How to brazen lower back pain when sitting on chair

Are you seriously wondering how to get rid of lower back pain? Let me pull the back curtain on how your sitting posture could affect your lower back.

n experiment comprising 30 office workers was subsequently adopted and separated into two groups – with and without lower back pain. A team of researchers provided an experimented solution.

low back pain in women

The test result showed that people with a more static sitting habit developed a trend of increased lower back pain and people with a constant motion while sitting have registered a negligible level of back pain, including the upper and lower back.

Introduction and statistics of lower back pain

Lower Back pain is chronic and has an international prevalence of 25%. The evidence proof from the research shows that prolonged static sitting positions have risks of developing musculoskeletal disorders in the arms, legs, neck, especially shoulders and back.

There are shocking statistics that prove dental workers who hold small instruments for a prolonged time without big-time movements have musculoskeletal disorders.

Studies also show that 2/3 of office workers develop sharp lower back pain and opt for surgery within 2 years of struggle and spend almost $20000 within 10 days! I will share multiple factors of lower back pain along with a graph and a lifelong solution to get rid of lower back pain of any kind.

I have listed down the Symptoms of lower back pain at the end of the article until then you will read the habits of preventing lower back and upper back pain in the future with a simple technique.

This list I have shared contains the causes you may have developed. Lower back pain in men, women, and as a teenager.

10 Factors affecting lower back or Primary causes of your lower back pain

  1. Improper lifting procedure.
  2. Sedentary office work.
  3. Improper sitting habits.
  4. Tight Hamstrings.
  5. Muscle knots.
  6. Over-training of abdomen muscles – add lower back strengthening workouts to your routine.
  7. Improper riding position, either bike or a car.
  8. Excessive masturbation or unnatural sexual practice.
  9. Stretching without a dynamic warmup.
  10. Improper usage of gym equipment. (Learn how to use foam rollers).

These symptoms of lower back pain apply to both males and females. Other than these factors, back pain for females because of pregnancy, back pain while on periods is completely natural since the ligaments stretch and become soft.

These lower back pain symptoms are something unique happening for a good cause. Back pain during pregnancy is still a major issue since women have reduced the amount of activity while doing household. That is a completely different topic. Read here for more details related to pregnancy.

How lower back pain occurs while traveling with prolonged vibrations?

Un-ergonomic sitting positions during prolonged travel are one of the major sources of lower back pain. I recommend it to you based on evidence that you have to do lower back stretches and lower back muscle-building workouts weekly thrice.

After a long trip, you may rest for a while in a hotel which may be the best time to implement 5 minutes workout and go for fast walking. A bumpy ride on a bus or bicycle may tweak your pain index to a level of sciatica, which is an electric shock-like feeling arising from your lower back to the calf.

Cyclist lower back strain
Cyclist with a poor lower back unhealthy posture

For example, the most aerodynamically effective position while riding a bicycle is unsurprisingly the unwholesome component for your lower back, mostly due to hamstring shortening. In this position, including a bumpy ride can worsen your lower back to a substantial level.

Strengthening the lower back and foam rolling the surrounding muscles is a common practice for cyclists. In our case, researchers have recorded the pressure data from experiments at 5Hz and a resolution of 12bits with the help of a textile pressure sensor pad on the chair.

The 128 sensors provided accurate stress and stress indexing on the seat. The results were fulfilling because of their accuracy. They used this chair for the experiment.

office chair

Solution for lower back pain while sitting on a chair.

So, How do you relieve lower back pain?

A Dynamic sitting solution

A new term was coined Dynamic Sitting” wherein you are asked to adopt a sitting behavior with micro-movements and frequently large shifts in posture. Since the subjects with reduced spine health indicated lower back pain with a more static sitting behavior, dynamic sitting works best for both upper back pain and lower back pain.

We constantly give the muscles some work to do and hence get reduced to aging factors. Sitting on a chair like a flatter one can put more pressure on you. Choose a more ergonomic chair.

Chair that could relieve lower back pain
A chair that could relieve lower back pain

For example, look at the old car seat and a new Ferrari seat. These guys are brilliant in improving customer experiences.

Old car seat
Old car seat with no lumbar support
ferrari car seat- pain free ride
Modern Ferrari car seat with lumbar support

Buy a new chair for your work-from-home desktop room or lumbar support for your car seat now! To choose a chair, make sure it falls under certain criteria and stays within your budget. A good chair can enhance productivity drastically and pave a path for leading a pain-free life.

Chair Buying guide: How to choose a chair under specific budgets

There are millions of good-looking office chairs that come with cheap prizes actually a rip-off but make sure you look for a quality product. Choosing a chair is never a straightforward task, but these tips are life-changing.

1. Chair with a built-in lumbar support

Most of the office chairs come with built-in lumbar support, so make sure this feature is present. A contoured backrest works best since the spine has a natural inward curve, which loses when excessive pressure is put on it for a longer time. Choose an ergonomic chair with an adjustable armrest, depth. The height must be helpful to aid the curve.

2. Backrest on the chair

A Backrest for your chair. Either built-in or breathable memory foam can be used for naturally adjusting to the spine’s curve. Measure the width, which should be 17(土3) inches. For a built-in backrest, make sure the locking mechanism is present to adjust the angles as per your height and preference. Choose a chair with an elevated headrest to avoid the risk of neck pain.

women experiencing neck pain

3. Armrest attached:

The armrest should be able to get adjusted manually so that the user can rest their arms and shoulders comfortably. The lower arm and elbows should rest in a position where the forearm is not supposed to rest on the armrest. Nowadays, the chair’s armrest can be tilted based on the user’s needs and comes with the name 4D adjustable, 3D adjustable, etc.

4. Seat Material of the chair

You should prefer a breathable cloth fabric more than a harder surface as it reduces spine compression. Spine compression is a major factor of concern for bulging disc or herniated disc and sciatica. The pain is so real that you may have to take bed rest and visit a physiotherapist to ease it.

The padding must be comfortable in your chair to sit for an extended period. A waterfall design padding surprisingly could provide a stress-free position on legs. Check out the cushion that I used 2 years back to support my spine.

5. Swivel design

The base of the chair should be made of stainless steel and should easily rotate to reach around the workspace. An adjustable steel base will work fine for you. A chair (the one like here) with no castor wheels lacks movement, forgetting the whole topic of dynamic sitting!

Pain index graph

Sitting with static motion
Sitting with static motion tweaks pain in the lower back.

Sitting with dynamic motion
The lower back pain remains stable while implementing Dynamic sitting tips

The graph clearly shows that while sitting on a chair with static motion, the lower back pain increases over time to a peak which has chances of developing long-term lower back pain conditions.

Whereas the Dynamic sitting graph proves that sitting on a chair with frequent slight movements significantly reduces the lower back pain even to an extended period.

Personally, I love drummers who are a splendid example of Dynamic sitting. They sit on a small stool for around 15 to 17 hours a day and practice drumming with micro-movements, but never experience back pain. Like I promised, check out the best and easy peasy stretches to reduce lower back pain.

Usage of Massagers and Rollers

Relaxing our muscles is a tedious process without a trainer’s help. It requires dedication and sure commitment towards our long-term goal. Just like the Stockmarket! investing in your muscles or body with the correct types of equipment could benefit your health in the fullness of time.

I included a short story because I thought it is necessary since we have developed a COVID situation that directly affects our mental toughness, causing the pain because of mental stress.

Once a professor came to class and told the students to get ready for an exam right away. When they unexpectedly heard that it was an exam, it shocked them.

The professor started distributing exam papers. When it was all given to him, he asked to see the return.

To their surprise, there was nothing but a black mark in the middle of the question paper. The professor told the children who did not know what to do, to write down what they see in the question paper.

They wrote the answer to this troublesome question in their own way. By the end of the class, the professor had collected the answer sheets and started reading aloud. All the kids wrote about that black mark.

They wrote at length about its size, location, and shape. After reading all the answer sheets, the class was silent. The professor then explained about the exam. I will not grade you based on these answers, but I’m giving you a chance to rethink. You all wrote about the black mark in this paper, but NO ONE has said a word about the white paper.

  This happens in our lives, too. “Everyone is obsessed with their insignificant problems. Health problems, financial difficulties, Minor breakdowns in family relationships, Problems with friends, and many other small things.

Focusing only on these issues, we lose sight of the many other abilities and blessings we have received. This black spot often pollutes the eyes. Try to make life more enjoyable by not looking at these spots.

Enjoy every moment. Love others and rejuvenate.

So back on track with Massage muscle knots, chiropractic adjustments, Ayurvedic treatments with special herbal oils are beneficial in reducing mental stress but can cost you a fortune to practice daily.

Coming back to our lower back, it is an area that is already in a stretched position. So using a foam roller in that area is of no use. It may turn up against you by aggravating the pain. Instead, do a hanging toe to floor touch, which is proven to significantly eradicate your pain.

Use Foam rollers to hit directly on the love handles, upper back, thighs, calves, and lats or Latismus Dorsi. Learning how to choose and use the best Foam roller effectively is a good way to keep your health intact.

Massagers are one important super tool you must own because no matter where you live, they can be easily put to use. There are different massaging equipment but choose a portable and trusted one. Learn how to choose and use the best portable massager with accurate information so that you could get a complete insight into releasing muscle knots at home.

Woman going through a massage session

Guides :


Of the seven sitting positions studied (upright, reclined, forward inclined, laterally tilted right, laterally tilted left, crossed legs right over, crossed legs leftover), subjects mostly used the forward inclined, and reclined is least used.

No matter which sitting posture you prefer, as the static sitting behavior prevails, the lower back pain is expected to reach a peak.

So you must implement Dynamic sitting behavior as it significantly reduces lower back pain since research proves we can easily change sitting behaviors. Lower back pain home treatments are the apex remedial before visiting a physiotherapist.

You can get on with your health and fitness goals only when you are pain-free.

Dynamic Sittings Tips:

Do this while sitting on a chair for long-term pain relief.

  • Tilting head to left and right – 2 mins.
  • Tilting butt cheeks to left and right – 2 mins.
  • Rotating torso slow for 5 minutes.
  • Moving shoulders up and down alternatively for 5 minutes.
  • Watch the ceiling – 1 min.

The worst-case scenario:

How do I know if my lower back pain symptoms are serious? 

Consult a physiotherapist immediately if

  • you feel two bones rubbing each other in your mid-lower back.
  • one side of your lower back develops pain if you bend down.
  • you can’t lie flat on the floor.
  • you develop back pain after a workout.
  • you find inflammation or swelling.
  • you can’t move an inch without excruciating pain.

Note: Neglecting these symptoms can lead to surgery of the lumbar spine and cutting a piece of your bulged disc in simple words. Endoscopy is a surgical method of inserting a camera with a micro-laser or radiofrequency emitting device inside your body and ablating the root cause of the pain.

These symptoms of lower back pain may have developed because of herniated or bulging disc, rubbing of spinal nerves. Primarily, physios use a heating pad for the lower back treatment and after 10 days or more, depending on the situation, they will ask you to switch for lower back strengthening workouts at home.

Hurray! You most probably would recover from the pain, but it can show back if you don’t follow proper posture while sitting, standing, and lifting.

Of course, the endoscopy can be a minimally invasive spine surgery. Despite that, there is blood loss from inserting tubular retractors inside your skin tissues. And finally, the bed rest.

Steroid Injections: It is a procedure under X-fluoroscopy and involves injecting corticosteroids and stiffening agents into the epidural space in the spine. They deliver medicines to the painful area to reduce swelling and inflammation of the nerves.

About 54% of patients will experience relief after epidural injection, although the results are more temporary. Doctors may prescribe repeated doses to get the full effect. The duration of pain relief varies and lasts weeks or years. They give injections along with light physical therapy sessions and/or a lower back home workout program.

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