11 Best Brain Games On Android for Mind Power (with Gameplay)

What to do during an unproductive day? There are few best brain games on Android and iOS devices to boost mind power instead of sudoku and crossword types.

That means you are still being productive by making use of these free brain games!

A head without memory is a fort without a garrison.

Napoleon Bonaparte

What Are The Best Brain Games On Android?

Out of the million free brain-challenging games, we played and listed out these 11 to be the best brain games for teenagers and adults.

1. Lumosity

Developed by Lumen Labs, Inc, this game became the best brain game on android and iOS devices within a short time.

Once you start your challenge, you’ll get access to free games to improve memory, cognitive abilities, visualizing, and listening. For instance:

How to play Train of thoughts from Luminosity

Lumosity Train of Thought Gameplay
  1. A train departs from tunnel.
  2. Correct the tracts so that the color of the train and the arriving station matches exactly.
  3. You will earn points from every correct match.

List Of Free Games Inside Lumosity Dashboard

For improving Speed
  1. Speed match
  2. Highway hazards
  3. Penguin pursuit
  4. River ranger
  5. Spacial speed match
  6. Speed match overdrive
  7. Speed pack
  8. Splitting seeds

Memory improving Games

  1. Memory serves
  2. Pinball recall
  3. Tidal treasures
  4. Memory match overdrive

For improving Attention

  1. Feel the beat
  2. Assist ants
  3. Lost in migration
  4. Playing koi
  5. Skyrise
  6. Star search
  7. Train of thoughts
  8. Trouble brewing

Flexibility enhancement games

  1. Brain shift
  2. Brain shift overdrive
  3. Color match
  4. Disillusion
  5. Ebb and flow
  6. Space trace

Problem Solving Games

  1. Fuse Clues
  2. Masterpiece
  3. Organic Order

For improving Language

  1. Continuum
  2. Contexual
  3. Editor’s choice
  4. Taking root

For improving Math

  1. Chalkboard Challenge
  2. Halve your cake
  3. Magic chance
  4. Rain drops

2. Brain Test 2- Tricky Stories from Unico Studio

Brain Test 2 comes with a really cool set of games like Defeat the Lion King with Tom the Cat, hunting monster with Joe, cultivating farms with Emily, Andy’s Prison Escape, and Fitness with Cindy, etc.

How to play Prison Escape with Andy?

  1. Andy is an innocent man who needs to escape the prison.
  2. We need to replace certain things present on the screen in order to get the right thing needed for his escape plan.

3. Neuro Nation Brain Games

Brain games by Neuron Nation are one of the best brain games app for adults. They ask you to play a set of games for memory, speed, and logical thinking. Based on your performance, they create a custom brain power training plan.

You can choose the intensity of training:

  1. 3 x 5 min each week (Easy)
  2. 3 x 10 min each week (Normal)
  3. 5 x 10 min each week (Intense)
  4. 7 x 14 min each week (Max)

You can choose the time of day for training. At last, by setting reminders you can make sure not to miss any pieces of training.

4. Brain Games from Godline Studios

Mathematical games like Calculation, Greater or lesser, Exact change helps in improving mathematical skills. Secret code, Hidden panel, puzzle helps in Logical reasoning ability.

Games like Find the pairs, Remember square, ‘What’s inside’ improve short-term memory. Find the number, Color, and words, different colors help to improve visual agility.

5. Brain Training Logic Puzzles

Pack of 45 illustrative brain-teasing games comes with this app from CL games.

Hexa Puzzle, Block puzzle, Roll ball, Balls bounce, Node Line, etc become tougher as you pass few levels.

How to play roll ball?

  1. There are fixed blocks and movable blocks on the puzzle.
  2. The ball has to slide through the pipe and reach the end.
  3. Move the boxes to match the exact path to complete the level.

6. Left Vs Right Brain Games

Developed by Mochi Bits, this game looks very simple with just color blocks. As the blocks multiply, it challenges our visual agility to an enormous extend.

Best brain games on android and iOS like Fill the shape, What’s missing, and Who’s the fastest, Bandwagon effect works really well on reflex and short-term memory.

How To Play Totally Unique?

Left Vs Right Game play
  1. Visualize the first color and shape of the block.
  2. Select the blocks that are unique from the first block.
  3. As the number of blocks increases, this game becomes challenging.

7. Mind Games from Mindware Consulting Inc

This game trains your attention, abstraction, anticipation, face memory, divided attention, brain processing speed, memory, word relationships, verbal ability, and vocabulary.

They track your process and recommend a weakness focused training plan for all age groups.

8. Train Your Brain from Senior Games

9. Smarter – Brain training & Mind games from Laurentiu Popa

best brain games on android and ios for seniors
Best Brain Games on Android and iOS for Seniors

This is level 2 of the game developed by Laurentiu Popa.

1. The user must try to click the red rectangle when the ball enters it.

2. As the speed of ball increases, the prediction becomes difficult.

This game tests the speed of image processing, dexterity in the human brain. One has to stay intelligent in all stages of life.

10. Energy- Antistress Loops from InfinityGames.io

This is a real Zen-focused, music concentrating game. Music keeps the brain young. This is the actual motto behind infinity games to come up with Energy- Antistress loops.

Best brain games on android and ios for relaxation during unproductive days.
Infinity Loop Demo

The relaxing and soothing music mix helps to reduce anxiety, improves focus, and benefits from good hormonal developments.

11. Skillz – Logic Brain Games from App Holdings

best brain games on android Skillz - logic brain game
  1. You must memorize the pictures and select the exact cards when they are hidden to form a pair.
  2. When you select all the cards within speculated time, you can move to the next game.

This game develops your short-term memory and visual ability to capture shapes.


These are the best brain games for android and iOS devices. I wish everyone to make use of these free games to improve cognitive skills and make the world a better place to live.

Work on yourself for just 10 minutes per day for 6 months and you will become a better person than 70% of humans.


Do Brain Games Actually Work?

Playing the best brain games on android, iOS, and online 20 minutes per day could improve-

  1. Information processing
  2. Spatial orientation
  3. Visualization
  4. Spatial recall
  5. Image processing
  6. Timing or reflex
  7. Selective attention
  8. Field of view
  9. Divided attention
  10. Task switching
  11. Response inhibition
  12. Spatial fluency
  13. Logical reasoning
  14. Spatial reasoning
  15. Planning
  16. Reading comprehension
  17. Numerical estimation
  18. Proportional reasoning
  19. Probabilistic reasoning
  20. Numerical Calculation
  21. Verbal fluency

Do Brain Games Help With Anxiety?

Anxiety develops due to increased attention towards one stuff. As playing brain games requires full attention and complete usage of brain cells, it can perfectly reduce anxiety if you spend at least 20 minutes per day.

What Games Increase IQ?

Brain games like Lumosity, Brain training, Neuro Nation help develop logical reasoning, visual reflexes, speed, calculation, verbal fluency which contribute to an overall improvement in IQ.

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