How To Make Own Planner For Productivity (1 Big Canva Tutorial)

Wanted to create your own daily, habit, yearly planner for productivity? Here’s the best way to use Canva and design the planner of your choice.

I have created a 2022 planner for you. Learn how and why I created that and start designing.

Besides that, download a few other printable planners below.

What Is A Planner For Productivity?

A Planner For Productivity is a printable or electronic sheet that helps you to split your day into several time spaces to handle every task you would like to accomplish. It can help you organize, prioritize, and accomplish tasks more efficiently.

They can make you a goal-oriented person and can change your life if you use them effectively.

How To Use A Planner?

Write the tasks you wish to do early in the morning or before sleeping. There are various types of planners you could use based on your requirements.

  1. Daily planner
  2. Weekly planner
  3. Fitness planner
  4. Monthly planner
  5. Yearly planner
  6. Habit tracker
  7. To-do list

Use a Habit Tracker to keep track of your bad habits and good habits. Write the name of your habit.

If you repeated the habit on that specific day, check or fill color on that date on the habit tracker planner.

In the remarks section, write what you should improve so that you could remember it the next day. In this way, you can get rid of your bad habits and practice good habits.

A To-do list is another important way to stay organized and productive in your life. Create a list of the priority list and a list of hibernation list so that you will have to finish those tasks without neglecting them.

The negative thoughts and anxiety lead to procrastination and inefficiency. A Hibernation list allows you to feel more efficient because you would have completed the priority tasks at the end of the day and procrastinate only a few of the hibernation tasks.

The fitness tracker that I use has a goal section, accomplishments section, and reward section.

It is important to reward your accomplishments to stay consistent with your efforts. I made a mistake during my teenage. I kept on completing my tasks for almost 8 months and I forgot the reason I prioritized and accomplished them.

These 7 planners are very important to organize your life and to feel good for yourself. It is necessary to work hard even if you hate that work so that when you look back, you will feel gracious.

What Are The Benefits of Using A Planner For Productivity?

  1. Increased focus in life.
  2. Opportunity to stop addictions.
  3. Creating a system to achieve goals.
  4. Prioritize the right tasks.
  5. Ability to make more money.
  6. Saving time for family meetings.
Pro tip: The best way to stay committed to your planner is by adding motivational or inspirational quotes at the bottom of the page. You can design it in Canva within 20 minutes.

Download Free Digital Planner Good Notes 2021

  1. 2022 yearly planner.
  2. Daily planner
  3. Fitness tracker
  4. Habit tracker
  5. Monthly planner

Download here.

How Do I Make My Own Planner For Productivity?

  1. Open and log in to your account.
  2. Create a blank page with size based on your preference. For my iPad, it is 2048 x 2732 pixels.
  3. Select a background for your planner. E.g. wooden texture.
  4. Create a plain picture element on top of your page as shown.
  5. Insert a planner page of your choice and add shadows effect.
  6. Insert a spiral element to feel like a spiral bound planner.
  7. Insert clips for each month on the right side so that you can highlight each month.
  8. Duplicate the pages.
  9. Download as pdf to keep it as high-quality printable planner for productivity.
Note: Most of the features I used to design are available on the Canva Pro pack.


Best Planners From Amazon

1. Weekly Planner

A weekly planner allows you to break down your daily tasks from your monthly tasks. It can even become the bridging gap between your days.

It allows you to arrange tasks that should be finished primarily in the week.

2. Daily Planner

It lets you prioritize your 5 most important tasks in the week.

There is a separate column for hibernation tasks or secondary tasks and a notes section to reason out the priorities.

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