#1 Perfect Healthy Morning Routine For Productive Freaks

I have derived a healthy morning routine based on rich scientific pieces of research. The results were too easy to follow.

Use a 24-hour planner or just use a task management app like Todoist, Things, or ClickUp. This will remind you to follow the new healthy morning routine to attain maximum productivity throughout the day.

Perfect Healthy Morning Routine For Successful People

  1. Wake up at 5.21 am.
  2. Dring 1l warm water.
  3. Brush for 3 minutes.
  4. Exercise.
  5. Take a cold shower.
  6. Eat a proteinaceous breakfast.
  7. Check To-do list.
  8. Start your work.
  9. Snack on nuts.
  10. Blink eyes.

A Productive Morning Example: Time Block

Start TimeEnd TimeTaskNote
5:21 am5.25 amWake Up,
Drink warm water
No snooze.
5.26 am5.29 amBrushPress your teeth with index fingers to align.
5.30 am6.15 amExerciseStart with a dynamic stretch.
6.16 am6.35 amCold showerFire up the neurons. Free up your tummy.
6.36am7.10 amBreakfastHave a pre-planned breakfast.
7.11 am7.20 amTo-do listAnalyze and pre-plan your day.
7.30 amWorkPractice a 30min sit and 30 min standing workflow.
9.30 am9.45 amSnackNuts and beverages (minimum sugar).
9.46 am9.48 amBlink eyesMaintain a healthy eye.
Healthy Morning Routine Example

Wake Up

Wake up without snoozing, rub your hands, and smile. It creates a subconscious mood that you are ready for the day. Use an actual clock if possible. You don’t want to get distracted by any notifications on the phone while hitting the dismiss button.

wakeup with a smile- healthy morning routine

Drink 1 liter of warm water from the flask. Replenish your thirsty brain. It is the #1 secret for fast metabolism. Make up your bed for the night by arranging pillows and blankets, which will make you a perfectionist from the beginning of the day.

How to wake up in the morning. (in-depth guide)


Practice ambidextrous brushing. If you are a right-handed guy, use your left hand to brush your teeth. You are creating an unfamiliar experience for your brain. It makes the brain conscious, killing that “sleepy mood” button.


This the hardest part for every freelancer and work-from-home employee. Money is important, but health is more important. I would ask you to walk for the first week. Walking is simple and doable. Start walking or do any kind of physical activity after doing a dynamic stretch. It is the proper warmup technique.

dynamic stretching before workout- healthy morning routine
Dynamic Stretching

The next week, get a gym membership and start lifting weights 3 or 4 times per week. Scientific studies prove that weight lifting burns more calories than jogging. But remember, you have to sprint, walk, or jog to increase stamina. I walk for 5 minutes, sprint for 5 minutes, and continue this routine for 35 minutes, and later wrap up my workout with jogging for 10 minutes.

Things seem difficult when you look at the bigger picture, so take small consistent baby steps to achieve your life goal.

As you progress, do the cardio and weightlifting on alternative days. In this way, you are simultaneously enhancing your outlook and stamina. If you are tight on your schedule, do a HIIT.

Cold Shower

Cristiano Ronaldo takes a cold pool bath after every football match. If you still think about choosing hot water over cold, I may ask you to rethink. Coldwater is very effective for post-workout recovery.

It instantly replenishes your tired neurons. Experts say that cold water helps in improving brain power and memory.

Proteinaceous Breakfast

Having a high protein diet is always the right breakfast choice. Minimize carbs intake as it can induce sleep. I prefer to take coffee in the morning. If you drink tea, that’s cool. Protein can speed up the recovery of micro-tears that happen after a workout and promote metabolism.

List of protein rich food.

A healthy morning routine is not possible without a proper diet and exercise. It is the only way to keep you productive throughout the day. Measure your calorie intake by educating yourself in this area.

To-do List Preparation

“Never underestimate the to-do list. The more you organize, the more free time you can make up.”

Maintaining a to-do list determines your organizing ability and responsibility. If someone asked you to finish a task, or you have an important appointment with a client, you’re not supposed to let things slip away because of your personal commitments.

24 hours 365 days planner - printables- schedule healthy morning routine

Just create a task on Clickup, Todoist, or any task management app and plan the day out. Finish it within 10 minutes of your valuable time and start focusing on today’s work.

Start The Work

This is where you should stay happy. As a freelancer or work-from-home employee, you may find difficult to stay productive because of various distractions. I can assure you, everyone in this world face career stress at some point in their life.

Keep the stuff that distracts you away from your desk. Turn off notifications from social media because you should decide when you should check the notifications. Buy this standing table (click image) from amazon if you have back pain issues. Get a comfy, ergonomic chair or chair pad that could release some pressure on your spine. There is a method known as dynamic sitting to reduce back pain when sitting.

Snack Time

After 3 hours, it is time to snack. Instead of choosing cookies, take nuts like walnut, cashew, pistachios, and almonds. Brain foods like blueberries, strawberries, homemade peanut cookies will also provide a dopamine boost naturally.

Drink tea, coffee, or simply hot water. Reduce caffeine intake to 1 time per day.

Blink Eyes

Do you remember how often you blinked your eyes after an interesting work? When you focus on something that grabs your attention to the core, you may completely forget to blink.

That’s why schedule a time (2 minutes) to blink 100 times continuously while taking deep breaths. It may seem to suck your time away but believe me, it is a game-changer in reducing stress levels and acts as a catalyst for a good night’s sleep.

A Word From Pain-free Productivity

I believe this healthy morning routine example could be a trigger to kick-start your productivity-focused schedule. By scheduling tasks, you will get more time to do the things that you love.

Once you have figured out the perfect timings based on your work, you will become unstoppable.

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