Authoritative Leadership For Workplace Productivity (9 Things To Master)

As a team leader, should you develop authoritative leadership qualities? Will that work in the 2020s?

If you feel that the productivity level of your employees should improve in areas like reasoning ability, social adaptability, responsibility, liveliness, and speed of decision-making, then it is time to inject the authoritative leadership style into your character.

I have come across a team that has no co-operation at the work they do. As individuals, each of them is talented but they lack a sense of responsibility to organize which work to prioritize. The reason is the poor handling capabilities their leader possess.

Statistics show that 80% of the manufacturing industries still practice an authoritative leadership style to enhance productivity.

How An Authoritative Leadership Style Looks Like

The qualities include-

  1. A Centralized power.
  2. Never expects feedback.
  3. Boss-like approach.
  4. Assume complete control over team, tasks, and decisions.
  5. A lofty speech tone.
  6. Doesn’t care about other’s feelings.
  7. Avoids socializing with the team.
  8. A power show-off.


  • Very helpful management style at battlegrounds.
  • Improves productivity on straightforward tasks like an assembly line, military base, etc.
  • High safety at the workplace.


  • Bad guidance can be risky.
  • No room for brainstorming.
  • Higher resignation rate of employees at the workplace.

How To Develop An Authoritative Leadership Style

  1. First, develop the right skills. A Leader should establish his technical abilities with his colleagues. You cannot blame the team for failure because you’re the one who showed them the working procedure.
  2. The safety of the people under you should be your concern. If they did something wrong, advise them for 30 minutes. Create a sense of fear so that they won’t face your wrath again.
  3. Keep pushing the limits of your team. Make the room for possibilities. Note the efficiency of the work regularly.
  4. Develop a superb physique. It naturally creates respect in the room when you enter. Exercising regularly reduces stress.
  5. Give separate tasks to team members. Make them responsible for their work.
  6. Improve your knowledge to stay ahead of your team. You must have complete clarity on the work you do.
  7. Never let room for rumors. Clear them as soon as you sense it. It may cause a loss of respect and fear among the members.
  8. Be punctual. You are the motivation and role model for them. Know what is right and what is wrong.
  9. Appreciate the team once in a while. Do not let them down in any situation.

Emotional Intelligence

The ability to realign different situations to produce productive outcomes. Always think in a positive direction to attract positive vibes for the workflow. It is best to think of simple steps to follow because your team might have a unique approach to the same work.


Take the initiative to make the workplace more comfortable. Statistics show that fresh look always bring a positive change for employees. Bring up a new project or a new task. Never think about your failure, think about the team’s failure.

Organizing Ability

Put things in the right place that could benefit you. This is a precious art that most leaders failed to attain. Start with your home. Later, consider your workplace as your home to bring out the same output there. Schedule your tasks daily with some task management app. Follow a healthy routine.

Power Of Expression

It is the ease of finding the tone that makes people follow your rule. Realize where to boast and where to stay calm. Talk to people from different regions. Understand their tone. In this way, you can put your ideas into people’s minds more easily.

Develop a winning mindset.

Productive things to do.

Sense Of Responsibility

Understand your duties and obligations. Give your complete dedication to the task you are doing while taking moral responsibilities. Face your problems with your head upright and never bog down.

Speed Of Decision Making

Bring a viable, practical, and workable solution without taking much time. You are an expert and that’s why you took this leadership style. Sift through the pros and cons of each decision or goal and avoid wavering the mind. Train yourself to remember everything.


Be adventurous and headstrong. Take the courage to move forward with your decisions while facing the obstacles. Try to learn new things related to your work and lifestyle. Influence your team to deal with the work tactfully.

Authoritative Leadership Examples

The famous people who consciously or unconsciously followed this style of leadership include Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Lori Greiner, Winston Churchill.

Check other leadership styles.


To make an industry regain its profit margins, it is necessary to take some leadership changes. In short, an authoritative leader should possess the qualities like straightforwardness, quickness of mind, commonsense, self-confidence, alertness, optimism, positive thinking, physical fitness and willpower, adaptability, courage, ability to convince others, frankness, organizational ability, systematic approach, a good speaking capability, enthusiasm, moral fitness, and loyalty.

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