, alcoholism was the obvious reason for the divorce between the men of Grant’s study and their spouses. 

They found alcoholism a vigorous catalyst for conditions like neurosis and depression which develops as drug abuse, rather. This kills stability in a relationship.

Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol are not recommended for staying happy. They proved alcohol to be the number one greatest cause of death for men.

 This was the Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin generation. They were having 3 martini lunches, 2 packs of cigarettes a day. That lifestyle may no longer be the norm in our society despite that. I think these findings are very relevant today.

 Regarding income, there is no impact on income generated by men with IQs in the 100 to 120 range versus men with IQs above 155!

So big intelligence difference, but no difference in their earning power. This is one reason I’m citing the study in the social category. Relationships had a ton to do with earning power. By far, the biggest discovery of the Grant Study is that the powerful correlation between the warmth of your friendships, your health, happiness, your financial success, and even the length of your life.

 An outlier statistic and its former study –

 The men with the highest score on caring personal relationships witnessed a peak average of $142000 annual income more than the guys with the least ranking in caring personal relationship traits.

What Are Things That Are Misunderstood When People Try To Improve Social Life?

 That is amazing and what makes that statistic so fascinating to me is that a lot of us misunderstood people between their career and the relationships like you — 

  • have to sacrifice one for the other. 
  • can’t have an optimal career and a great relationship at the same time.
  • can’t spend all the time with the people that you love and be a brilliant career person.

 At the end of our lives, none of us are going to say I wish I would have worked more. I wish I would have gotten more done. It’s always, “I wish I would have taken more time with the people that I love.

There always seems to be attention but because of the Grant Study, we can see a massive connection between the relationship categories like your romantic love relationship, your parenting, social life, career, and financial life’s success because this study proves that warm personal relationships can actually increase your career and financial success.

 This makes perfect sense if you think about it because won’t you do much better in your career if you’ve got superb friends who encourage and inspire you? Who gives you advice, cares about your growth, and contributes to your success?

 Instead of being surrounded by a kind of low-quality people who pull you down all the time if you’ve got a happy, healthy family life instead of a stressful one, don’t you think that you’re going to do a little better in your career? If you’ve got nurturing support of a love relationship instead of a loving relationship that sucks all the time, don’t you think you’re going to just have a little more success everywhere in your life?

 The number one extraordinary finding from the Grant Study is, 

“The 75 years and 20 million dollars spent on this study point to a mind-blowing 5-word conclusion. Love means Happiness.”

 Pretty solid conclusion for the longest-running scientific study of human development in history. 

If we want to have a happy, fulfilling life, our relationships are the key and that obviously includes a massive focus on our social life. 

Now, most people understand friendships are important and they understand friendships take time and energy just like anything else. The Grant study proves why it is so important to invest wisely in this category to improve social life.

 So, to improve social life, the exercise is to choose one of the social strategies that I’m going to share with you or create one of your own and execute it for the next 60 days. 

Here is an in-depth strategy to win everything in life.

5 Dominant Strategies To Improve Social Life

 Strategy Number 1: Get Clear On Your Social Values

 The social value you put should be foundational to all your other social goals. Write a list of the things that are non-negotiable to you in your friendships. The things that you can’t live without, like positivity, and the things that you’re not willing to live with, like negativity.

 Strategy Number 2: Get Rid Of The Anchors In Your Life

Ask yourself: Do the people who are surrounding you right now encourage your hopes and dreams? They push your life forward? If not, you might want to make a goal to spend less time with them. A hardcore strategy. But you know, my wife and I have done this several times over the years and it works miracles.

 Get them out out of your contact list. You don’t have to make it a big deal. You can just sort of move away and as a result, your life gets better.

Strategy Number 3: Increase The Quality Of Your Social Network

 Go out there and seek inspiring and passionate people to surround yourself with. People who hold you to a higher standard, who may bring some positivity into your life, who can motivate and inspire you. That’s just hugely valuable. 

Strategy Number 4: Create A Stable Of World-Class Mentors

 Start spending some time around the people who you’re really admired because of the success they’ve created in one or more areas of their life.

I had my uncle as my mentor since my teenage. My life would not be the same if it wasn’t for the immense value that he brought to me.

For instance, he said, “If you want to start a small manufacturing industry, work for 3 years in a small scale industry. They teach you more than what MNCs teach.” 

He was right. They assigned me to only one task in the MNC I worked for, but when I took a risk to join the small-scale industry, I had access to their entire business plan! Investing in a mentor is a killer strategy. 

 Strategy Number 5: Create A Virtual Social Network

 Use technology to cross the barriers of time and space. Surround yourself with the wisdom and guidance of just about anyone you choose. That’s a great way to do it in the 21st century. I studied how to attend an interview through some blogs I follow. I learn how to start a blog with similar blogs, YouTube channels, and Facebook groups.


 So those are a few highly effective strategies that will improve social life to the next level. If you could make up your own let us know in the comments!

 What we want you to do is choose a powerful social strategy and implement it into your life over the next 60 days without a break. This isn’t just going to improve your social life, it is going to propel your entire life forward and you’re going to see your complete life getting better as a result.

 The next part explores the mind-blowing categories of all your financial life. To improve your overall quality of life, money can be one of the most important factors.

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