40 Free Notion Templates For Productivity (Find Yours)

Are you struggling to stay on track with your tasks? Here is a complete list of downloadable free Notion templates to enhance your productivity.

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What Are Notion Templates?

The templates are custom made to help each student, business owner, non-profit organization, salesperson, digital marketer, engineer to complete their tasks by importing them into their notion account.

I’ve created 40 new free notion templates with my design team for people who like to stay productive with the Notion app.

40 Best Free Notion Templates To Download

The simple setup to productivity

Notion Template For Designers

1. Roadmap

The Roadmap template can track your entire project.

Roadmap notion template- free notion templates
Free Notion Templates For Designers

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2. Design Tasks

Design development free notion template

3. People’s Database

user management free notion templates

Notion Template For Non-profit Organizations

1. Donation Management

free notion templates for donation management

2. CRM Database Template


Notion Template For Teachers

1. Classroom template

free notion template for teachers to organize a classroom
Free Notion Template – Classroom template

2. Habit Tracker

Habit tracker - free notion templates
Habit tracker – free notion templates

Where To Sell Notion Templates 

Besides these templates, you can learn to create a template on your own and sell it for real money on Notion everywhere and Gumroad!

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