3 Best Inversion Table With Heat and Massage (Reviews Attached)

It is time to find out the best inversion table with heat and massage pads for lower back pain and sciatica in the market for you. We found these 3 brands provide value to the user’s money.

The key criteria that these inversion tables should pass are:

  • Multi mode heat adjustment settings.
  • Assembled set.
  • 250+ lbs of max weight.
  • Adjustable positions.
  • Durability
  • Customer testimonials

How To Choose An Inversion Table

Inversion tables are a recommended method to ease lower back pain and decompress your spine. However, while choosing this therapeutic equipment, care must be taken to ensure their quality, as they are often pricey.

Usually, an inversion table costs between $190 and $400, but the best products are competitively priced at around $350. To save your time, I have picked the best 3 inversion tables that are currently available on amazon.

  1. INNOVA HEALTH AND FITNESS ITM5900 Advanced Heat and Massage Inversion Table
  2. Exerpeutic Inversion Table UL Certified with Heat and Massage Therapy
  3. Health Gear ITM5500 Advanced Technology Inversion Table With Vibro Massage & Heat
  1. Innova

2. Exerpeutic

3. Health Gear

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There are few checks when it comes to the safety of the user. You must check the material, weld cracks, instability on the floor (i.e. flatness), strap strength, handles placement, pinch points (the movable parts that may hurt our skin), enough foam to prevent bone rubbing with hard metal.


Multimode Heat Adjustments for Pain relief

An auto mode or manual mode for controlling heat should be present in every massaging equipment so that people of all ages would benefit. The inversion tables nowadays come with a better heating and massaging solution for pain relief.

You can control the heat and the type of massage using a remote attached to the body of the inversion table.

Assembled Piece

An assembled piece should always be the priority when it comes to inversion tables. Assembling often complicates the table that comes with heating and massage pads because of the dozens of parts attached to it. We may not be able to present the equipment to the elders, as they may not be aware of the assembly.

The parts include the body frame, foam or backrest, leg rest, calf rest, heating and vibrating massaging parts or nodes, remote, handles, straps.


The most important criterion that decides the best inversion table ranking is the durability factor. Steel grade should be made of high tensile strength grade so it won’t deform under heavy load. The material is usually an alloy of steel and coated with chromium or zinc.

A good paint may add extra corrosion resistance to the overall frame so you can rely on an extended lifetime!

In addition to the main structure, the leg and headrest are made of movable joints that hinges should perfectly bolt and control. This will provide a safe to use the equipment for old people. Make sure you consult a physician before buying any kind of therapeutic equipment.

Customer testimonials

My Aunt: “I’ve suffered from intense neck and lower back pain for almost 4 months. I brought the Exerpeutic inversion table and use it for 15 – 20 minutes daily at 35 to 65-degree angles. The lumbar pads and heat pads are perfectly comfortable and adjust to my height. The most amazing thing is the quality of the weld and sturdiness of the frame.”

John: “I’m 270 lbs and I had no issues with the ITM5500 inversion table. It holds me well in any specific position. I’m using it along with the vibration massager for the past 5 months and it is phenomenally good. My ankles are held firmly with no pressure on my bones. I had to assemble it with my friend as it wasn’t easy for me. The build quality feels outstanding. No twists or shaking.”


The Innova, Exerpeutic, and Health gear are the top chosen best inversion table that comes with heat and vibrational massaging features. You can get them from Amazon for a cheaper price and relatively excellent customer support.


I’m weak. Can I invert myself while using the inversion table?

No. If you are not sure about your strengths, then you should rest under someone’s guidance. The twisting part may not be comfortable for some people, as it needs a bit more strength based on the angle of inversion.

Does the inversion table fold flat under the bed?

The handlebar loop will hit the bottom of the bed. It may be over 11 inches based on the inversion table you choose.

Is the inversion table hard to assemble?

The table comes with an instruction manual with very few installation steps. It can be a bit tough when you are not comfortable handling mechanical parts. So better call for a friend while assembling.

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