Happiness vs Money: #1 Financial Life Lesson

 Your financial life has always been a love-hate relationship with money throughout history. But for the happiness vs money debate, what should you choose?

Money caused so much confusion and so much emotional violence to many people. We’re living in the richest time in history. As a species, we’ve created more wealth in 200 years than the total sum of human history. Money is everywhere. Nothing is untouched by it and it permeates every aspect of our lives.

This question more apparent in the 21st century where wealth is exploding all around us.

For example, we have Vignesh Sundaresan who bought an NFT for $69 million. He clearly mentioned that he bought it out of emotion- happiness. The $5000 he invested in Bitcoin in 2010 became $1billion+ in 2021. 

 How Do You Ask Questions About Money? 

  • What exactly is money?
  •  What do we know about it?
  •  Where does money come from?
  •  Why do we need money? 
  • Why do some people have a lot while other people have very little?
  •  Why is money so incredibly important to our overall quality of life? 

 From a very young age, society teaches most of us that money or the love of money is the root of all evil. That’s a belief that deeply permeates our society and represents a huge emotional hurdle to many people. So perplexing and so mysterious to realize that they have taught us nothing about the subject of life.

 To claim that the love of anything is the very foundation of evil is a frightening assertion, especially in a child’s mind. But if we are brain-washed to believe that “Money is evil” in childhood, then how can we expect a grown-up to spend energy in making money!

Many people associate wealth with greed and selfishness. Many people view rich people with resentment not only because of what they have but because we’re kind and suspicious about who they must have hurt on their way to making all that money. Many of us just assume that in order to become wealthy, you’ve got to take advantage of other people. 

Everyone wants to be rich and live an extraordinary life. Would anyone rather be poor? Despising rich people and wanting to be rich makes no sense. It’s like saying “I really hate the members of that crew, but man I truly like to join.”

 We know we need money to have an excellent quality of life but we’re taught to be terrified of it. We want more of something that society has defined as the very foundation of evil. We resent wealthy people but we want to be like one. We demonize the corporations that create the products of services that we all enjoy.

 This is odd and I believe it is because they never taught us anything about money. We don’t teach the subject of money to our children in school in any meaningful way — “What money is? How to make it? How to manage it?” These are things that are simply not addressed in the syllabus of standard education. 

 And here’s the problem. We go to school for 18 or 20 years and we learn about dozens and dozens of subjects — everything but money. Then we graduate and spend most of our waking hours every day for the rest of our life trying to make money — a subject about which we learned absolutely nothing in school.

 Isn’t that crazy? I know so many intelligent, talented, disciplined, and hard-working people who are completely dumbfounded by the subject of money.

 It is not an unsurprising fact that we have grave money problems. Most of us are in debt up to our eyebrows and were bewildered and angered by the widening gap between the rich and the poor. Financial problems are among the leading cause of divorce for couples.

Poverty, which is a lack of money, is a leading cause of crime. 

Many people wonder how poverty can even exist in a country that is so incredibly wealthy. We have serious money problems but when have we attempted to educate anyone on this issue? Especially our children and what kind of mindset allows us to totally neglect such an incredibly important subject when it comes to money that we’re expected to figure it out on our own.

 We’re not expected to discover the principles of physics out there in the actual world after we graduate. We’re not expected to figure out trigonometry on our own. We’re not left to wrestle with verb tense, multiplication, igneous rocks, or cumulus clouds but we’re somehow expected to discover the principles of money all by ourselves. That’s a hard thing to do.

Develop a winning mindset.

 I had the good fortune of getting an education about money. I didn’t learn it anywhere in school because they don’t teach it in school, but it is in my blood. I had a role model, “my uncle” who’s a moneymaker — a real rags to riches story. It made a gigantic impact on my personality. I saw how to create wealth.

 I learned the entire process and then did it myself. When I was a kid, I thought that what you are supposed to do when you grew up was to find something that you’re great at and then nurture and expand those talents. Work hard to discover “how to use your talents” to make the lives of the surrounding people happier, more beautiful, safer, or better and not only get wealthy doing it but gain a lot of personal fulfillment along your way.

  During my journey from poverty and depression to financial abundance, I developed a deep understanding of what money is, where it comes from, what it means, and what it can do. I remember looking around me at a very young age at how people viewed money and thinking to myself something’s very wrong here.

If people understood what wealth is, where it comes from, and what it can do for people, it wouldn’t be this way. So I studied it, read about it, and found out that if we want to untie the mystery, the chaos, and the confusion surrounding money, the best place to start is by answering this question – 

What Is Money?

 There is an aimed answer. Money is simply a tool of the trade. It is a medium of exchange. Money is an invention that allows you to trade the goods you create and the services you offer more easily. The most necessary inventions ever in the history of our species. Without money, civilization would not be possible.

Money has 2 primary purposes: 

  1. To equalize value so that people can trade things more easily, and
  2. To reserve value so that people can save it and trade it at a later date. 

These two things are the pillars of the civilized world.

 Here’s an example of what equalizing value means.

John is a wheat farmer a few 1000 years ago before money was invented. John wants some rice, so he had to find a guy with a rice farm and try to trade wheat for some kgs of rice. If the rice guy doesn’t want wheat but wants carrots, John had to find a guy with carrot farm and if the guy with carrot farm doesn’t want his wheat but wants 2 scandals instead, now John has to find a cobbler. And finally, the cobbler will trade John 2 scandals for wheat, and John can trade the scandals for the carrot and the carrot for the rice.

How trading without money works, what is money
Trading with money vs trading without money

 That’s how people have to trade their goods and services. They had to trade their stuff directly for other people’s stuff and it was clumsy. While money got rid of all that it.

It allowed John to turn his wheat into silver coins and everyone recognized it as the equivalent value. John could trade coins for carrots, rice, scandals, or jewelry for his wife with one step.

 It is more efficient. Money is a medium of exchange. Money standardizes or equalizes values for “x” amount of these little things.

 Money also allowed people to store a value, which is huge. As a wheat farmer, John works all year long in the fields but the harvest happens all at once and John doesn’t trade his wheat quickly, then all his work is going to go down the drain. So he has to trade it for whatever is available at that time.

 If he wants to trade his wheat for a goat, but there’s none available at the time, too bad for him. Maybe next year there’s going to be a goat available when John has some more wheat.

Money changed all that. With money, he can turn wheat into coins and then trade those coins not only for what he wants but when he wants. John can wait a month, a year, or even pass that money on his children. The money allowed people to save.

A genie script for financial abundance.

 Now, what are we saving? Our productive accomplishments. Our hard work. Money is stored energy, your work, your sweat, your thinking, your talents are in there. You traded those things for these things.

 Today, we use paper money. In America it is dollars, India it is rupees. Dollars and rupees are pieces of paper printed by the government. They’re worthless. You can’t eat them, you can’t live in them, you can’t do anything with them other than what we invented them for — trade products and services. 

 Stop chasing those pieces of paper and focus on what they represent and you’ll find out.

 Money represents the very best things that people offer each other — the goods and the services the people produce. With money, people can easily exchange their work — their talents, skills, the very best that’s inside themselves for the best inside of others.

Money is quite literally an emblem of human productivity and accomplishments.

It represents all the good things that we create for each other. Today we trade our work for money, which we then used to trade for the work of other people.

Christopher Nolan’s work is to make movies and the rest of us go to work and trade our various talents and skills for money and then we trade a small part of what we’ve earned to Christopher Nolan’s company so that we can enjoy an evening’s entertainment.

 The value Bill Gates has created — “software” that has changed how people live and he is wealthy because he has positively affected the lives of literally billions of people profoundly. A doctor, teacher, lawyer, and janitor — they all provide valuable services to other people. They exchange those services for money so they can gain the valuable services of others.

 You trade your work for money and the better you are at it, the more valuable you become. Your work for money is a symbol of the best that people offer each other.

 Do I love money? If you mean, do I love little green pieces of paper with pictures of dead presidents on them? The answer is no. 

If you mean, do I love what money represents? What it means and what it can do?

The answer is an absolute “Yes”. 

Anyone who has collected those little pieces of paper at the center of their life’s aspirations, to me, is way missing the point. If you want to enrich yourself, stop concentrating on those pieces of paper and start concentrating on the value that you can contribute to the surrounding people.

 They should teach you during childhood that money is an emblem of human productivity and human accomplishment and represents all the wonderful things that humans create and is worthy of your respect and your applause.

Society’s Perspective On Money

What if they taught you the love of money is the love of the human mind of production, progress, and freedom? There’s actually the love of humanity. What if they taught you that wealth, progress, and prosperity eliminate poverty and human suffering?

Making money does not equate to some sort of spiritual defect but the highest form of contribution

If everyone around you has encouraged you to develop and apply your unique talents to the pursuit and creation of wealth, how your life might differ from what it is right now? If your children grew up believing this, how would their lives be different? Your beliefs and your attitudes toward money and wealth may have a major impact on your productivity to be able to create financial abundance in your life.

 How you think about money will determine your financial condition. Your beliefs “whether or not they’re true, whether or not they’re helpful” are going to determine your actions and that’s why they’re so incredibly important. Choose them consciously. 

Don’t let a conditional, miserable belief enslave your life. Especially not if someone else put that belief in your head. Decide for yourself what you want your beliefs to be. 

I hope that you’re going to agree with me that the financial advice and guidance that we’re going to deliver will be worth much more than the cost of your entire schooling. If you apply the manifestation techniques and do the exercises that I’m going to share with you, you will create a quantifiable surge in your financial life.

I’m going to give you something much more valuable than just financial advice because there are so many financial threats. It is out there. You can find them anywhere and what you’re going to do is, you’re going to help yourself bring an immense amount of consciousness to this category by sharing a unique and powerful perspective.

 It will give you a much deeper understanding of the role that money plays in your life. It is going to give you infinitely more control over your financial world and we’re going to share a sure-fire formula for creating financial abundance that will work and that’s a big promise.

 The financial category is unique in many ways. It is super emotionally charged. Massive confusion surrounds it all over the world. It is really intense from a data perspective.

The financial category is an outlier across the 12 key performance indicators. It is the most popular category of focus. 

 Over 28% of the general population choose the financial category as the category they most need to improve. So out of 12 categories, almost 1/4 choose this one as the area of improvement.

Money seems to be a subject that’s on everybody’s mind. This is going to be a deep-rooted excavation with no pitying. 

How To Set Financial Goals?

 We’ve all heard the phrase “there are two sides to every coin” right? Funny little metaphor. It is the perfect phrase to describe this exploration because the financial category involves so much paradox, so much dichotomy. 

  • On one side of the coin, the financial category is the most moving spiritual category of all because when you truly understand what money is — an emblem of human productivity and accomplishment — represents all the good things people create and offer each other. When you truly understand how wealth is created, which is by creating value for your fellow human beings, you start to get in touch with some pretty profound things, like your highest form of contribution as a human being.
  • This can lead you to discover your purpose in life. The creation of wealth, progress, and prosperity eliminate suffering. That’s what eliminates poverty in this world. That’s what keeps humans moving forward. 
  • When you flip the coin, so much stress surrounds this category. So much confusion and so much weirdness. It is ridiculous that they have taught you “money is evil” or the love of it is, but we all want more money.

 You’re taught that rich people are greedy, they’re selfish, they’re bad to take advantage of other people but we all would like to be wealthy. You’re not taught anything real, meaningful, or serious about money in school and then we wonder why most of us have serious money problems.

Most of us are in debt up to our eyebrows. We’re bewildered and angered by the widening gap between the rich and the poor. Financial problems are the second-leading reason for divorce and alcoholism comes first. Poverty or lack of money is a leading cause of crime. This is one of the few categories that people are willing to kill.

 You really couldn’t have two intensely opposite sides of the same coin.

I suggest you create a life compass so that you can understand where the true north is. This category is so confusing and complicated that we’ve got to have a decision-making framework, a standard by which to judge — good or bad, right or wrong, true or false, or we’re in danger of being swept away by this crazy category.

 An important principle, “The Climax Principle” is one of my favorites and is incredibly important. 

“Ultimately, people always wanted to stay happy and everything else they wished for is a presentation to that climax.”

 As you’ll discover, this may be the most valuable concept to keep in mind while we’re exploring this wild financial category. 

Stephen covey says “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”

 And we know that “Happiness is the main thing”.

 If your mission is to create a truly extraordinary life in every important area, including your financial life, there is no question that your life vision has got to center on happiness.

Happiness Vs Money

 Happiness is the principal thing and everything else in your life either supports your happiness or takes away your happiness, including your financial life.

 This happiness isn’t merely an ultimate destination to be reached. It is about the journey to get there. The only way you can have an extraordinary life is to build it step-by-step so you’re going to be spending a lot more time on the journey than you’re going to be spending at the ultimate destination. So the journey itself must produce immense happiness.

 Every single day when you move towards your life vision should generate feelings of joy, feelings of satisfaction, contentment, and well-being. Goal achievement is hugely important. It is a big important piece of the happiness puzzle but it is literally half the battle. A successful life entails more than just charging towards your goals every second of the day to realize a result. Equally important, which is the other half, is that life is meant to be lived, savored, and treasured. 

“In between goal points, there is a golden ball called life that is to be cherished and is to be lived.”

Sid Caesar

 Achieving our dreams is hugely important. We’re all about that, but the process of achieving our dreams should be fun and fulfilled.

Why You Should Like Your Personal Development Journey

It is not about just being in great shape. It should be fun to get in shape. You should enjoy the process. 

It is not just about having an outstanding marriage. Every single day you took to build that outstanding marriage should bring you feelings of gratefulness and joy.

It is not about just being wealthy. The actual process of making money needs to be enjoyable and fulfilling. If you’re not enjoying the process while creating abundance in all the areas of your life, you’re missing the point, because the point is happiness.

 Your happiness is the utmost necessary thing in your life. That’s the true north in your life compass. Let’s just keep that compass in mind.

 Back to the two sides of the same coin story.

 On the one side of the coin, if you don’t spend enough time and you’ve not spent enough energy on the financial category and didn’t come out with the right mindset, you will not have near the quality of life that you wish. You’re going to be living in lack, you’re going to be experiencing stress and frustration, and feeling like you’re living with one hand tied behind your back.

  “Money is like a 6th sense without which you cannot completely use the other five”.

W. Somerset Maugham

 If you don’t have it together in the financial category, you’re going to be missing out on a tremendous amount of what life offers. That’s one side of the coin.

 Here’s the other. If you spend too much time in this category, it is going to destroy your quality of life. Just this same category can completely take over people’s lives and it can become all they think about it.

 You rarely hear about people ruining their love relationship because they focus too much time on their health and fitness, but they will ruin their marriages by pursuing money. People won’t give up time with their kids and miss their childhoods because they’re spending too much time working on their character but they will for persuading money.

For instance, Chris Hemsworth, our Thor, the strongest avenger, was near to losing his happiness in pursuit of money. After struggling for 8 years, he finally got the role in Thor. He worked hard for that role and people loved him but he didn’t realize that he actually neglected his wife and kids until he joined a dad race at his child’s school.

When he won the race and was about to share the victory, no one was watching. His girl simply didn’t watch the race. He was chasing his dream for 10 years and forgot to focus on the present. At that moment he took a break from acting and started being there for his kids like how a proper dad should be.

 I can almost guarantee that you will not look back on your life and regret how much time you spent developing yourself spiritually or intellectually, but if you spend too much time focused on making money, you will have regrets. Same coins, 2 sides, immense consciousness required.

 My life journey has given me some very interesting experiences with the financial category because I have been both very poor and very rich. I’m intimately familiar with both sides of this interesting coin.

After my graduation, I had to sacrifice my career I loved for a job that paid me well. I got an internship for the job I loved, but at that time, my family’s debt was mounting. So I took a sales job and paid off my debt.

 I know poor; I spent half my life there, and I spent the other half of my life rich. I’ve lived on the 100-foot yachts, finest hotels I have been to both parties all the way so I can share some personal views from both sides of this crazy financial coin.

 Here’s one more of those coin examples.

 Everybody wants more money. Everybody wants more money than they have. I know a few billionaires and well over 100 millionaires and I will tell you, they all want more money than they have.

 I’m wealthy and I’d like to have more money than I have right now. No one I know is completely satisfied with their financial life. Are you? 

I’ve given this a lot of thought. It is just human nature. It’s actually the nature of life and generally, organisms are growing or they’re dying. They’re expanding or they’re contracting. 

As human beings, we’re wired to expand, to want more, not just in the financial category but in every area of life. We don’t like to be a little wealthier; we don’t like to be in a better shape, more spiritually fulfilled, just a bit happier.

 No matter where you are in any area of life, I think you’ve got to have something to strive for. That’s a good thing if you’re a conscious person. That’s how goals get set. That’s how things get accomplished. That’s how wealth, economy, and life get created.

 That is how our species makes progress.

No matter where you’re or how successful your vision is, it is a mental image of what the future could look like, and it is always better than what today looks like.

Everyone wants more, and that’s OK. It can be a superb thing for developing yourself, achieving your potential, creating a brighter future, and a higher quality of life than what you have right now.

 So that’s one side of the coin. Look at the other side of the coin. 

This continuous striving for more can set up a mental situation where no matter how much you have, you feel a sense of lack because you are falling short of some imagined ideal. You never quite achieve that ideal in any category of life. You can never be quite successful enough in your career, never be quite thin enough, never be quite muscular enough, never be quite a good enough parent, spouse, or spiritually enlightened. 

If you focus on what you don’t have, you will feel deflated that you’re not living up to some imagined potential instead of being immensely appreciative for who you are. 

 Simply put, there is a tension between ambition — what you want, setting in accomplishing goals, achieving, creating more. On the one hand — gratefulness, contentment for what you have already. 

 I consider this to be one of the true secrets that I discovered in my own life and I’ve learned from a deep study by the masters on the subject.

 Your happiness in any category of your life entails both sides of this coin. Your very best life entails striving for more with a passion that drives you forward, toward achievement, while simultaneously being immensely grateful that you have enough right here, right now. 

Happiness- Our North Star Comprises 2 parts:

  1. The satisfaction that comes from the progressive accomplishment of worthy goals. 
  2. Sheer satisfaction and gratefulness for how good life is right now.

If you can master the relationship between these 2 experiences, you’ve achieved one of the most profound things that a human being could ever aspire to.

Manifestation Quotes For The Financial Life Category 

“I am ultra thankful for my financial life today. I have enough right now. I’m truly blessed. I don’t want, I have. I don’t need it, I have. I’m so incredibly thankful for that and I fully intend to expand my financial life even more from here. I’m going to strive to create more value for others. And as a result, more wealth and abundance for myself and my family every day. I’m going to enjoy every single minute of that process.”

That is the recipe for financial happiness. It keeps happiness as the principal focus. It entails striving for growth and enjoying the process. That’s the magic formula. It keeps the main thing, the main thing.

It leads to what I consider to be the biggest financial breakthrough you could ever have. This is bigger than any wealth creation strategy that you will ever learn and is the final verdict of this big financial exploration.

 “True financial abundance compares nothing with the amount of money in your vault. True financial abundance is nothing but a state of mind.” 

Here’s the proof. I know many millionaires who live in total lack. They don’t enjoy their financial success at all. It causes them to lose sleep. They’re paranoid about their romantic love relationships.

 Why is that person trying to get close to me? It must be for my money. They live way below their means. Spending money scares them. They have no experience of abundance in their life. Having a lot of money can make you overly fearful of losing it if you don’t have the right mindset. 

What good is having money if you still have to do all the stuff that you don’t want to do? Things you could afford to pay others to do.

 “Money creates an exceptional servant but an awful master.” 

So true. For people like this, money has become an end instead of a means to an end. The end of happiness. The “Big Climax principle” is just out of the window with these people. They’ve lost sight of the key thing and they’ve also lost sight of what money is for in the first place and what it can do. 

The money hasn’t given them freedom, it’s imprisonment. Even though they’ve got a lot of money, they don’t have financial abundance. They live in a state of perpetual financial lack.

 So that’s one side of the coin. When I flip the coin, I know people with very little money that are financially happy and financially content. Much more satisfied with their financial life and those millionaires I just talked about although they don’t have a lot of money, they seem to have everything in life that they want in need.

 Some people like that too, they’re out there. People who live on a modest income but they’re just thrilled and truly content. They have no experience of financial lack at all and it’s usually because of how grateful they are for what they have.

Money Can Buy Happiness? Set Financial Goals

A few years ago, I learned an amazing financial lesson about true financial abundance from my brother-in-law. He is a small business owner who makes a good living. He doesn’t have money to waste, but he makes more than enough to live in a grand house, to pay all of his bills, save some money, take a nice vacation now and then with his family.

 I remember years ago when I was working with him on his business model. He’d finally cracked the code in his business, and he was at the point where he could scale and expand. We sat down and looked at whether he should expand his business and at the end of the day after giving it a lot of thought; he said to me, “I believe I’ve made enough right now. I think I’ve got everything I need. I don’t really want to miss out on any of my kid’s baseball games. I’m just not willing to trade my time for more money.” 

My brother-in-law made a conscious decision not to expand, not to scale his business so that he wouldn’t have to miss a moment of his kid’s childhoods.

 I was awe-struck by that decision. It is one of the best life decisions I’ve ever seen anyone make. A profound, wise, intelligent choice that changes the whole life and everyone in his family is the happiest, most content people I have ever met precisely because he chooses a financially abundant mindset over actually making more money.

 He chose an abundant consciousness over more cash.

 That’s amazing right there. The greatest financial gift you could ever give yourself is realizing your financial goal. If you let this concept soak in and let it permeate your soul to saturate every molecule of your being, this alone will change your life because you’ll be ready to come to this category in the most powerful way possible.

 You cannot fake this. You can’t talk yourself or hypnotize yourself into this. It’s got to be real. It’s got to be deep and authentic to create the true paradigm shifts.

 Here are a few strategies that you can use to help you get there if you don’t think you have enough right now. If you’re having a hard time mustering up feelings of gratitude and contentment for your current financial situation, which could be fair. 

Take a trip to a 3rd world country like Congo, for instance, where the average per capita income is less than 73 cents per day.

 Can you imagine living on $7.50 per day for 10 days? Over 55 million people live in that country and the average income of those 55 million people is about $20 a month. If you go to that country with a $200 bill, you’ve got 10 months of money right there.

 In a country like that, an old-School 13″ tube TV with a tinfoil antenna, is the greatest treasure that an entire village will have. The entire village will gather every evening to watch some funny black-and-white movies in a language that they understand and that brings them so much joy.

 Yet how many flat screens do you have in your house? Another great way to generate grip from what you have right now is to study history. You know, watch a series like “Mankind, the story of us all”, or anything about World War II or the dark ages.

When you study the history of humanity, you’ll realize that you are living at the best time, in the best place ever.

 I will not sit here and belabor this point but we in the modern world do not know what true poverty is, what true suffering and true misery are like, and from that perspective, you inspect what you have right now and you understand that you’re so blessed.

 We are so fortunate. We have more than enough. We have financial abundance and this is the most powerful financial orientation that there is — the abundance mindset.

 The thing that I’m trying to convey is, it is yours if you simply choose it. Financial abundance is a mindset and is just waiting for you to reach out and claim it. If you choose to claim the abundance mindset, something very interesting and powerful will happen to you. 

Your consciousness about the relationship between money and happiness, like my brother-in-law’s decision, can help you set that financial bar at the right place in your life. This means you can answer the question “how much wealth should I really strive for”.

What Does “Infinity Loop” of Money-Making Mean?

 The one side of the financial life coin:

If you set that financial bar too low, you’re not feeding your achievement side, you’re going to miss out on the satisfaction and the fulfillment that comes from challenging yourself.

Remember, your happiness comes in part from the progressive realization of worthy goals.

You don’t want to set that financial bar too low. You want to make good money so we can have all the things that you want, the freedom to go to the place you want, to have amazing experiences, to have that beautiful house, to contribute to others or get involved with charities, whatever works for you.

 On the flipped side of coin,

 If you set the bar too high, you’re going to have stress, you’re going to mess up your happiness, and also the 10 other categories of life because the life mistakes cannot be undone. The decision to get rich is not just a financial decision but a whole life decision.

 It can act as both benefit and hazard if you’re not conscious about where to set that bar in your life. Most of you aren’t doing this right. 

You’ll probably get to a situation what I call the “infinity loop situation” in which you will flare around mindlessly trying to make more and more money without even asking yourself “why?”, “how much is enough?”, and “What is this costing me to make all this money or what kind of life do I want to be living?”.

 Think of them when you finally have as much money as you want, which you never will, it is going to improve your life, which you wouldn’t anyway, and the process of working mindlessly for it will not make you happy along the way on the journey. It will wear you out. It is going to ruin your health and even if you pull off the miraculous feat of getting rich under those circumstances, trust me, the having of it will not make you happy. 

If you haven’t set your financial goals, something will probably jack your relationships up, and your health and fitness will probably be a mess. 

An abundance mindset is an inoculation that gets you off of that “infinity loop” of money-making.


 It grounds you when you’re deciding where to set that financial bar because you’re starting with “I’ve got enough already and I’m excited about expanding from here but I will not trade my happiness for it. I’m never going to trade my happiness for money.”

That is a profoundly powerful financial orientation. It all starts by understanding the relationship between happiness and money, which most people never even think about to develop an abundance mindset. That’s why my brother-in-law is so successful because he understands this relationship and he spends the hours of his days exactly the way he wants to, similar to Chris Hemsworth. He works hard; he makes decent money, but I measured his happiness in the moments of pure joy that he has and the quality time he spends loving his children. They are living a life of abundance now.

 My happiness picture in my financial life looks different from his but guess what, I want to spend the hours of my days exactly the way I want to spend them too. I’ve decided in my life that I want to be wealthy — that’s the life that I want to live. I LOVE MONEY. I love creating wealth. I believe it is an important part of my life. It is a major focus of mine. I work hard to create more value and more wealth pretty much every day. I understand that wealth is the product of MY vision and contribution which makes it one of the most beautiful and spiritual things in my life.

 I also understand that it comes at a cost. It takes a lot of work, takes a lot of energy, a lot of my focus. I know there is no way to get rich quickly and no shortcuts. 

We earn our success, we earn our self-respect. No one can give us those things. They don’t fall out of the sky — a big responsibility to create a lot of wealth so I try to go into this category consciously. I take responsibility for my financial aspirations.

If you’ve decided to make a lot of money in your life, you should expect to live with a healthy dose of stress in life. Experience career and financial stress all the time because you’ve made a conscious decision to do big things in life, difficult things that push your limits.

Unleash at least some of your potential into this world. 

I’m wealthy enough that I could decide never to work again another day in my life. I could make that decision tomorrow but I’ve chosen to go bigger because that’s just who I am. Guess what, on that journey, I will never lose sight of the fact that I have more than enough already right here.

Manifest Money Along With Happiness

 “I make splendid financial decisions every day. I work hard. I love being wealthy and I’m grateful for that. I love making money but I will not trade my happiness for it ever because my happiness is the principal thing for me.”

Closing The Curtains With Brain Exercise For Your T0-D0-List

How you view money, what you believe about money will have a tremendous impact on our financial life.

 So your #1 brain exercise is-

  1. To create a gratitude practice around your current financial life. Appreciate what you already possess. Doesn’t matter whether it is a little, be grateful for the wealth you have around you. Write in your planner (either digital) every day from this point in your life — “What you’re grateful for in your financial life?”. 

This is going to be a magic exercise. I promise you that. 

2. I’d like you to bring a little consciousness to setting your financial goal. Now, this might take some time, but what I’d like you to do is sit down and think about how much money is enough for you.

 The thing is, every wealth bracket contains its life-changing levels of sacrifices and the question is — Are you willing to sacrifice for a successful financial life? For some, the answer will be yes and for others, the answer will be no. There’s no right or wrong answer, but there is a right or wrong answer for you. 

The financial goals need to be planned, and it needs to be defined by you. “What price are you willing to pay to achieve your desired financial results, how much is enough for you?”

 The next category makes it all possible for your career. We’re going to take a deep look at the 3 pillars upon which we based any successful career whether it creates financial abundance for you and one that also adds value to the world and makes the world a better place. 

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