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Why did you fail to enhance productivity? I know something inspired you to achieve your dreams and get productive, but what is stopping you?

Start your routine by making the bed, ambidextrous brushing, cold shower, eating brain foods, HIIT workouts, and end the day by reading a book or a blog with the help of a fast reading technique. We have studied about these a lot here, but what do you really need to know to boost your productivity? It is “The 60-60-1 rule“.

What is the method to enhance productivity by 100 times?

It is about a specific method that increases your productivity by a factor of 100. We live in a world right now where productivity and in particular what I call the “Enhancive Productivity” has never been so important here’s a brain engraving for you to consider.

A modest distraction will be the end of your imaginative production.”

I mean, if you watch most mediocre performers in your community today, they walk while checking their social feeds. It addicts them to the entertainment of video games, funny horror, and prank channels. They are spending the best hours of their days watching dancing cats on YouTube.

I mean it is hilarious how consumed people are with their tiny Bluelight emitting screens and yet if you look at “A players”, the most creative people on the planet, they do their work very differently.

Here’s another brain engraving for you to consider:

Focus plays a greater role when compared to your intelligence.”

No doubts, if you want to achieve the results only 7% achieve. You’ve got to think, produce and behave like only 7% of the people on the planet and the best people on the planet in terms of imagination and productivity are not spending their valuable hours addicted to distraction. They are doing work that matters. They’re not doing fake work, they’re doing genuine work.

In this specific article, I want to walk you through several protocols that will really help you multiply your productivity in the finest of ways and I’m going to get directly into the important one which is the 60-60-1 rule.

Big Business magnets and google professionals have used the one tool alone to create vast amounts of productivity that have scaled their businesses, scaled their impact on the world, and created a world-class lifestyle.

So it is important that you pay attention to the 60-60-1 rule, and it’s pretty simple to follow if you have a sure commitment. For the next 60 days, spend the first 60 minutes of your workday on your most important opportunity to get measurable results in your industry. I’ll repeat that again with great respect because it’s so important.

I believe to enhance productivity, the sixty-sixty-one rule is simply to follow for the next 60 days. Spend the first 60 minutes of your workday on your primary game-changing opportunity. I understand it might be hard for you to spend time in the morning, but there are proven shreds of evidence to start a life-changing morning hour instead of spending the best hour on the least important activities.

We swipe the news feed on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and indulge in gossips at the workplace. My personal spiritual advisor proved to me how humans have maximum focus, energy, and willpower in the morning. So you definitely want to use that first 60 minutes.

That is game time, the showtime, the second piece of technology to create Enhancive productivity.

This is what I call tight molecules of total focus. Your environment is so important and if you look at “B performers” or “C producers”, they really don’t pay a lot of attention to their environment and they get very distracted.

There are lots of direct and indirect noises:

  • their phones are ringing often
  • there is news in the background,
  • their messy environment,
  • the toxic people around them (not judging, just facts).
  • their body pain,
  • and the eye stress.

I’m suggesting to you is to rely on the second piece of technology to enhance productivity by 100 times. Your productivity situates environments of tight bubbles of total focus. I suggest you make people say “he is tough to reach”. During key times of your week, I see many people checking their phones every time these loud notifications pop up. They’re constantly being distracted and do you know what the research says? the research says we spend 2.5 hours a day on distraction. It takes 20 minutes to refocus your focus after they have distracted you and, in turn, you forget to enhance productivity over time!

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So if you are being distracted by notifications from Twitter feeds, Facebook feeds, Instagram, and the other different platforms that are going to destroy your focus so the secondary piece of technology creates these tight molecules of total focus. Simply switch off the notification sound and check when you are really free.

The way I do it is I have certain days that I label as “The Imagination days”. On those imagination days, I actually go device-free and I’m very tough to find. I’m in total solitude. I go to certain places, which I call my relaxation labs just like Edison had his invention lab and these places are very minimalist and there’s no one around to distract from my best work.

So situate these tight molecules of total focus and create these invention labs where you’re completely distraction-free and then you will find your brain shifting from the beta state into the alpha state. You will do your best work and get your best ideas on the next piece of technology that will help you create Enhancive Productivity in your work life.

How The Society Affect Your Subconscious Brain?

You can truly impact the world around you. Choose your peer group really, really well. There are heaps of fantastic scientific studies coming out and research articles being published that say the only authentic way to enhance productivity is to surround yourself with a social circle or colleague circle of people who are also performing at the level you are performing. If you want to be a top performer in terms of your productivity, populate your life with top performers.

Here’s the Brain science. We have the “mirror neuron system” of the brain and it dates back to thousands of years ago when we were living on the savanna, and this mirror neuron system made us replicate the behavior of the dominant people in the group. If someone figured out a specific method to produce fire, create weapons, invent transportation, a better way lifestyle choice, subconsciously, these neurons in the brain allow us to follow the behavior. I think this is pretty fascinating information.

society enhance productivity
Choose your peer group well
"In the modern world, we subconsciously replicate the behavior of people around us."

If you are around criminals, you will start behaving like a criminal. If you’re around people who are B graders, you will subconsciously start replicating them. If you are around people who gossip, who are not “A player”, you will replicate their poor behavior subconsciously. Since we understand that the surrounding people inspire our behavior to enhance productivity or degrade it to dust, the mirror neuron system in the brain establishes emotional contagion.

It is a beautiful scientific terminology that defines the emotions of the people that are around us. If you are living around a social circle of people who are determined to do great things in life, people who want to be achieve something in life, people who want to be artistic, relentlessly inventing pieces of stuff. You will attract their energy subconsciously. Then the final technology for you to create enhancive productivity is what I call established minimalism.

I consider minimalism as an attitude philosophy. It’s very stark, very sparse sometimes. When you go into a boutique hotel and it’s designed by Philippe Starck, the great French designer, you will witness its minimalist power. What I’m encouraging you to do with great love and respect is to be hyper-productive. Adopt the mindset of established minimalism.

I’ve observed CEOs and millionaires up close. They understand that the “secret to genius is not complexity it’s the uttermost simplicity“. If you look at a Picasso of any industry, if you look at a great artist, they didn’t fill their workdays and their personal lives with a lot of things. They filled them with a few things. I guess what I’m suggesting to you is one secret to iconic productivity is to be monomaniacally focused on being world-classed. Just a few things and if you look at any great artist, any brilliant entrepreneur, any great business builder or author, or any great humanitarian, they were monomaniacally focused on one thing they were minimalist.

What Do You Really Mean By Minimalism? Being A Minimalist Person Enhance Productivity?

The minimalist is someone who does not choose 40 projects that he wants to complete but picks the highest valuable three projects to perfect this year. Rather than trying to read 30 audiobooks, 80 e-books, applying to four or five courses just focus on one course and one audiobook, study one great autobiography maybe it’s Isaacson’s autobiography of Steve Jobs or maybe it’s Nelson Mandela’s autobiography.

Research shows that an average guy takes 15 minutes to choose the outfit he needs to wear. You can save at least 11 minutes with a color code of only grey and blue shirts on your wardrobe. Yes, being a minimalist saves time and enhances productivity.

Remember to focus on your health and fitness, as this helps you enhance productivity by 100 times. Rather than having a thousand Facebook friends, maybe go deep develop 5 really great relationships this year or maybe in the next 6 months.


I am encouraging you to adopt this thinking protocol of becoming a minimalist. Fill your home with just a few things, fill your work life with just a few projects, even your clients just the highest leverage clients, and especially your precious creative days, micro-focus on just those few priorities. Roll up your sleeves and finish that work.

Relax while you rest and work while you test.

Invest in what I call the Trinity of your assets: your focus, your energy, and your willpower. These few things will allow you to enhance productivity in your world and will allow the world to call you a world-class “A player”.

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