Note-taking On iPad Pro | 5 Cool Apps And Methods

Note-taking could be difficult, especially for an iPad user to get the most out of that enormous screen. Here are some ways to improve note-taking on iPad pro.

With that said, I’ll show you how these free and paid note-taking apps like Notability, Apple Notes, Evernote, Notion, OneNote could make your life one step easier and optimize your productivity goal.

By turning to e-notes, you will save thousands of trees per year by gaining the privilege of being paperless and eco-friendly. Also, organizing hundreds of papers could be time-consuming and requires a lot of space.

Why Note-taking Is Effective?

Note-taking is beneficial for 4 different reasons.

  1. Increased writing speed.
  2. Increased reading speed.
  3. Fast information processing.
  4. Easy To Remember.
  5. Improved organization of words.

To write assignments, you can prefer to type, which is suitable for formatting, and while summarizing, reviewing books, outlining essays, go with digital handwriting options that are fast and colorful.

To proceed further, you should have either an iPad Pro or Samsung Tab for smooth functioning. Keyboards are great, but the stylus makes the note-taking process much easier, practical, and quicker. Get a stylus case and writing protection tips (from amazon) and you are ready!

What Are The Best Types Of Note Taking?

There are several methods of taking notes, but these 3 strategies could work better for digital note-taking apps.

  1. The Mapping method
  2. The Cornell method
  3. The Morse Code method

Mapping Method

The mapping method involves the use of arrows, boxes, lines, and sometimes colors. This is the best type of note-taking for visual learners. I’m a big fan of the mapping method but I stick with blue and black ballpoint pens when I was at school.

mapping method of note-taking on ipad pro

Later at college, I switched to digital note-taking apps and devices that are improving the purpose of note-taking. I was able to draw all shapes and colors for better visual interpretation.

This mapping method involves a central idea, branches, and sub-branches or paragraph keywords. Use 3 colors, which is a rule of thumb, to separate central ideas from subheadings or branches.

Cornell Method

This method was first coined by Professor Walter Pauk from Cornell University in the 1950s. This method is a well-organized and productive method of note-taking.

onenote template- cornell method of note-taking on iPad pro
OneNote template- Cornell method of note-taking on iPad Pro

If you are a student preparing for IELTS, TOEFL, or a business owner, you may find this method more effective.

The method of active listening comes into play when you follow the Cornell method of note-taking on iPad pro. You will skim and organize constantly for important keywords, summaries, etc.

This method has 3 columns — the left, right, and bottom sections.

In the left column, write down keywords, main title, or question. In the right column, write down dates, definitions, formulas, pictures, and examples. The bottom of the page will have the ”what I learned today’‘ or summary of the entire page.

You can remember the notes and recover important information easily with this well-organized note-taking method.

Morse Code method

The morse code method of note-taking involves paraphrasing and skimming big paragraphs and adding symbols at the corner based on importance or ease of usage.

You should use dots (.), dash (-) to represent points and questions, respectively. The key thing you need to answer is “what is the crucial question asked in the article?”, “What is the author’s conclusion here?”.

Why Note-Taking Is Important In Business?

To create a successful business, you need to have important points on your fingertips. You should memorize all the specifications of your product. If you came across a new product, take notes and recall them regularly.

The habit of taking e-notes can be cost-effective, time-effective (with voice typing), easy to search for key phrases for revising, easy to edit and add.

For instance, you might have taken notes for your client requirements but forgot to remember their name, then you can search for some phrases inside the notes and get their details.

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Review For Best Apps For Note-taking On iPad Pro

Good Notes 5

With Good notes 5, you can create a colorful, readable page. The UI is very simple, straight to the point. It is easy to import pdf and write or type on top of it. Note-taking on iPad pro has become easier than ever.

There is an erase feature for misspelled words. Use the apple pencil to double tap on the word to erase it and spring back to the pen mode. This is a very cool timesaving piece of the features that Good Notes 5 provides.

The highlighter comes into action with a splendid built-in feature of straightening the messy handwritten notes.

There are dots, grid lines, elements, emojis to make your notes more story-biased. All the features run so smoothly on Good Notes 5 note-taking app on iPad pro.

I have experienced no lag with Good Notes 5 but the page breaks feels hard. The biggest cons are that you can’t move images from the current page to the next. You have to cut and paste it. I don’t understand why they still haven’t encountered this issue.


It is a Microsoft product and is useful in dozens of different ways. It is useful for typing and handwritten notes are not supported.

For notes that require formatting, pdf conversions have to be written using OneNote. On the left side, you can find recent notes, imported templates for quick changes.

You can switch between templates and notes within one swipe and the app is pretty fast on the iPad.


Another popular app for note-taking on iPad pro with the ability to take high-quality handwritten notes is Notability. It is a paid tool and has good mind-mapping features.

Highlighters, erasers, colors, elements can be added to all the notes. Similar to Good notes 5, there are thousands of useful templates flooding over the internet.

It supports integrations with other productivity tools.


evernote app for note-taking on ipad pro

Evernote is high-quality productivity with high-end note-taking capability and large storage space.

It allows you to share photos, videos, blog links, and many other codings with your team. It is an enterprise-level productivity tool that comes a little pricey.

I use Evernote for pictorial note-taking and note-making needs. It is fast, agile, with top-notch search features. It can search keywords within voice messages, or notes much efficiently.


The Whink app on the iPad is another blessing for iOS fans. It is a minimalistic note-taking app with the cheapest pricing.

It has simple elegant templates but lacks import options. It has no options for page sizes, page orientations, page colors, line spacings.

It has just 3 different pen sizes few people might not prefer. If you like to avoid distractions while attending lectures, then this app won’t disappoint you. It does not have elements to distract you while taking notes and that makes it much sleeker and faster among the other apps.

The digital handwriting feature is accurate and readable. It supports sticky notes and typewriting.

It has a WordArt-like title design that is useful for separating different headings and subheadings. There are options for organizing points for bulleted lists, checkboxes, and numbered lists.

Conclusion: What Is The Best iPad Note-taking App?

Good Notes 5 will serve as the best iPad note-taking app with its syncing features. We had the best experience with mind maps, Cornell, and the morse code method of note-taking. It is fast, secure, and feels good when taking handwritten notes.

I use Evernote for heavy pictorial and link sharing notes and it is an enterprise-level productivity tool that may not be affordable for students.



Which Is The Best iPad Note-taking App Stylus?

Stylus Pen for Apple iPad- Pencil by Zoxcoy works great for note-taking on iPad pro, and it is currently the best-selling product on amazon.

Which Is The Best iPad Note-taking App Handwriting Recognition?

Good Notes 5 and Notability apps have the best handwriting recognition and it feels like writing on a physical paper with better organizing ability.

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