ClickUp CRM integration, Pricing, and Review (Found cost-saving Secret!)

The following is a useful list of software applications that you can integrate with ClickUp. The ClickUp CRM integration is very easy when compared to other productivity tools and CRMs for small businesses.

Using Zapier we can integrate and automate the workflow we assigned to the ClickUp tool.

ClickUp CRM Integration With Zapier

I use the Zapier automation software to connect the 50 apps I prefer. You can use Zapier with any plans.

  1. Trello
  2. Slack
  3. Type form
  4. Hubspot
  5. Todoist
  6. Dubsado
  7. Evernote
  8. Gmail
  9. Google Contacts
  10. Google Docs
  11. Google Calendar
  12. Google Sheets
  13. Google Forms
  14. Google Drive
  15. Google Tasks
  16. Google Assistant
  17. Calendly
  18. Airtable
  19. Jira Software Server
  20. Asana
  21. Microsoft Office 365
  22. Microsoft Outlook
  23. Microsoft Excel
  24. Github
  25. Gitlab
  26. Jotform
  27. Discord
  28. Gravity Forms
  29. Jira Software Cloud
  30. Salesforce
  31. Acuity Scheduling
  32. Microsoft To-Do
  33. Clockify
  34. Freshdesk
  35. Cognito Forms
  36. ActiveCampaign
  37. Mail Chimp
  38. Shopify
  39. Dropbox
  40. Facebook Pages
  41. Facebook Lead Ads
  42. Facebook Groups
  43. Zendesk
  44. PayPal
  45. One Drive
  46. Wix Automations
  47. Facebook Messenger
  48. Instagram For Business
  49. Sign request
  50. Clickfunnel (a killer marketing machine)

Steps/Demo in ClickUp CRM integration with Zapier

Clickup crm integration with zapier
ClickUp CRM integration with Zapier
step2- Click up crm integration with zapier
step3 - clickup crm integration with zapier
step 4- Clickup crm integration with zapier
step 5- Clickup crm integration with zapier
step 6- Clickup crm integration with zapier
Choose Template in Zapier for free
step 7- Clickup crm integration with zapier
End of step - Clickup crm integration with zapier
Final Output After Integration

With free ClickUp CRM integration with Zapier, you can automate repetitive 100 tasks per month with 5 zaps (adding new leads to mail while automating). As you upgrade, the tasks for repetitions can be limitless.

How to Integrate ClickUp with Slack?

How to Integrate Asana to ClickUp?

ClickUp Pricing

The ClickUp productivity tool has 4 types of pricing plans suitable for different needs. You can duplicate tasks if you wish, add lists, folders, and underneath that even more lists.

You can customize notifications because each and every feature here comes with a notification. Turn off stuff that you rarely overlook.

The ‘Free Plan’

I recommend starting with the free sign-up process. This is free forever! Even though ClickUp has the best user interface among the other productivity tools, learning how to use this flexible free CRM software can be hard but worthwhile.

You can create tables, mind maps, task completion checks, delegation, comments and a To-do list with whom you added as guests.

They limit the Free plan to 5 spaces. i.e. as you load up tasks to the CRM, it is going to lose some space simultaneously. They also limited the file storage to 100MB which is not bad.

Under pulse, you can check the live overview of users who are online and offline with the timeline of task completion. If you have a tiny set of people in your startup like 2 0r 3, this can be the best free CRM for small business.

ClickUp comes with a free premium screen recording feature, comments emojis, automations, and Giphy under Clickapps menu,

The major disadvantage is that:

1. We must give guests full access to the features to edit the tasks. So you must work with a really close, trusted set of people — more like WhatsApp but helps to improve productivity.

2. The forms are absent in the free plan.

3. Pulse feature is slow to load if you have dozens of tasks assigned to each guest.

TheUnlimited Plan’ Advantages and Disadvantages

This Unlimited plan for solo business owners starts from $60 per year. There is an advantage here. You can add 5 guests and can give custom permissions to edit tasks.

The spaces and file storage are unlimited so you can add even videos, images, and copy-paste blog articles for reference.


  • Only 1000 automations per month.
  • Only 100 mind maps.
  • Limited access to widgets.

The ClickUp ‘Business Plan’ Advantages and Disadvantages

They primarily built ClickUp as a CRM for small businesses and provide multi-tasking features for $108 per year.

This plan is where your productivity tool becomes a real project management tool. It comes with box feature which look professional when compared to boards.

You can get access to 10000 automations per month. Instead of previous 100 mind maps, now this feature becomes unlimited.

After you assign tasks to your guests, you can view their timeline of completion. The major advantage is the security features besides two factor authentication.

The disadvantage:

  • I faced a little lag when I overloaded to about 30 spaces with 10+ lists and tasks onto ClickUp.

ClickUp Review

A very easy-to-use productivity software. The user interface is almost similar to Google tasks but with mind-blowing 1000+ features.

Customer Reviews:

“I’m a mechanical engineer, blogger, youtuber and fitness freak. I spend almost 10 hours daily on my work. After coming home, I create content for my blog, have to reply to my YouTube subscribers, spend sometime on cooking, call my family, and get my 7.5 hours sleep. I won’t miss out on any of these ever since I synced ClickUp into my life. Even my writers started using ClickUp with me.”

– Nithin (Engineer| Enterpreneur)

“I’m a freelancer who codes. I spend 8-10 hours per day. I had a very hard time handling customers on my own. After I Click CRM integration with Zapier, the entire process got automated! I just have to paste my code there. This improved my productivity like a lot. I found time to workout, regular water checks, started cooking at home instead of ordering online.”

– Jacob (Python Developer)

The customer support is top-notch 24×7. In the ClickUp play store app, I even asked them to add the notepad feature. In the next update, they simply included that!

Conclusion with Secret!

ClickUp CRM integration is stupid fast and easy. Besides free sign-up, you can refer this tool to your friends and family to earn points so you can buy features. Each sign-up gives you 150 points!


What are the spaces in ClickUp?

The spaces in the ClickUp act as separate departments in your business. Under the spaces, you can add folders (certain projects assigned to a department). Beneath that you can add Lists (like separate categories in a project). You can assign the tasks and subtasks under the Lists.

What are the mind maps in ClickUp?

You can use mind maps in ClickUp tool for planning, visualizing, and organizing your ideas about an important concept with different colorful charts, lists, subideas, and budgets.

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