17 Free Chrome Extension To Save Time (With Hacks)

Wondering how to stay productive? These free chrome extensions can save 100% of your time leaving room for doing more.

Here we’ll cover the best free Google Chrome extensions for:

  1. Tabs
  2. Writing
  3. Screen Recording
  4. Youtube
  5. Shopping
  6. Vpn
  7. Time tracking
  8. Productivity
  9. Texting

Best Free Chrome Extensions

Handling Browser Tabs

1. Tab Manager Plus

tabs manager plus- best free chrome extension

Are you like me? Opening 50 + browser tabs for research and struggling to get to the focus tab? Then Tabs manager plus could be a quick fix.

This application is very basic and fast. It allows you to identify duplicate tabs by highlighting them.

2. Workona

workona highlighter dashboard- free chrome extension
Workona Tabs Manager Dashboard- Free Chrome Extension

This free Chrome extension is so cool. You can assign all these tabs to a project. It can either be your productivity tool or just a tabs manager for chrome browser.

You can close all the tabs after saving them to the resources. You can copy and paste the links elsewhere from the resources tab of Workona.

I use Tabs manager plus for handling my browser tabs because I use ClickUp as my primary productivity platform.

3. Weava

weava highlighter- best free chrome extension

When you have to interact with things online for retaining information whenever you need it, you have to highlight the points and save them.

Weava comes into action as a nice timesaving tool for researching and gathering data. You can highlight using traditional yellow or any color of your choice.

Almost 90% of writers like me use Weava.

If you click on the highlighted area, you can even take notes!

Even if you close the tab, you can still see that highlighted text unless you uninstall the app. You will get 100 MB of storage space in free plan which is more than enough!

4. Picture-in-Picture

picture-in-picture best free chrome extension

Sometimes, when I have to install new software, I have to watch tutorials, and switching between browser screens by minimizing can be time-consuming.

I found this cool extension that allows you to shorten one tab and use another tab within the same browser and also with the desktop.

I can refer to documents within tabs while watching the video and install the software at the same time.


5. Grammarly

Grammarly is the top free chrome extension for correcting grammar mistakes. I cannot live without this extension. It can even suggest that you rephrase your sentence properly based on readability and language.

But it prompts you to buy the premium version all the time by showing errors in your writing.

I have a simple fix or hack for that problem.

6. ProWritingAid

Besides Grammarly on your Chrome browser, add ProWritingAid. It will help you identify passive verbs, split infinitives, readability enhancement suggestions in addition to correcting grammatical errors.

Hack: I use both the extensions while I'm writing to get the most out of them. That can slow down your browser a bit but it is totally worth it.

7. Read Aloud

If you travel a lot and don’t want to strain your eyes by reading from your screen with that shake, then Read Aloud could be a scarily good extension.

Read Aloud provides a lifelike narration with its AI technology. If you are working on a boring job and you would like to read an amazing article, then this extension can change your mood.

This text-to-speech software can be used on any site with shortcut keys for faster pause/play actions. It supports 40+ languages as of now.

Screen Recording

8. Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

If you want to record and annotate a webpage or a tutorial, you can record your work with this free chrome extension for unlimited minutes and save them instantly.

There are options to-

  • Share screenshots.
  • Convert video to mp4, gif files.
  • Edit screenshots with in-built editor.
  • Trim and crop screen casts.

Hack: Change the Gmail address and sign in again and again as the free trial ends. Use Gmailnator.com to generate new temporary Gmail accounts.


9. VidIQ

VidIQ is an ultimate free Chrome extension that every YouTuber must use. If you are a blooming YouTuber or a professional Youtuber, you need to know how your competitors perform.

VidIQ makes this process much easier. It saves a lot of time. You can simply steal your competitor’s keyword and make wonderful content out of it. They also provide useful resources on how to successfully run a YouTube channel with their tool.

You’ll get access to all features like competitors identification, trend alerts, most viewed videos, channel audits, VidIQ academy, and tags so add this extension to your browser.

10. Ubersuggest

The most productive tool for bloggers and YouTubers. This tool by Neil Patel provides almost accurate data for the keyword or topic you wish to blog or make a video.

Ubersuggest can help you generate new content ideas much easier than self-research.


11. Smarty

Add Smarty extension while shopping. It crawls into every shopping site for coupons and deals. If you are a digital freak or an entrepreneur with an online business, smarty has coupons for most of the online payments.

You can save time and money.

12. Honey

Honey is another reputed shopping coupon provided with the larger network coverage like Amazon.com, Walmart.com, etc.

Hack: I sometimes use both apps to get the best potential deal for the products I buy online.


13. 1click VPN

A straight and simple VPN extension that can be used for free. You can use the VPN from countries like-

  • United States
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Netherlands

It is a very lightweight extension and the internet speed is still good even for free plans.

Time Tracking

14. Clockify

This app is not just a time tracker. It can help you focus on your work. The Clockify’s free chrome extension provides features like-

  • Pomodoro timer.
  • Idle and work time detection.
  • Integration with 40+ related apps.
  • Shortcuts for Start/Stop actions

You can get a full report as PDF or excel file. In this way, you can monitor your distractions, time-wasting sites more effectively.


RescueTime Vs DeskTime. (Advanced time trackers)


15. ClickUp

A wonderful, flexible productivity tool that can also be used as a free CRM for small businesses. Employees from companies like Google, Webflow, Booking.com, Uber rely on ClickUp to manage, track and automate workflow.

Integrating with Gmail, Outlook is so much easier than before. It provides new killer features like-

  • Mindmaps
  • Time tracking
  • Gantt chart
  • Notepads
  • Sprints
  • Forms
  • Custom tasks statuses
  • Two factor authentication
  • Shortcuts
  • Time estimates.
Hack: You can earn points to buy new features by referring your friends and family to sign up.

16. Lucidcharts

Every professional should have this wonderful piece of tech. I cannot insist on its importance in words. We have used the templates, data, and shapes provided by Lucidcharts to handle each step to develop my website.

lucidcharts free chrome extension

No matter how big your workflow is, you can get a clear picture of what you should do today and tomorrow. The family tree for educational purposes, decision tree, evaporation cloud, fault analysis, and product development tree are the most used ones.

You can export these mindmaps wherever you need them. For handling trial and error projects you can use this chrome extension.


17. Mighty Text

This is a timesaving tool, that lets you reply to WhatsApp messages and text messages through the browser. Even though I don’t use social media a lot, some clients of mine rely on WhatsApp for sending files and invitations faster.

What Does Mighty Text Do?

You will get notifications on your PC after syncing it with your android phone. Mighty Text can help you manage texts from Snapchat, WhatsApp, Uber, Instagram, Gmail, Facebook, etc.


If you like to stay organised in your life, then you should not be avoiding these extensions. It will be very handy once you have studied how to organize your life with productivity tools.


Can Any Chrome Extensions Steal My Data?

Yes. They can be vulnerable if you install extensions from non-trusted developers. Google always try to take out most of the malicious data stealing apps from Chrome web store once they find it suspicious.

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