RescueTime Vs DeskTime Review (Full Intense Review Of Best Time Tracker App)

Need the best time tracker app that could understand daily habits and unproductive workflow patterns? Consider these factors before downloading.

A good time tracker app should analyze productivity seamlessly, have fast UI, better user management, track reminders, have video tutorials for users. We found RescueTime and DeskTime having these features top-notch, but who is the best!

Whether you are a freelancer, small, medium, or large-size business owner, it is necessary to keep track of your workflow along with your team to get maximum profit from the work you do.

Never stay busy, just be productive.

DeskTime Review

I used DeskTime to handle the workflow for the past 6 months with my team. I could spot inefficiencies during the working hours both from my side and with my team. This is how we spotted the differences.

Statistics show that 58% of work time is spent unproductively. Tracking employee productivity with the best time tracker app is a must for running a successful business.

The time of each activity is tracked. Like-

  • Arrival and leaving time.
  • Productive office hours.
  • Total time in front of the computer.
  • Total time spent at the workplace.
  • Employee overall effectiveness.

The timeline shows the time spent on lunch, breaks, and track wastage because of other inactivity durations, like a phone call, websites, apps throughout the day.

But if you watch YouTube for tutorials, you can change YouTube from an unproductive category to a productive or neutral category.

The document, website, app, device names are also tracked whenever necessary. Time spent on each app is monitored and the team leader was able to crack down on unnecessary social media and e-commerce activities.

An important feature, we can turn on the screenshots to be taken automatically—blurred or in full quality. • DeskTime will capture screenshots for 5, 10, 15, or 30-minute intervals. I can monitor suspicious work this way. This may feel too harsh but we run a business and it should be profitable.

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DeskTime Time Tracking

Admin Dashboard Features Of DeskTime

  • Shows the average productivity scale of all employees within specific custom dates.
  • Provides insights on how many employees are absent and how many were late today.
  • Shows real-time information on employee productivity and how many are not, which is our ultimate goal.
  • Shows the top productive and most efficient employees.
  • We have logged lists of how much offline time each employee spent.
  • Calculates the overall arrival time, due dates for each employee.

The remaining features like project tracking, work schedules, invoices, and absence calendar can be integrated within a report based on filters and can be exported to the required format like pdf, CSV, workbook, etc.

RescueTime Review

Are you considering your productivity pulse? Here’s the math behind this score.

Tom Solid’s Rescue Time Tutorial

It is possible to measure your productivity from 0 to 100 based on your distractions, neutral, and productive times. The more productive you are, the higher the pulse score.

The best feature in the premium plan is, if an activity is unknown, for example, you had a meeting or playing time from 11:00 to 11:45, the data will not be present on the timeline. You can later mention that specific time as either very productive, very distracting, or neutral.

Integrations with Slack, Google calender, ClickUp, Trello, Office 365 are very simple. You can use it with built-in features.

It is very good for professional accountability and growth but not visually appealing. I felt like a windows 98 user.

Best Time Tracker App Comparison Table

In-depth dataYesYes
Productivity scoreYesYes
Category flexibilityYesYes
Report exportYesYes
Good designNoYes
Starting price$4/month$4/month
Automatic screenshotNoYes
Shift scheduleYesYes
Ip restrictionsNoYes
App and URL trackingYesYes
Support and tutorialsYesYes
RescueTime VS DeskTime



Both the time tracking apps are great for individual and industrial purposes but DeskTime provides in-depth, appealing reports, including screenshots for unlimited users. It is also cheaper. It can improve your quality of life.


What are unproductive or distracting apps?

The apps that do not provide any value during your work time are considered unproductive apps, e.g. Instagram, Facebook, News, Clubhouse, Omegle, etc.

What are productive apps?

The important apps that are necessary to finish your work. e.g. Google Drive, Gmail, Calendar, Udemy, Fiver, Canva, Solidworks, etc.

What is a time tracker app?

A time tracker is a productivity tool that calculates the work done within a specified time frame by a user or a team. It can spot inefficiencies within the team and provide directions for improving productivity rates.

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