How to Improve Productivity in Business (5 Proven Strategies)

In Every business, we have enough time to do stuff, but what’s important is how much your tasks are getting done within specific time constraints.

Here’s how you can improve productivity in business 10 fold times!

Productivity is the efficiency of the worker to stay focused on the task they gave him with no distractions. Productivity metrics may be calculated, including lunchtime, breakfast, teatime, phone calls and scrolling feeds, or restroom time.

1. Don’t Try To Remember Things

Your brain consumes a lot of energy when you try to remember a lot of stuff. It will process a rich deal of data and throw at you the needed information. You may have to remember the task you need to do today, your uncle’s birthday, grocery list, etc.

Write everything down in a bullet journal or on a productivity tool like ClickUp, Todoist. They save more time than you think. For the first few weeks, you may seem this practice pointless, but it creates a subconscious task management ability for you.

Maintain 1 book for noting ideas, 1 book for the to-do list, and another one for business if you are starting to get productive!


2. Day Documenting

I won’t force my brain to remember things that happened last week. You have to document everything that happened at the end of the day to understand what the past has changed from the present.

6/10 CEO and 2/10 office workers have the habit of documenting their work. It is not like a diary where you document your feelings, but a human memory storing hard disk.

Best Note-taking or Journaling apps

These apps have reminders, easy entry, minimalistic and clean interface suitable for business owners who like to avoid distractions.

3. Recurring Email

Task reminders are fine, but what makes more sense is the email to which we often give importance. Schedule an email to the day you want to do a new task.

If you still don’t want to start the task, reschedule the email to another day so you don’t have to remember any of them.

Try not to get too attached to emails and keep track of the time you wish to spend on it. Time Doctor is a wonderful time tracking productivity tool that measures your productivity in business with a measurement technique know as productivity metrics. Add this tool to your business ecosystem and teach employees about its importance.

Time doctor productivity report for employees- How to increase productivity in business.

4. Self WhatsApp Group

A WhatsApp group is much better for sharing information like images, links, voice messages. You can use this feature to improve productivity in business.

Create a WhatsApp group from your account and add a friend. Now remove the friend and you would be the only person left in the group.

There you will get unlimited data sharing storage area including videos, quick photos, text, voice, and links which you would like to remember daily.

5. Virtual Assistant

An assistant could always be helpful in scheduling and organizing the tasks and meetings after interpreting among your team. For this tedious activity, you can hire an AI!

AI-based virtual assistants are cheap when compared to humans. I use Doodle to schedule meetings and run a poll.

Integrating them with the calendar can save you a lot of time and energy.

As per, 38% of smartphone users use AI, virtual assistants, for handling tasks and banking.

Reduced counterproductive workplace behavior.

6. Have Fun

We all know Elon Musk, the real-life Tony Stark, the Dogecoin father, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. He is one of the most hardworking people on the planet.

He works restlessly and remains motivated all the time. He just forgot what the so-called “burnout” actually is!

Elon’s friends claim that he works 120hrs per week!

He finds fun in his innovation and brief steps. Instead of working on a task for the entire month, break it down into 2 or 3 subtasks and reward your day with the favorite hobby of your choice.

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