How blissful relaxing music made inner wounds heal and enhance productivity

Ever felt the need to lower your anxiety? This relaxing music has the tendency to soothe the brain neurons and make you sleep as soon as you lay down in bed.

Relaxing music like singing bowl, mantra chanting, binaural music has a deep frequency emitting tendency that could make humans, dogs, dolphins, and several other species feel calm. One can feel energetic, alleviate emotional pain, enhance productivity, and relieve stiffness from muscles through regular sessions.

How you can benefit from different genres of relaxing music

Singing bowl relaxing music

A singing bowl is an ancient musical instrument made up of seven metals that are used for producing relaxing music while practising meditation. The chemical composition present in a singing bowl has Lead (to represent Saturn), Tin (to represent Jupiter), Iron (to represent Mars), Silver (to represent the Moon), Copper (to represent the Venus), Mercury (to represent the Mercury), and Gold (to represent the Sun). They consecrated the energy from the planetary bodies and cast the perfect singing bowl.

Listen to the relaxing singing bowl music on YouTube, which is very famous among fitness enthusiasts.

The size of a usable singing bowl is 3.5″ to 8″ but it is available up to 1 metre! We can specially order it online to decorate our home with the exact functionality of producing relaxing music like a traditional singing bowl.

How does a singing bowl work?

Tibetan singing bowls touched with a leather-wrapped stick could produce faraday ripples. We usually see the waves in a pattern of colliding from all sides, thus creating bubbles on the water surface to jump. This appears that the fluid is boiling, but it isn’t. The varying vibrational frequencies made the ripple effect, creating healing and relaxing music frequencies natural for your brain.

What are the potential side effects of singing bowl 

The Singing bowls produce an extremely varying frequency that may trigger headaches for some. It indicates that those people should work on improving their lifestyle by drinking more water, following a regular workout routine and sleep routine.

What are the benefits of using a singing bowl

The mysterious singing bowl creates abnormal vibrations that our body would not have experienced before.

  • Improved blood circulation and healing
  • Concentration while studying
  • Controlled mood swings
  • Elimination of mental stress
  • Synchronizing the body parts from the molecular level. 
  • Deep relaxing music therapy
  • Better hormonal balance with positive vibes
  • Peace at the workspace because of reduced tension
  • Reduced emotional pain and body pain
  • Fast metabolism
  • Solution for attaining inner peace
  • Yoga and meditation background music
  • Promotes sleep

These are the mind blowing benefits you can achieve by using it weekly twice for 30 minutes.

Relaxing Flute music

The Flute is a magnificent percussion instrument that you can learn easily as a beginner. As you progress, master the art of holding the breath. The range of music is limited because of the size of the instrument, but as we all know, creativity has no bounds.

India, China, Greece, Scotland, and Africa have a relatively strong background to represent their traditional values when compared to other countries around the globe. The flutes have evolved from producing relaxing music types to EDM producing Electronic flutes.

How the flute works? Is it healthy to learn?

The flute is a wind instrument that sends out frequencies of varying amplitude through one end when air gets blown through the inlet. When air is blown through a narrow converging gap, it produces several frequencies of vibrations inside the flute after colliding with the flute walls. 

By covering the holes present in flute, you are changing the length of the flute. As the length of flute column increases, the larger the wavelength. The sound column amplifies these sound waves of high, medium or low.

Larger wavelength   = low frequency  = low pitch

Smaller wavelength = high frequency = high pitch

This is because Speed of sound in Air = Frequency x wavelength (v = λ f)

Other factors like diameter of flute, material used to make the flute. The sound that is achieved through the low frequency is the base for relaxing music.  

What are the Benefits of Flute music

  • Low-frequency flute music enhances mood
  • Replenishes neurons
  • Induces sleep hormones
  • Practicing flute increases lung capacity.
  • Promotes happiness
  • Suitable for meditation and yoga
  • The best instrument to produce relaxing music for dogs and dolphins.
  • Relaxes muscle tension

Binaural Beats

When you first heard about binaural beats, you would immediately think about the scene from back to the future part two in which the Doctors uses a machine called the sleep-inducing Alpha rhythm generator on Marty’s girlfriend to make her asleep instantaneously when she asks too many questions about the future.

Well, binaural beats are not an actual machine that induces sleep. The theory behind them is similar. Binaural beats take advantage of our brain’s incredible ability to respond to sounds. Suitable for producing relaxing music, they reflect a sort of sound therapy purported to place someone in different mental states. 

What exactly are binaural beats? How do they work?

Although the term sounds like a New Age music genre, binaural beats actually reflect a technique that involves combining two different sound frequencies to create the perception of a new sound frequency. For instance, when a tone of 320 hertz is send to the left ear and 360 hertz is send to the right ear, the person listening to experience would hear a tone that is 40 hertz frequency and perceiving this new sound frequency your brain tunes to the frequency, thus inducing a specific mental state. 

Many people listen to binaural relaxing music beats to help them alleviate anxiety induced deep relaxation or sleep, improve concentration or memory, or enhance creativity. In order to understand how binaural beats can induce different mental states, we first need to understand how our brains work.

Neurons, the cells that make up the brain, communicate with each other by sending brainwaves. In other words, Pulses of electricity to one another. These pulses of electricity transmitted across the brain result in different mental states, emotions, and actions. 

Therefore, our brainwaves correlate exceptionally well with our feelings and actions. There are essentially four major types of brain waves that reflect a person’s different cognitive states. It associates better frequency brain waves with the highest level of arousal and alertness. 

Beta Binaural brain waves

When you’re focusing, concentrating or involved in analytical thinking and decision making, your brainwaves are in a beta dominant state. Beta waves are fast frequency waves occurring at 13 to 40 hertz.

Beta waves also predominate in states of anxiety. So when you find yourself awake at 2:00 in the morning, ruminating in circles over some issue that you won’t be able to fix at 2 a.m. you were in a beta dominant state. The second type of brain wave is the alpha brain wave. 

Alpha Brain waves

We associate alpha brain waves with relaxed alertness. Alpha waves are slower in frequency occurring at 8 – 12 Hz and they dominate when we are alert and relax before that point. These waves also predominate when one is meditating or attending a yoga class.

Theta brain waves

The Theta brain waves are the third type of brain wave. These are slower than beta and alpha frequency. They occur at 4 – 8 Hz. Deep meditation can produce theta waves, as can the drowsy state!

Delta brain waves

The final and slowest type but highest amplitude of brain wave is the Delta Wave. We associate delta waves with deep restorative sleep and it occurs less than 4 Hz.

Now that you understand the four major types of brain wave patterns, you can see that the faster the brain wave frequency, the higher the level of alertness, the slower the brain wave frequency, the less alert a person is. 
binaural music, brain waves, relaxing music

How do brain waves apply to binaural beats?

Research has shown that exposing people to specific frequencies of sound or light can cause a process called brain wave entrainment, in which your brain waves tune to the same frequency of the external stimuli. Outstanding example of the brain’s response to rhythmic external stimulation got highlighted in a neurological condition called epilepsy, in which a person is prone to develop seizures.

“A seizure is caused by abnormal electrical firing of neural networks in the brain when people with certain types of seizures get exposed to rhythmic flashing lights, say the kind that one would find in a 1990s rave scene, the flashing lights can trigger certain neurons to fire rapidly and abnormally, thus causing the seizure.”

“Rarely other seizures can also get triggered when a person listens to rhythmic auditory beats. For instance, I’ve had a patient in the past whose seizures were triggered by listening to certain types of musical rhythms.”

– Dr. Steven Kramer

Brain entrainment occurs in healthy people as well. Studies measuring people’s brain activity while listening to rhythmic beats, relaxing music have found this to be true. These studies show that neurons in the brain’s auditory cortex fire at the same frequency of the beats. Listen to brainwave and treatment refers to the brain’s capacity to synchronize naturally with its own brainwave frequencies and the rhythm of external stimuli. 

With binaural beats, the stimulus is auditory. Patterns of neural firing measured in Hertz correspond to different states such as concentration, deep sleep, awake, relaxation. By listening to binaural beats of specific frequencies, one can theoretically induce a desired state of consciousness because of the relaxing music staged. We have performed studies to identify the potential impact of binaural beats on focus, mood, memory and creativity. 

The strongest evidence for binaural beats effects on the brain involves their ability to alleviate anxiety and induce deep relaxation. There are two major types of anxiety! The state anxiety and Titrate anxiety.

The State anxiety and false psychological stress induced by a specific event or situation. Anxiety involves a persistently heightened level of anxiety related to a personality characteristic. Several studies measuring the effects of binaural relaxing music beats on anxiety found that listening to them specifically in the Delta, Theta or Alpha range frequencies significantly reduced both state and titrate anxiety. 

Several studies have sought to capture the effects of binaural beats on mood. Binaural beats are relaxing music that appeared to decrease total mood disturbance, decrease fatigue, anxiety and confusion.

However, certain studies show that listening to binaural beats could actually increase depression when further investigated. Only the lower frequency binaural beats, such as those in the Theta Delta range, could actually relate to increased depression. Binaural beats stimulation in the beta range, the fast frequency binaural beats, resulted in decreased reports of depression, increased productivity. 

Which Binaural Beats to use based on studies?

The studies measuring binaural beats on memory, focus and creativity reveal mixed results. Some studies show improvement in these mental states after binaural beat stimulation, while others show a decrease or no effect at all. 

I might relate the mixed results to different frequencies used in the various studies. For example, some studies show binaural beats can positively or negatively impact memory depending on the frequency generated. One study found that the fast beat frequencies improved memory, while theta frequency binaural beats interfered with memory.

So what are we learning from this? That using different frequency sounds could cause vastly different effects on the brain cells. Different networks involved in different functions oscillate at different frequencies. Keep in mind that this technique of relaxation music through binaural beats may not work for everybody, much more likely that individuals may respond differently to diet supplements and medications. 

The same applies to binaural beats. Humans are vastly diverse, and what works for one person may not work for another. So, what is my personal experience with binaural beats?

I implement binaural beats in some of my meditation sessions because it relaxes my mind and puts me in a state of relaxation more easily. Listening to relaxing music like binaural beats is feeling helpful when I’m extremely anxious, stressed, and when I really want to relax from the outer world. 

I have seen little of an effect on my memory, concentration and creativity. Improved a little in Mind mapping technique.

But then again, it might be different for you. Research on the effects of binaural beats on the brain is still in its infancy. There is so much more to learn about this technique. Binaural beats offer a noninvasive technique to induce potential relaxation and alleviate anxiety and possibly enhance other cognitive functions. 

Waterfall ambient sound

Nature is always the best to make you relax with no artificial source. The rustling of the leaves in wind, water flowing downstream, ocean waves whisperings, insects and birds chirping are few beautiful sounds of nature. The optimization of brain neurons and fight-flight instinct occurs while listening to relaxing music.

You can meditate, walk, manifest with mantras, perform yoga with this relaxing music in the background. In this way, you can enhance productivity, relieve body pain, alleviate stress and anxiety.

The synapses in the brain react tremendously to nature’s voices. The power of relaxing music is inevitable for volunteers who were tested with a team of musicians and scientists.

They experienced a decline in sympathetic response in the body and a simultaneous increase in parasympathetic response. The parasympathetic one handles your subconscious activities like breathing, digestion, and sleep.

Hence, it is clear from these facts that our brain craves nature’s healing power to induce sleep and establish peace.

Mozart’s relaxing music

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the Immortal of Western music history, started playing Violin and Piano at seven! His music was mysterious to people even inside the music industry. Under his father’s guidance, Leopold Mozart, he learned how to compose music and improved it in his own unique style for Opera, Chamber music, solo piano sonatas, and much more.

Viola, Harpsichord, Fortepiano and an Organ were the few other instruments he mastered over time.

His classical music is so relaxing to hear. We can find it even on modern keyboards. This relaxing music is known for the Mozart Effect!

What is a Mozart Effect? What are the benefits of listening to Mozart’s music?

The research by the Royal Society of Medicine concluded that the Mozart effect improved spatial-temporal reasoning for 12 minutes. Spatial-temporal reasoning is the technique in which people could solve puzzles about their minds by virtually moving numbers or objects.

Students could calculate a tough mathematical multiplication problem within a comparatively faster time period. I use it for completing my documentation works without compromising on the concentration factor.

Listening to Mozart’s relaxing music on YouTube, or Spotify for just 10 to 15 minutes every day, can improve concentration and enhance memory, thus increasing productivity, which is your principal goal.

Classical piano music while studying

Another genre of relaxing music is just the plain and simple piano. The music by Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Henry Purcell has some potential relaxing effect on your brain. The music is not too slow nor too fast.

The classical piano music became the most searched relaxing music on YouTube.

This genre of music helps you study with

  • full concentration,
  • work with full focus and
  • improve memory management mind mapping techniques.

Mantra chanting

The Mantras are powerful, resonating vibrations that can add value to your meditation and yoga. For instance, take “OM” chanting mantra, the “OM” is the resistance unit “ohm Ω“. The resistance in the human body is roughly 300 Ω and when the chanting magnitude reached 3 Ω, it generates a shock wave.

The mantras allow the human body to experience natural mild shocks as we meditate. As per Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, chanting “OM” raises body temperature when repeated thousands of times. Thus it became a relaxing music rank holder.

What are the benefits of chanting OM?

Chanting Om mantra daily for 108 times

  • reduces stress and wavering thoughts
  • make an effective anti-depressant
  • relieves muscle stiffness
  • improves concentration
  • reduces laziness
  • increases spiritual discipline,
  • promotes calmness
  • balances sleep routine

White noise

White noise is a simple noise that is heard on a radio while changing channels, old CRT when no channel is available.

This sound is like the noise from a ceiling fan- a humming sound.

White noise is suitable for people who can’t sleep with pin-drop silence. Usually, kids love to sleep with white noise. It makes them get a full sleep cycle. For practicing safety for both baby and mother, place the speaker 7ft away from the crib and check whether they optimized the noise for 60-65 dB.

This noise may be addictive for babies and even for grown-ups but helps in relaxation of mind and deep peaceful sleep. Thus making its way to the relaxing music list.

Relaxing Electronic music

One fine artificially made music that can promote relaxation. The Electronic Dance music composers admirably produce relaxing music that is effective for both party people and fitness enthusiasts.

You would have listened to Alan Walker‘s FADED music. The music is so relaxing that people of any age can enjoy it. I have seen dogs loving this genre of music a lot. My labrador retriever asks me to play relaxing EDM on my speaker but hated the fast-paced ones.

Lo-Fi hip-hop, Lounge chill-out music

The modern era relaxation beats are suitable during a gathering, while practicing swimming, or even during a workout.

Coders crave this music. Long coding sessions can be boring, but software engineers use Lo-Fi hip hop beats to super fast their work. This music is relaxing to listen without instrument clusters.

Benefits of Lo-Fi hip hop music

  • Best Modern era relaxing music
  • Suitable for coders in enhancing productivity
  • Wide range of music choice
  • Heart-warming and stress relieving

Conclusion in choosing your relaxing music type

Music, in general, can affect negatively or positively on all species and has to be played under 80db. A researcher proved how the cows respond to Mozart’s music along with pop and Beethoven. Interestingly, all three genres lead to a similar increase in milk secretion.

Animals are attracted to peaceful sounds as it is clear from the proof where 4 deer sadly died after a heavy EDM concert inside a forest area. The forest officials found out that noise pollution is the reason behind the deers’ death. Noise pollution is proven to reduce life expectancy by 30%.

But for humans, the mindset matters the most. People who crave inner peace and fitness would get the most out of relaxing music which is available either by artificial or natural means. Listening to these relaxing music genres present on this list, each and every day, while practicing yoga or working, can boost productivity exponentially. The crazy hack is to avoid music that comes with a voice. Voices will distract you.

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