Define the spiritual life using these 4 odd verses (Works like magic!) -part 7

What is the point of the spiritual life I live? The definition is something different for everyone, but you can answer this question with the help of these powerful verses.

Introduction: What does Spiritual Life mean?

A word like “Apple” for instance, 99.9% of us would probably agree on the definition of the word Apple but take a word like “Art”. What is art now? You might see probably a smaller percentage of people who are going to agree on that definition.

 What about love? There are many points of view on that subject. 

Well, we have acknowledged spirituality in either form in every culture in human history. Human beings have thought about, talked about, and written about spirituality for thousands of years and yet it is still very difficult to understand and agree on exactly what the term means.

If you ask 100 people the definition of spirituality, you probably get 100 different answers, maybe 120!

 After all this time, there is no accepted definition of the word because:

 “Spirituality is intangible.” 

It addresses issues that are very hard to put into words. Defining spirituality is like trying to define the cosmos. This is one reason this category differs from the other ones. We need to do a lot of work just to make sure we are talking about the same thing.

Here’s one thing that I’ve noticed over the years — people can have huge debates and arguments about a subject like spirituality and 4 things come to their mind and all of them are deep human needs.

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How would I describe the spiritual life?

  1. The first is the Experience of Oneness”. To me, the most important thing that spirituality addresses are the experiences of being benevolently connected to all that exists — being at “one” with your creator, with the universe, with everything. 

What Do People Mean When They Say “Everything Is Connected”?

We connect spirituality with the state of mind, and someone connected a profound state of mind with increased productivity at the workplace or school. This, in turn, gets connected to our physical well-being. Hence, everything is connected to our ecosystem.

Spirituality addresses the deep longing to feel at home, with nature, the feeling of peace and harmony with reality in the most profound sense imaginable, and this is what people meant by “attaining enlightenment”. To be a child of God, knowing that he cares for you and watching over you. Spirituality offers a sense of belonging, a vision of coming home to the ultimate reality. 

  1. The second is the “Experience of Contribution” and this is one of the most important aspects of spirituality. All spiritual practices focus on helping other people, making the world a better place. Spiritual practices always stressed benevolence. Charity, empathy, kindness connected this with other people in a caring and giving way.

3. The third is the “Experience of becoming a better person”. To me, spirituality means always striving to be a better person. Be concerned with making the right choices, taking the right actions, walking a higher, more enlightened path, becoming self-actualized using the gifts that God has given you in the highest possible way.

4. The last one is the “Experience of inner peace”. True spirituality offers a path to inner peace, contentment, completeness within yourself, a sense of fulfillment. So these 4 ideas make up my promise for the spiritual life.

 Do some of these foundational beliefs work for you? Do you believe that helping others, seeking to make the world a better place, creates a spiritual path? Do you believe that becoming the best person you can be is an important aspect of spirituality? If so, put these beliefs in your own words make them part of your promise.

This isn’t about my beliefs but yours! Do you have other beliefs you want to add?

For instance, do you believe that there’s a purpose that you’re here? You’ve got a purpose in life… a clear and interesting reason for your birth. Does your spiritual path entail finding that purpose and fulfilling it? Does religion have a profound place in your spirituality If so, define what that is?

 What Exactly Are Your Spiritual Beliefs?

 I know that’s a lot to bite off but believe me — lets at least start the process. Just put your foot in the water and you can wade in deeper and deeper in the coming months and years that almost stronghold your productivity routine. Take a few minutes now and define simply and clearly:

 “What is your promise for the spiritual life you’ve defined?” 

Why is it so important to know what our belief is and judge why we believe it? 

We need to note our beliefs because it gives us a deep strength within ourselves. We don’t get knocked off the course by just anything that comes long. We don’t have to jump on the bandwagon of every new fad because we’ve created within ourselves the feeling that we’re standing on solid ground. You know who you are and what we are all about, and these are exactly the issues that spirituality addresses.


 Who are you? And what are you all about? Why are you here? What’s the reason for your existence? The category that addresses deep issues like that, a category this rich and this important, really deserves a tremendous amount of thought.

These questions deserve an answer clarifying your spiritual beliefs and are well worth the time and effort. As we go deeper into this fascinating category, I will introduce you to a powerful exercise (part 8) that could really be a game-changer for the spiritual life you wish to build. 

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