Benefits Of Listening To Podcasts (For All Ages)

Podcasts are becoming the top media tool to spread words from mouth. It is helping industries and influencers to gain more customers and subscribers. We’re going to discuss the benefits of listening to podcasts and the story behind their success.

The benefits of listening to podcasts are improved productivity metrics by learning a new skill while working on a tedious task, improved sleep, health knowledge, experience law of attraction, etc.

What is a Podcast and How Do They Work?

A podcast is a Russian radio program created in the 1980s and later introduced to the world in the name of podcasts in the 2000s. They became very popular in a brief span on the world wide web, but there wasn’t enough knowledge on how to use this way in marketing.

Many radio stations and cassettes were invented and soon a lot of equipment to use them was introduced to the commercial market.

Now we have several options like audiobooks, radio, YouTube premium to listen to a podcast. We can even create our own podcast with standard pieces of equipment and resources and make money online.

Benefits of podcasts

What Are The Best Free Podcast Listening Places?

There are several places where we could listen to podcasts all around the world. The famous websites or applications that hosts thousands of podcasts are:

  1. Buzzsprout (get $20 Amazon gift card!)
  2. Spotify
  3. Jio savann
  4. Google podcasts
  6. Captivate
  7. Castbox
  8. Pocket Casts
  9. Podcast addict

I use Spotify and Buzzsprout to host and listen to podcasts related to my business and hobbies. I’ll share with you some excellent podcasts to listen to on Spotify.

Podcasts On Boosting Productivity

On Spotify and Buzzsprout, there are some excellent podcasts that could serve you a piece of good financial knowledge. The best podcasts to boost productivity are:

  1. The Productivity Show
  2. Mindful Productivity Podcast
  3. PodPod, a Productivity Podcast
  4. Extreme Productivity with Kevin Kruse
  5. Productive Habits Podcast
  6. So Damn Productive

Podcasts For Mental Wellness

These are some excellent podcasts that I would suggest for anxiety, depression, inferiority complexes. Make sure to complete the entire series on Buzzsprout or Spotify.

  1. Mindfulness for beginners
  2. The Mindvalley Podcast
  3. The Mindset Mentor
  4. Mindful in Minutes
  5. Law of attraction secrets
  6. Law of attraction changed my life
  7. How to manifest anything using the law of attraction
  8. On purpose with Jay Shetty
  9. The Secret (Law of Attraction)

Besides these useful podcasting channels, there are some fun and hobby-related channels that people listen to relax and rejuvenate.

Some hobby podcasts are-

  1. Crypto podcasts
  2. Fantasy football podcasts
  3. Therapy podcasts
  4. Sleeping assistance podcasts
  5. Road trip podcasts
  6. Wellness podcasts
  7. Personal development
  8. Horror
  9. Comedy
  10. Crime-thriller
  11. Language

There are thousands of methods to stay focused on your goals as well as to kill the burnout that you may experience after working consistently.

Listening to podcasts can benefit you in many ways like relaxing body pain, calming your mind, learning to invest, learning to code or start a new business, improving engineering skills, stay motivated on a task.

How Podcasts Earn Money?

The people who start podcasts are usually website owners, students, professors, engineers, and YouTubers who like to establish authority in their niche.

You may need some equipment to start your podcasting channel.

The content creators may ask the users to subscribe to their newsletter or to their YouTube channel where the revenue will be more. The money from podcasting hosts like Spotify depends on the volume of visitors or followers. It is like $5 for 1000 clicks on the audio.

In addition to the payments from Spotify, you will get sponsors from several other businesses in your niche who would love to pay you a fortune based on the conversions.

You can demand more money as you grow your podcasting channel!

Podcast Vs YouTube

Podcasts are extra content marketing strategies for people in the digital business. They can attract subscribers or customers to their YouTube channel, website, or eCommerce platforms and ask them to buy the products there.

Here’s an article that shows you exactly the podcasting equipment you need.

By creating YouTube videos, you can earn a lot when compared to podcasts. According to a study by Harvard University, people are more engaged in YouTube videos than podcasts. This is obvious, as it involves a lot of colorful presentations that videos can provide.

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